Chapter 139 - Silencing People (1)

Chapter 139 - Silencing People (1)

“This…” Number Two glanced at Ning Xuemo. He saw that she was looking at him with her little mouth pursed into a smile that was not a really smile, making his heart burst with more courage. “I’m sorry; forgive this lowly one for being unable to comply.”

This thing was Ning Xuemo’s prey. He guarded it on her behalf.

Although the Flying Dragon Centipede is a monster from the sixth mountain, its numbers were very few. Even if the sixth mountain was searched for half a month, it might not necessarily be found.

Moreover inside its body, it held an extremely pure sixth grade fire crystal core comparable to a normal eighth grade crystal core. Those types of crystal cores were priceless. Even if someone wants to buy one, no place would sell it. In the case that Ning Xuemo was to offer this fire crystal core to the Emperor, there is a possibility that the Emperor would not only exempt her from the crime of fleeing from an imperial marriage but even grant her more rewards...

Zhong Rushuang’s charming face sank. “Your courage is not small. You dare disobey me?!”

In this world, not many people dared to refuse or disobey a request from Bright Reverence’s direct disciples!

Even disciples from the Sun Moon Sect would also give them some face. Currently, an insignificant little imperial bodyguard unexpectedly said “No” to them?!

“Pardon me, the crystal core inside the Flying Dragon Centipede… is something my master wants. He didn’t agree about this with you beforehand. Please forgive this lowly one from being unable to obey. May I ask for Fairy Zhong’s forgiveness. Fairies’ and Immortals’ strength are profound. You are giants among men. With your strength alone, you will surely be able to easily hunt a Flying Dragon Centipede and complete your assignment.” Number Two felt helpless, but he steeled himself and used Ji Yunhao’s name to negotiate.

He could not involve Ning Xuemo and must avoid calamity befalling on her.

Ning Xuemo observed Number Two. Although this guard had a baby face, he was someone careful with his speech and manners. She did not expect that he could speak in such a clear and orderly manner without being offensive or insulting.

Zhong Rushuang paused. Her eyes glinted with a trace of severity, whereas her lips moved like flowing water. “Very well. Since it’s something necessary to the Sixth Prince, we will hunt our own. Let’s go.”

“Senior Sister!” The round face woman could not refrain from shouting. She clearly did not want to give up this centipede.

“Go.” Zhong Rushang only said one word.

The faces of the other three showed extreme anger. However, they also could not disobey, so they furiously glared at Ning Xuemo and Number Two. Then, they stood up and left.

“Big brothers and big sisters, please wait.” Ning Xuemo stood up.

Zhong Rushuang turned her head and glanced at Ning Xuemo. “You still need something?”

Ning Xuemo made an apologetic face. “We are feeling extremely sorry for not being able to gift you the Flying Dragon Centipede’s crystal core. As an apology, could you let us cook those various wild game meat for you instead?”

Her voice sounded sweet, and her expression looked pure. Her shout was familiar and made those people near their seventies, who put on youthful appearances, feel good inside their hearts.

What’s more, was that they were truly hungry and were not disinclined to eat some BBQ. More importantly, it was difficult for them to roast something remotely delicious.

“Little girl, you can be regarded as sensible. Good then, we will eat just to let your heart feel at ease.” Zhong Rushuang and her juniors all sat down.

Number Two grumbled inside his mind. He actually did not want to cook for these people and was able to drive them away with great difficulty. Unfortunately, Ning Xuemo called them back. He had no idea what unforeseeable event would occur with them remaining here...

‘The little lady knows about their identities. She must be afraid of offending them. Perhaps, that was her way of expressing her goodwill?’

He was unable to guess what was in Ning Xuemo’s mind and could only go prepare the food for the other four.

Ning Xuemo ran over and pulled on his sleeve. “I’ll help you. It will be quicker and won’t starve those big brothers and big sisters…”

Number Two did not want to involve her and was about to open his mouth to tell her to go rest first.

However, Ning Xuemo gave him a smile and winked.

Number Two did know not what deceitful trick she was planning, but he simply let her do as she pleased.

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