Chapter 145 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (3)

Chapter 145 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (3)

Number Two looked at the fire crystal core in his hand before looking back at Ning Xuemo, as if contemplating something.

He spoke a word of thanks before carefully putting it away.

He did not say too many words of gratitude, but he had already etched this kindness into his heart and did not need to express it too much.

“Miss Ning, where are we going now?”

“Vermillion Jade Peak to pick herbs.” Ning Xuemo replied.

“Hey, Miss Ning, you… help us resolve this poison first. We… we can help you clear the road. Vermillion Jade Peak has… has guardian beasts. You won’t be able to beat it by yourselves…” Zhong Rushuang mustered up the strength to speak.

Ning Xuemo slowly walked over and squatted down to look at her. “You are not planning to turn me into an incomplete corpse after I give you the antidote?”

“No, definitely not! I… I’m willing to make a vow!” Zhong Rushuang had finally seen a hint of her loosening attitude. Naturally, she wouldn’t be willing to give it up and hurriedly promised.

“Fine. Then swear that if you break your word, your teacher will never be able to obtain the Ancestor’s forgiveness and will never be able to return to Sun Moon Sect!” Number Two who was standing to one side interjected.

Zhong Rushuang’s expression underwent a great change. “It’s… our own matters; how could we implicate our master?”

“If you didn’t plan on breaking your word, how would it implicate your master?” Number Two did not give in at all.

Ning Xuemo also lightly laughed on the side. “You can’t even make such a simple pledge. It is clear that you don’t have any sincerity…”

“Alright! I’ll make an oath… I swear I will not carry out a vendetta against you two. If I break my oath, then my master…” Zhong Rushuang did according to Ning Xuemo and made a cruel promise.

The other three looked at her as she vowed in order to survive and followed her example, making the same oath as her.

Number Two let out a sigh of relief. “Miss Ning, let’s detoxify them then. They won’t dare go back on their words now.”

Ning Xuemo also knew that the inhabitants of Tian Ci Continent attached the most importance on oaths. It is said that once an established oath was violated, the consequences would quickly be felt. Therefore, people in this world would unlikely go against their oaths; even if they have a gargantuan grudges, they would relinquish them if they made an oath.


Two hours later, Ning Xuemo and Number Two were on the move towards Falling Flower Peak.

“Miss Ning, didn’t you say you want to go to Vermillion Jade Peak?” Number Two inquired. Right now, they were clearly going in another direction.

“Naturally, I’m doing so to dupe those four people.” Ning Xuemo did not turn back when she replied.

Number Two, “...they already promised. It’s unlikely that they would take their revenge on us. Their skills are pretty good, and they also wanted to help us. It will be a good idea to let them clear the way to our destination.”

“They merely pledged not to take their revenge on us. It did not mean that halfway they would not go rogue. For example, they could lure a ferocious beast to attack us or intentionally bring us to a dangerous place… In the case we met with real danger, do you believe they will lend us a hand? Rather than guarding from dangers everywhere, it would be better to take each step carefully.”

Number Two pondered for a moment. Deep inside he felt Ning Xuemo’s words were quite reasonable, thus he no longer said anything.

“I heard their master, Ye Qingluan, can really use Soul Summoning Art?” Ning Xuemo was still a little doubtful about that.

In fact, according to Ning Xuemo’s temper the moment she caught those four, she just wanted to directly kill them. She did pour a lot of thought on how to subdue them, so she did not think deeply about anything else before killing them to prevent future troubles.

However, Ye Qingluan’s Soul Summoning Art made her somewhat worry. Currently, she was still very much a child. She heard that Ye Qingluan’s cultivation had reached earth realm rank 8. And that her sect has several hundred disciples and is a formidable existence on this continent.

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