Chapter 136 - Uninvited Guests (2)

Chapter 136 - Uninvited Guests (2)

It had to be said that Imperial Guard Number Two was an extremely qualified imperial bodyguard. He was a fighting master, an expert hunter and a masterchef in wilderness BBQ.

The hare and pheasant meat broiled by him showed a bright color and luster. The meat was intensely fragrant, causing Ning Xuemo to drool while her appetite was further stimulated. She was really hungry!

Number Two looked at Ning Xuemo’s profile as she watched the pheasant with rapt attention and sparkling eyes. He did not know why his heart felt warm while a strong urge to protect her rose inside of him. He felt tenderness towards her and had the impulse to give all the best things in the world to her...

He tore off a well roasted pheasant’s drumstick and gave it to Ning Xuemo. “You eat first.” He used his psychokinesis on the drumstick, causing the burning temperature of the meat to become room temperature.

“Thank you.” Ning Xuemo lowered her eyes as she gave her thanks and, without being polite, she started wolfing down the food.

“Yo-you’re… welcome.” Number Two was really not accustomed to be thanked. “Do you want to eat something else? I’ll roast more for you.”

“I want to eat the wings, the hare’s legs and its back meat.” Ning Xuemo smoothly enumerated.

“Alright! Just wait a bit, they will be ready in a moment.” Number Two immediately prepared the only hare he hunted.

“You’re not eating anything?” Ning Xuemo raised the drumstick in her hand.

“No. As a subordinate, I will eat after you’re done. As the miss, I will serve you first.” Number Two’s hand movements seemed as if they were flying around.

Suddenly he seemed to react to something as his hands stopped. He lifted his head and looked deep into the jungle.

“Such a good smell! It looks like we’re not the only ones on this mountain. There are other sects.” From the jungle a man’s voice could be heard.

“Look who’s there.” Right after, the clear and cold voice of a woman was transmitted to their ears.

“This man’s barbecue technique is pretty good. It just so happens that I’m also hungry…”

“That’s right! That’s right! We also just hunted some game…”

A mixed group of four youths came out from the jungle.

The group was composed of two men and two women. They all seemed to be around their twenties. The women were dressed in a fluttering white dress, making them seem like immortals. Meanwhile, the men, dressed in a white gown dancing around with the wind, were tall, elegant and unfettered. On their collars, there was a bird feather design embroidered on. They were clearly members of a sect and must be disciples who came here to train.

Ning Xuemo just glanced at them and already she had the urge to massage her eyebrows.

Their whole bodies were clad in beautiful white clothes. Was it really appropriate to wear such clothes when training in the middle of a jungle?

‘Aren’t they afraid to become the target of ferocious beasts? Or afraid of getting their clothes dirty? This is truly wanting to be elegant but not wanting to live….’

The memory of the Ancestor suddenly flashed inside her mind. Those white clothes he wore that seemed to be made of clouds and moon had a ice frost color that made the youths’ white clothes look dirtier by comparison.

‘They are probably disciples from the Ancestor’s sect.’

‘Their clothing style is identical!’

‘Ah! Wrong!’ She once saw that a cloud pattern was embroidered on the collar of the Sun Moon Sect instead of a bird wing.

Number Two was roasting the food when those youths appeared. When they showed up, his complexion slightly changed. It was such a slight change that it was barely possible to see the slight crease that appeared between his brows.

When the four youths clearly saw the two people eating barbecue meat, they were somewhat startled, not expecting to see a little girl around 10 years old appearing inside the fifth mountain!

As for the person roasting the meat...

“Number Two, what are you doing here?” Among them, the woman who looked the most cold and elegant recognized Number Two’s identity.

Number Two had no other choice but to cup his hand in greetings. “Miss Zhong.”

‘It turns out to be an acquaintance?’ Ning Xuemo raised her eyebrow.

‘Could it be Number Two doesn’t have a name? That must be why Miss Zhong called him Number Two.’

“Who is this little lady?” Miss Zhong’s pair of keen eyes sized up Ning Xuemo while trying to ascertain the little girl’s identity.

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