Chapter 131 - A Critical Situation

Chapter 131 - A Critical Situation

Without mentioning anything else, just Ning Xuemo’s ability to effortlessly move her body around surpassed anyone who reached the psychokinesis rank 3!

Even rarer was her reaction speed and ability to respond to danger. She might not be inferior in these two aspects even compared to him!

This kind of girl being called a waste was really too much of a pity!

Just with these skills alone, she could deal with the magic beasts on the third mountain, but what about the magic beasts on the fifth mountain?

They did not just have physical attacks; they could also use long-ranged psychokinesis!

The more powerful the magic beast, the less likely people will encounter one, and this was the case on the fifth mountain; magic beasts were difficult to find. However, once you do encounter one, it almost guaranteed certain death!

For example, the situation right now!

Ning Xuemo was holding onto a vine and had just jumped off from the tree. Just as she almost reached the tree trunk, in the moment when her toes nearly touched it, a green shadow shot up from the tree trunk, opening its dark mouth and aiming to bite off Ning Xuemo’s legs!

'Jasper Centipede!'

At this instant, Number Two tightly clenched his fists!

Ning Xuemo had seen many types of centipedes but never such a large specimen!

It had a thick body as wide as the opening of a bowl and measured about 3 meters long. Its entire body was colored dark green, and its head was shaped like a flat dustpan. On both sides of its body, countless legs as sharp as blades shone with cold light.

Two feelers extended out from the sides of its mouth, slithering like snakes in the wind. Two sharp teeth could be seen protruding from its mouth like knives.

Ning Xuemo did not have the slightest doubt that if that creature bit her body, she would definitely be halved!

This thing was skilled at camouflage. It actually hid somewhere and waited until Ning Xuemo was in mid-air with nowhere to borrow force from, before suddenly striking!

Ning Xuemo’s reaction was instantaneous. The moment she discovered the situation did not bode well for her, she flipped her body upwards, her legs brushing against the centipede’s feelers.

She barely dodged the attack: her toes nearly touched the centipede’s teeth…

Her body landed on the fork of a large tree behind the Jasper Centipede.

She had not managed to steady herself yet when the Jasper Centipede suddenly let out a high-pitched shriek and swung its tail at her.

‘F*ck! This thing’s attacks are fast!’

Ning Xuemo’s body once again flew upwards, only barely managing to dodge the centipede’s tail. A cold light flashed from her palm and jabbed towards the centipede’s body!

This needle of hers was covered with a potent poison, even an elephant would be poisoned in an instant.

Although this thing looked larger than an ordinary centipede, it was still smaller than an elephant. As long as the needle jabbed into it, it would definitely kick the bucket!

Clang!’ A sound of metal striking could be heard as the needle from Ning Xuemo’s hand slammed onto the centipede’s body.

And then… bounced back.

This thing’s dark green scale armour was actually tougher than steel; the needle even with the aid of inner force could not pierce it!

Jiu!’ Although the Jasper Centipede’s body had not been pierced through, the inner force in that attack still managed to shock it a bit. This seemed to piss it off as it curled up suddenly and actually shot toward Ning Xuemo like a cannonball!

A fierce wind swept toward Ning Xuemo. She did not dare face it head on and so could only bent her back backward into a bridge; positioning her body perpendicular to the tree trunk and with both legs hooking onto a branch, she let her body drop. This allowed her to dodge the centipede’s “cannonball” attack.

Bang!’ The Jasper Centipede’s large body slammed into the large tree.

The tree which was wide enough for one person to just barely hug it made a cracking sound as it fell…

Ning Xuemo fell from the tree at a height of more than 3 meters.

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