Chapter 137 - Uninvited Guests (3)

Chapter 137 - Uninvited Guests (3)

“Who is this little lady?” Miss Zhong’s pair of keen eyes sized up Ning Xuemo while trying to ascertain the little girl’s identity, as she did not recall seeing her before. Her tone was arrogant and condescending.

Number Two glanced at Ning Xuemo. He did not know if he should reveal Ning Xuemo’s identity.

Ning Xuemo faintly smiled and lazily spoke. “We’re merely strangers that met by coincidence and will part ways soon. Is there a need to ask for each other’s names?”

“So brazen! My eighth senior sister is giving you face by asking for your name! Unexpectedly, you don’t even know how to appreciate it!” A round faced young woman similar to Miss Zhong harshly shouted.

‘Such a good arrogant younger sister! You asked me and think your grandma will honestly reply? Such preposterous logic! ’

Ning Xuemo did not felt like paying attention to that little sister. She simply turned towards Number Two and hurried him. “I still want to eat the hare’s legs. We should roast the legs.”

Miss Zhong was completely disregarded. Clearly, the round faced young woman was usually unreasonable. Her eyebrows were frowning. She was about to burst into anger again when Miss Zhong waved her hand. “Let it be, Ninth Little Sister. Why do you need to lower yourself by bickering with a child?”

Her sight shifted to Number Two. “Number Two, how is the prince doing?”

“Very good. Thank you for your concern Miss Zhong.”

“You’re welcome. When you return and see your prince, send my regards to him.”

“Yes, I will certainly pass on your message.”

Zhong Rushuang nodded and continued, “Number Two, your roasted game looks pretty good. Help roast ours too. Fifteenth Little Brother, give him some of the game you have in your hands for him to cook.”

A handsome teenager clad in white nodded his head and put several kinds of game in front of Number Two.

The imperial bodyguard was shocked by how sudden everything happen. He frowned slightly but still nodded in agreement. “Alright.”

“Eighth Senior Sister, who is he?” The round faced woman asked with curiosity.

“He is the Sixth Prince’s personal bodyguard. The first time I saw him was at the crown prince’s estate. That’s why I recognize him.” Zhong Rushuang gave a reply.

“Eh?! He’s actually an imperial guard!” The round face girl exclaimed as she showed trace of disdain. She was no longer polite. “I want to eat well-done roast meat.”

“I want to eat beggar’s chicken…[1]

“I want…”

All four of them stated their food preferences and clearly considered Number Two as their servant.

They were probably not ordinary people if they could come here to train. In terms of psychokinesis, the weakest amongst them was a rank 6 expert. Several of them walking around with clothes perfectly free from dust clearly proved that they were not in a difficult situation.

Furthermore, Zhong Rushuang had once entered the crown prince’s residence. ‘Is she also one of Ji Yunhuang’s friends?’

Currently, Ning Xuemo was in the midst of her escape. She felt she should stay low-key. However, these people’s behavior did not sit well with her! They went so far as to bully her people in front of her!

She was the former leader of the secret service. She usually fiercely protected her comrades. Though she often beat and scolded them when they made mistakes, she could not tolerate others bullying them.

Right now, she imperceptibly considered Number Two as one of her underlings, a brother-in-arms. That group of people making such a racket...

“Don’t all of you have arms and legs? Cook on your own!” Ning Xuemo’s little face tightened as she opened her mouth.

“Such an outrageous brat! Having him cook for us is his honor. You should be aware of who we are!” The round faced girl clearly had a hot temper and exploded in anger at basically nothing.

Ning Xuemo’s mouth curved into a smirk. “Regardless of who you are, I only know he is not your servant. So, there’s no reason for him to serve you for free! Even if he did agree, you should at least thank him. Don’t you know such basic etiquette?”

[1] In the raws, the sentence is not complete and only mention about mud clay wrapped something. Since it was quite an interesting way to cook meat, I put two recipes for you guys to try if interested. The first one only need you to cook it next to campfire with no need for modern appliance. The second one uses normal oven. I heard that it taste super good. I'll have to try it one day. Recipe #1 Quail wrapped in mud clay outlander's style, Recipe #2 Beggar's chicken

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