Chapter 122 - Escaping From the Marriage (4)

Chapter 122 - Escaping From the Marriage (4)

Actually, those people didn’t try to bully Ning Xuemo any less than how they bullied the original owner of Ning Xuemo’s body. If they didn’t beat the original owner body, they would verbally abuse her. When the former Ning Xuemo was only ten years old, that eldest cousin of her even pushed her into a lake during the coldest time of winter.

Those relatives of hers already made the former Ning Xuemo’s life a living hell. Now, they should pay back the debt they owned the former Ning Xuemo!


The sky darkened, but the soldiers still searched for her.

After a while, those soldiers started to suspect that Ning Xuemo might be disguised as a beggar and began examining all the weak and frail little beggars...

Ning Xuemo inwardly let out a sigh of relief. Although Yellow Teeth was somewhat noisy and had bad breath, on the contrary, he served as a good shield.

The city gates were already closed. She certainly would not be able to go out today and had no other choice but to hide among the beggars for the night.

When she awakened, it was already twilight. The sky faintly brightened as if little streaks of white had been painted on it.

At this time, the city gates should have been opened. Once again, she went to the gates to check if security is more relaxed than yesterday.

From that pile of stinking beggars, she stood up and was about to slowly walk to the gates.

Suddenly, ahead of her, the sound of a galloping horse could be heard. The person saddled on the horse loudly shouted, “House Desheng, that official’s place, is distributing congee and giving out clothes. Every child under 13 years old who needs food can get double the portion. Everyone, quickly come!”

The effect was like the ripples of a stone thrown in water. Every hungry beggar stood up one after another. Like a swarm of locusts, they desperately dashed straight to House Desheng.

Ning Xuemo’s heart stirred. With her intelligence, she immediately knew that this was a trap.

It seems like the authorities had not found their target even after searching every single inn established in the capital. So now, they remembered about the beggars and wanted to gather all of them. With food and clothes being provided, the beggars would naturally comply to the search.

If she went there, she would quickly be recognized.

However, if she didn’t go with all the beggars going in the same direction, she would immediately stand out from the crowd!

It seems like the imperial guards in charge of the search this time were not completely incompetent...

She was a bit absent-minded when Yellow Teeth, who was resting next to her last night, pulled her out from her pondering. “Little Brother, what are you waiting for? House Desheng’s food is very delicious! You don’t seem to be over 13 years old. Go, go, go! Let’s go get our double portions!”

Along the way, there was a normal soldier patrolling the streets, attentively observing all the beggars. This time Ning Xuemo could not leave on her own, she had no other alternative but to run after Yellow Teeth.

The flow of beggars became more and more dense as they converged near House Desheng. Ning Xuemo mixed herself into the crowd of beggars trying to be inconspicuous. Inside her brain, she rapidly planned all kind of escape routes.

By the time she passed by all the noble residential district, from far away she faintly saw a rather luxurious  carriage parked along the way. Two imperial guards stood in front of the carriage. It was quite evident that whatever noble who lived in that mansion was about to go out...

Her sight shifted again as she looked at the lantern suspended on the carriage. There two words written on it : “Hao Mansion”

Suddenly, Ning Xuemo realized that the Sixth Prince owned that carriage. Since the old Emperor demoted him to the rank of a commoner yesterday, as punishment, the board “Prince Hao Mansion” hanging above his front door has been take off. Therefore, the lantern with the words “Prince Hao Mansion” was also replaced by “Hao Mansion”.

‘Could it be that Ji Yunhao wants to leave the city today?’ An idea hit her, perhaps she could use him!

Her mind stirred as she was about to pass the carriage. Suddenly, she covered her belly with her hand. “Ouch! My belly hurts! Big Brother, you go first. I need to find a place for a number two. It will only take a moment. You should go and lineup for me…”

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