Chapter 144 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (2)

Chapter 144 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (2)

Ning Xuemo gave a shallow smile. “How so?”

“You… You give us the antidote and we can spare you from death.” The white-clothed youth was in an embarrassing state from rolling on the ground, yet his tone remained arrogant. In his heart, he added another sentence. ‘I’ll just slowly torture you and make you into human sticks…’

“First, give us the antidote before we discuss terms.” The other youth spoke.

All four were sweating heavily and were in an embarrassing state.

“What should we do? Miss Ning, these four people are petty and would take revenge for the slightest of grievances…” Number Two once again whispered to Ning Xuemo about his dilemma.

Ning Xuemo seemed somewhat troubled as well. She sighed. “Ahh... This really gives people a headache. You guys, let me think for a bit. Number Two, let’s ignore them for now. First, take out the fire crystal core.”

“Yes!” Number Two also decided to temporarily ignore this difficult problem and went to disassemble the Flying Dragon Centipede to get its core.

Zhong Rushuang and company however, were pissed to the point their noses were crooked. This stinking girl could take her time to think things over but they were currently experiencing horrible pain, a moment longer was a moment too long to wait!

They tried threatening, enticing and even cursing, causing their faces to turn from red to white from trying to trick Ning Xuemo into giving them the antidote.

It was a pity that Ning Xuemo completely ignored them, instead crossing her arms as she excitedly watched Number Two dig out the core.

The Flying Dragon Centipede had a tough body. If you wanted to peel off its skin and flesh, you had to start from a little indentation in its abdomen and, from there, slowly peel off the skin. The process was especially time-consuming.

Yet Ning Xuemo didn’t show the slightest hint of impatience and seemed to be savouring it.

Those few people on the other hand, were being tormented with every moment that passed. Cold sweat poured down from their bodies and their clothes were in a messy and disorganised state from their rolling.

Two hours later, their consciousness had finally been tormented to the point of collapse. They didn’t dare to curse anymore, just continuously begging for mercy while crying. That round faced young lady even knelt on the ground and continuously kowtowed...

Four hours later, Number Two had finally managed to dig out a crystal red fire core, about 60cm in diameter, from the Flying Dragon Centipede’s corpse. The moment the crystal core emerged, it glimmered with an eye-catching light which dyed the surroundings a fiery red...

At the moment, those four people were rolling on the ground and had already lost the strength to even beg for mercy. They just lied there like dead dogs.

Number Two had also been exhausted to the point of being covered in sweat. He wiped the core clean before handing it over to Ning Xuemo. “Miss Ning, please keep it.”

Ning Xuemo examined it for a bit before tossing it back to him. “You keep it. I don’t need it.” She wasn’t very interested in this core.

And this thing was so heavy, carrying it would be too much of a burden as she wanted to go pick herbs!

Number Two, “...” He believed that Ning Xuemo did not know the value of this type of crystal core so he could not help but inform her. “Miss Ning, this crystal core is exceedingly rare. If you were to polish it a bit, it will become a good tool to test someone’s fire psychokinesis power. In addition, those who cultivate water attribute psychokinesis will use this to set up an array which would help prevent them from accidentally going astray…”

Water and fire mutually restrained each other. For anyone who excessively cultivated water attribute psychokinesis, they would accumulate a large amount of yin essence which could be counterbalanced with the fire essence contained in fire crystal core along with the ability to breakthrough this crisis.

“It looks like your psychokinesis is of the water attribute!” Ning Xuemo glanced at him. “Then, this is a present for you.”

Although Number Two was Ji Yunhao’s imperial bodyguard, his behavior was extremely serious, coupled with a spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. As a person, he was straightforward and upright. Ning Xuemo had always respected those kinds of men. Not to mention that right now he was still her comrade. Therefore, she did not regret giving him the crystal core.

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