Chapter 115 - The Emperor's Surprise

Chapter 115 - The Emperor's Surprise

A person and a beast naturally chatted with each other. Ning Xuemo recounted the events that had happened to her, including what occurred in the Ministry of Justice Prison.

She was not afraid that Tom would leak what happened to others. For one thing, he was her friend, and secondly even if he did say it, no one would understand what he was saying.

Tom’s emotions stirred while listening to her story and even slapped the cage with his claws when he felt anxious. “Perverts! They’re all perverts! No one in the imperial family is a good person! Especially that old Emperor, he actually treated a hero’s daughter like that? His conscience must be broken! And that something Princess, she isn’t any good either...”

Ning Xuemo looked at him. “You better not curse the good people just because they’re in the same boat as the bad ones. That Crown Prince is actually not that bad. Were it not for his help in dealing with this issue, I wouldn’t have been able to get my reputation back and waltz back in here so openly.”

Tom’s eyes widened. “He is indeed not bad- Hey! You couldn’t have fallen for him right? Why are you speaking up for him? He just a pretty boy[1]

Ning Xuemo rolled her eyes. “You’re the one who’s fallen for him! Big sis here is just speaking the truth as it is. It doesn’t mean I have any of those intentions towards him. Besides, I don’t want to stay in this world forever; I still want to think of a way to return home.”

“Return? Wishful thinking! We transmigrated here; how the hell do we get back?!” Tom got dispirited as he let out a sigh. “I’ve had it up to here with this damn place! Backward, ignorant, and unable to communicate with them- They don’t understand our society’s mind-set.”

Ning Xuemo rubbed his large head. “Don’t get upset. Perhaps there is hope for a way back.”

“Don’t rub my head- Hey, what did you say? We still have hope to go back?!” His eyes turned round.

Ning Xuemo nodded. “These two days, while I’ve been at the Crown Prince’s residence, I read a few books since I was bored and unintentionally discovered references to a space-time portal. As long as we reach a certain level of training, we can go venture out to find it. Perhaps we might be able to return to our era.”

Tom’s spirit received a shock. “The space-time tunnel ought to exist. Our world theorized it before, though no one had ever found it.”

He suddenly seemed to have thought of something as he became dejected. “Even if we do find it, won’t it be useless to me? Those who transmigrated back were at the very least human. However, I am a beast. Even if I transmigrated back, I’m afraid that I’d just end up terrifying a whole bunch of people! Maybe scientists would drag me off to dissect and experiment on me…”

No matter how he thought about it, his future prospects seemed bleak and hopeless!

Ning Xuemo gave him a sidelong glance. “Look at you giving up so easily! Did you forget that beasts can cultivate too? If foxes can cultivate to become fox spirits and take on human forms, why can’t you? Anyway you’ve already developed spiritual intelligence, so when you cultivate it will be twice the work using half the effort. Once you’ve cultivated to the point of being able to take on a human form, what else do you have to worry about?”

Tom’s eyes lit up as he saw hope for the first time since he had arrived here. “That’s good too, I’ll give cultivation a shot… But I can’t read the books in this world.”

“You can rest assured. I asked for some books on cultivation from the Crown Prince. Afterwards, I’ll just help you translate them.” Ning Xuemo made a heroic commitment. They were both people who had transmigrated from the same world so she was rather partial towards him.

Tom’s eyes lit up even more. “That’s great! Memeda!” He was so excited he spoke Chinese.

Ning Xuemo flicked his nose. “Memeda.


Ning Xuemo did things generously. Since she returned safely she passed an order: regardless of hierarchy, there would be a banquet that all in the Mansion could attend, where master and servant could mingle.

In Chang Kong Country, there never had been a case of the master and servant drinking from the same table.

[1] Has a negative connotation of being a weakling, being defended by a woman

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