Chapter 143 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (1)

Chapter 143 - A pair of S&M Master and Disciple? (1)

Zhong Rushuang was speechless. So it turned out to be like this! This little girl really had meticulously thought up such a ruthless plan!

Number Two was also at the brink of falling over in worship of Ning Xuemo. What should have been a bitter and hard fought battle to the death had been resolved in such a simple and easy manner without much bloodshed!

It seems like she had already long seen through these people’s plot...

Such a small child, yet how could she have such a sharp perception? She actually surpassed him who lived on a knife’s edge for many years!

But how should they handle these people?

These people are from Bright Reverence. Bright Reverence’s School Head was really protective of her disciples. All her disciples were this arrogant, yet she didn’t allow anyone to insult them. If someone killed them, the School Head would pursue their murderers without rest to get revenge.

What’s more, she could connect with the otherworld and knew how to use the Soul Summoning Art. Right now, even if they killed them and destroyed their corpses, it was of no use since Ye Qingluan could summoned her disciples’ souls back and ask them about their murder.

At that point, they would be relentlessly pursued by her, neither he nor Ning Xuemo could escape from dying in an extremely horrifying fashion. There was also the possibility she wouldn’t simply turn them into corpses. She could go as far as scattering or breaking their souls...

But if these few people were released just like that, they were sure to report back and he and Ning Xuemo would be retaliated against and die horribly all the same.

Want to kill but cannot kill, want to keep their lives yet cannot keep them.

At this moment, Number Two was faced with a dilemma and he explained it to Ning Xuemo.

Ning Xuemo wanted to solve the issue by killing these people as she planned to silence them. However, after hearing Number Two’s worries, she couldn’t help but slightly furrowed her brow.

‘Soul Summoning Art? This art was really troublesome!’

She could kill them, yet she had no way of completely dispersing their souls...

No wonder people from Bright Reverence dared to strut around arrogantly yet no one dared to provoke them. It seemed the reason was their abnormal master. That master was also once the Ancestor’s disciple...

It seems like the Ancestor was also abnormal!

‘His own disciple was this domineering and openly flouted rules, yet he didn’t clean house?’

Hey, wasn’t Ye Qingluan his sole female disciple? Could it be that there is some untold secret?’

Perhaps their secret was like the plot of a certain xianxia novel where the teacher and student had an illicit relationship?’

The white-clad and cold figure of the Ancestor appeared in her mind.Tsk! Tsk! It was really similar to the cold and aloof teacher in that tragic story.

Only taking one female disciple, yet evicting her, then letting her love turn into hate until she killed her teacher in a very… Tsk! Tsk! Love each other, kill each other; A love and hate melodramatic high-rating soap opera!’

That ice-sculpture like Ancestor turned a blind eye on her conduct and actions after he took her in as his sole female disciple. Could it be that he promised her something and had some guilt in his heart?

Ning Xuemo once again eyed the four people who were in such agony that sweat poured off their bodies while they rolled on the ground in pain. The Ancestor’s relationship with his disciple didn’t have anything to do with her, but the people in front, on the other hand, were a huge problem. How should she resolve the matter to get the best outcome?

That round-faced lady was in such pain that she shouted angrily. “Slut! You’re done for this time! You actually plotted against us! Wait until I get better and I’ll flay your skin and rip out your marrow! I’ll let you have a taste of what it’s like to be unable to live or die!”

Zhong Rushuang clearly looked at Number Two who was hesitating. She knew what his worries were, so she took a deep breath before saying, “Be tactful! Right now, we still have poison in our bodies. We can no longer make things difficult for you two. We’ll separate, but once night falls, our hatred could be regarded as set in stone! We will undoubtedly chase after your life to the ends of the earth!”

This situation could be said to be quite attractive, Number Two looked at Ning Xuemo.

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