Chapter 138 - Uninvited Guests (4)

Chapter 138 - Uninvited Guests (4)

The round faced girl was choked off by Ning Xuemo’s questions. Zhong Rushuang opened her mouth and spoke with indifference, “He’s the Sixth Prince’s bodyguard. Whereas, we are his highness the crown prince’s junior disciples. Therefore, the Sixth Prince’s bodyguard can be considered our servant. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

A faint light flickered inside Ning Xuemo’s eyes. ‘Surprisingly, those people are Ji Yunhuang’s junior disciples?’

‘So to say, they are also from the Sun Moon Sect?’

‘But then, why are their clothes not the same as those from the Sun Moon Sect?’

“Miss Ning, they are disciples of the Bright Reverence School. Their psychokinesis are all above mortal realm rank 8. We cannot afford to offend them. Let’s endure it.” Number Two suddenly transmitted his voice to Ning Xuemo.

‘Bright Reverence School?’

Ning Xuemo quickly searched through the memory of this body for information on the Bright Reverence School. Suddenly, the information appeared in her mind.

There was a legend that the Ancestor made an exception and accepted a female disciple, named Ye Qingluan, three hundred years ago. Later, for an unknown reason, she was expelled from her master’s sect and not acknowledged. However, she was someone strong-minded and ambitious. Thus, she established the Bright Reverence School...

Bright Reverence referred to keep revering the Sun and Moon, but its hidden meaning allured to her origin as someone from the Sun Moon Sect.

‘Those people claimed themselves to be Ji Yunhuang’s juniors. Don’t tell me that they are Bright Reverence’s founder’s, Ye Qingluan’s direct disciples?’

If Ye Qingluan was still alive, she would be more than 300 years old and her disciples would be very young.

“Miss Ning, don’t be deceived by their outer appearances. The truth is they are already more than 70 years old. They are merely using a technique to retain their youthful appearance.” Number Two continued to gossip with Ning Xuemo by voice transmission.

‘Surprisingly, they are this old! Psychokinesis is indeed something mystical!’

Once again, Ning Xuemo’s heart yearned to cultivate psychokinesis. There was no woman in any world who would not want to have a technique to retain their youth, even Ning Xuemo was not an exception.

“Only those who could break through earth realm rank 1 could truly retain their youth and not age. They still have not breakthrough to the earth realm. They could only keep their appearances because of their master imparting a special retaining youth technique to them…” Number Two continued to inform Ning Xuemo about common knowledge.

‘Oh.’ Ning Xuemo nodded while feeling her knowledge increased quite a bit.

“What are you two chit-chatting about?” Suspicion showed on the round faced woman.

“EH! There! Isn’t that a Flying Dragon Centipede?!” One of the youth pointed towards the brambles and shouted.

Those words were like a stone which caused a thousand ripples. The others three immediately shifted their sight to where their companion was pointing.

Zhong Rushuang’s eyes brightened. Her eternally icy arrogance charming face also displayed surprise. “It is indeed a Flying Dragon Centipede! This is the requirement to complete the assignment that master had explained!”

“When we heard that long hissing earlier, it must have been from it. I told you but you did not believe me. Fortunately, we came here to take a look.”

“This thing always lived on the sixth mountain. Who would think that it could be found on the fifth mountain? We can consider ourselves lucky.”

“That’s right! Inside its body, there must be a sixth grade fire crystal core. Let’s take them and return to complete the assignment.”

The four of them were chiming with each other and had already considered that centipede to be theirs.

“I’ll go take the core!” One of them volunteered.

He was just about to fly off to the centipede when a few sentences from Ning Xuemo stopped the man from moving further. “This centipede was killed by us. Don’t you need our consent before taking the core?”

Zhong Rushuang glanced at Ning Xuemo, then shifted her sight to Number Two. “Number Two, your kung fu is quite good. It surprised me that you could hunt a Flying Dragon Centipede alone.”

It was very evident that she did not attach much importance to Ning Xuemo. The idea that the death of the Flying Dragon Centipede was Ning Xuemo’s merit did not even cross her mind.

Zhong Rushuang changed the topic of discussion once again, “This flying centipede is something necessary to my master. Give it to us. Later, we will certainly explain everything clearly to your master.”

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