Chapter 147 - Snakes and Scorpions Mountain (1)

Chapter 147 - Snakes and Scorpions Mountain (1)

Since Ning Xuemo planned to come over here to pick herbs, she already did her homework on the place.

She knew that this herb only resided in shady areas of Falling Flower Peak. Furthermore, the places that it grew in were guarded by two types of poisonous creatures.

A type of snake and a type of scorpion.

The snake was known as the Golden Star Devil Snake, while the scorpion was called Heavenly Star Devil Scorpion…

Both creatures had poison with high levels of toxicity and were at psychokinesis rank 3. Although their psychokinesis rank weren’t high, they lived in great numbers. To the point that they were counted by “nests” rather than individuals, causing the area to be comparable to a snake and scorpion island.

Because this mountain only contained one type of herb with only one effect and such strict usage conditions, the number of people who ran over to pick herbs in recent years was nearly none.

Number Two had naturally also heard of this place’s reputation; hence, when he heard Ning Xuemo wanted to charge through here, his first thought was ‘This girl is crazy!’

He knew her physique was on the level of a waste, but she didn’t have to put her life on the line for the sake of improving it right?!

He thought that Ning Xuemo didn’t know about the danger in this place, so he tried to explain it to her. Unexpectedly, he had barely opened his mouth when Ning Xuemo cut his words off. “I know about all these. Before I came here, I did my research on this place so I have my own plans. Number Two, you don’t have to follow me up the mountain. Just wait here for me while I go get the herbs.” This was her matter, so she didn’t want other people to face danger by following her…

Number Two was silent for a moment, before he took off the fire crystal on his back and stored it in a well-hidden hole in a tree before saying, “I’ll follow you!”

“Your prince isn’t here right now, so you don’t have to follow orders so zealously by insisting on protecting me…”

“Miss Ning need not try to persuade this one any further, for this one has already made up his mind. Wherever Miss goes, this one shall follow!” He did this not for the sake of following orders, and even more so this wasn’t for the Sixth Prince.

He was a guard and knew how to pick his battles to avoid danger. If it was only for the sake of following the Sixth Prince’s orders, he would simply do his best to follow them. But, he would not put his life on the line for the sake of completing them. He made this decision only for her…

Ning Xuemo stared at his resolute features, knowing that he had made up his mind and couldn’t be convinced to give up.

She was also forthright. “Fine, I can bring you with me. However, once you’re on the peak, you must listen to my every order and not deviate in the slightest!”

“Understood!” Number Two stared at her face that suddenly became serious. His heart moved. At this moment, this girl had the aura of a king, making one not dare to refute her words…

To Number Two, everything that happened afterwards was like a bizarre and terrifying nightmare.

Just as they were about to reach the peak, Ning Xuemo sprayed some unknown medicinal liquid on him. He was sprayed from head to toe, and not an inch was left out.

The smell was thick and hard to bear.

She also sprayed the same liquid on herself before bringing him swaggering onto the peak…

The first thing he saw were snakes!

Large and small yellowish gold snakes were gathered together in nests. The large ones were as thick as water pythons, while the small ones were still barely a meter long. Coiled up on rocks, meandering through cracks, hanging from trees… They could be seen everywhere. Rope-like and on almost every surface, their numbers made one dizzy.

Number Two could be regarded to be fairly brave, but at this instant seeing so many snakes caused his scalp to involuntarily numb and his whole body to grow cold.

If people were just lightly bitten by these extremely venomous snakes, they would almost immediately lose their lives; even the greatest immortals wouldn’t be able to save them!

There weren’t any pathways on the mountain, just snakes tangled up together to form a messy surreal picture.

Number Two forcefully suppressed the fear and revulsion in his heart, as he followed Ning Xuemo’s orders to hold his breath and slowly make his way through the snakes.

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