Chapter 129 - Adventure

Chapter 129 - Adventure

Note : From now on, Er Hao will be called Number Two, because, in Chinese, Er Hao means Number Two. The changes has been made in early chapters.

If he really wished to kill her, he only needed to say the words and that reality would not be impossible.

Although that little girl was intelligent and quick-witted, in the end her skills were ordinary, and she had no behind-the-scenes supporter to help her. There were plenty of ways to kill her if he truly wished for it.

Only… he unexpectedly could not bear to do so for some unknown reason...

Perhaps, he pitied her. When all was said and done, that girl possessed excellent medical skills. If he could subdue her and make use of her, it would be worth it even if he lost an arm...


A vast array of mountains spread majestically into the distance. They looked grandiose, high and steep as their summits pierced through the skies.

That chain of mountains numbered at least 17. If they were to be compared in terms of height, the farthest one was the shortest but also the longest amongst them. The tallest one was the ninth mountain peak. One look at that ninth peak dwarfed all the other mountains in comparison.

From above, the mountain range appeared like an opened book containing some kind of picture. Most of the mountains surrounding the ninth seemed hunched over, as if they worshipped the ninth mountain. With its mountain peaks shrouded in clouds, the name Tianshu completely fit that chain of mountains.

Tianshu Mountain is a sacred mountain home of numerous fierce magical beasts. This was a fact known by everyone on Tian Ci Continent.

It was a place where no ordinary person would dare venture. Even warriors with certain skills, would not go too deep into the mountains. At most, they explored the surroundings. Even so, they would still be considered heroes just by foraging scarce medicinal herbs and hunting low-level magic beasts there.

Without a doubt, Tianshu Mountain is an excellent place for cultivation and training. The disciples from all the sects in Chang Kong Country would often go there to fight strange monsters for training. Although, these disciples were much stronger, they would not dare pass the third peak.

Only cultivators who reached the pinnacle of the mortal realm would dare tread deeper into the mountains but no further than the sixth peak.

The reason being that pass the sixth peak, the population of magic beasts rose exponentially as one neared the ninth peak. Rumors say that the magic beasts there are much more vicious and brutal, not to mention their psychokinesis attack power ranked higher than those at the border of the mountains. Even cultivators who had reached earth realm rank 1 would not dare face those magic beasts head on .

According to legend, his Highness the crown prince once charged through to the middle of the eighth mountain where he encountered a demon lion from which he obtained a crystal core from, making him famous overnight.

When Ning Xuemo tested her psychokinesis, the crystal pillar that measured her psychokinesis wood element was made from numerous crystal cores.

As for the ninth mountain, there were rumours that on top of it lived a very fierce and powerful magic beast that has a sly and mercurial personality. Furthermore, it has the ability to change its shape at will, causing people to be unable to stand guard against it.

On Tian Ci Continent, another rumor stated that five sect leaders went to the ninth peak to eradicate that magic beast. From hearsay, they went there only to throw their lives away, but that part of the rumor is still quite controversial with some believers and skeptics.

Ning Xuemo was a psychokinesis cultivation waste. Considering her strength, it would be very dangerous just to go to the first mountain peak.

Therefore, that second imperial bodyguard of Ji Yunhao believed that Ning Xuemo was not ignorant enough to throw her life away by going further into the mountain range and would hide from her pursuers somewhere in the periphery of the first mountain.

What he absolutely did not expect was that Ning Xuemo not only swiftly crossed the first mountain but also traveled through the second mountain at high speed. He has been tracking her for nearly six hours. In the meantime, Ning Xuemo already reached the third mountain...

Within the higher altitudes, usually there is an abundant amount of greenery. It was especially true within Tianshu Mountain, where a large expanse of trees occupied a vast territory.

Inside those virgin forests lived countless ferocious beasts which Imperial Guard Number Two encountered frequently while following behind Ning Xuemo in the distance.

What made Number Two flabbergasted were Ning Xuemo’s movements which looked beyond odd. She could dodge and escape from the ferocious beasts even if she met one face to face on a narrow path...

In the eyes of the imperial bodyguard, Ning Xuemo’s movements were not incredibly fast but were extremely nimble instead, always moving in tricky positions!

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