Chapter 114 - The Emperor's Reward

Chapter 114 - The Emperor's Reward

Caution rose from the depths of Ning Xuemo’s heart. She retreated a step, her face still filled with smiles. “Many thanks Your Majesty. Then, could you grant me a few 10,000 taels of gold?”

The Emperor, “……”

‘Is this girl’s head only filled with thoughts of money? Well she is still a child and wouldn’t know what was best for her…’

“Xuemo, gold is a dead thing after all. If you asked for a position instead, wouldn’t objects like gold be there for the taking?” Emperor Le Xuan followed up in an attempt to persuade her.

Could it be that this old Emperor regretted it and wants to arrange another marriage for her? Is he planning on giving her to another prince?

‘No way!’ She wasn’t the least bit interested in any of his stud horse princes…

Ning Xuemo tilted her head and grinned. “Xuemo is still small and doesn’t have any big ambitions so I’m not interested in an official position… Hum, if Your Majesty still feels like you’re not doing enough for me, you can just multiply the gold taels by another few folds…”

Lifting her head to look at the sun, she noted the time being just past noon. The sun’s rays beat down strongly on her head, warming it up. She squinted. Her mouth opened slightly releasing a small yawn, but as if she had just remembered something, she lifted her hand to stifle it. She blinked as she showed an embarrassed expression. “Do pardon me Your Majesty. Xuemo was too tired and lost her manners in front of you. Your Majesty won’t fault me for this right?”

“……” The Emperor didn’t reply immediately. Since they stood in front of so many people, how could he make it hard on a child for this trivial matter?

A dark flash emerged from the depths of his eyes, but he smiled generously. “Of course not. Since you’re tired, you should return to have a good rest.”

“Many thanks Your Majesty. Xuemo will leave now.”

Emperor Le Xuan stood there and watched as her small back gradually drifted further away until it disappeared from his sight.

‘Smart, clever, wise, odd and has amazing medical skills to boot. Although her body hadn’t bloomed yet, she clearly looks like a beauty in the making. If this type of person was left to rot in a common house, it would be too much of a pity!’

‘But if she married Huang’er, it would bring about criticism. After all, she wasn’t worthy enough to be with Huang’er.’ Hence, he had decided…

‘Little girl, my reward will arrive soon, and it will definitely give you a big surprise…’


Because the news that Ning Xuemo had not died had yet to reach the Marquis’ Mansion, Ning Xuemo’s high-profile arrival stirred up an uproar! After the chaos, came celebration.

The Marquis’ Mansion had a rather lively atmosphere.

Although she had only gone missing for two days, to the servants at the Marquis’ Mansion, they felt like the most excruciating two days. The servants that had only been recently hired thought she died and did not have much hope of their prospects there, so they left one by one.

When Ning Xuemo returned, aside from Old Zhong, only two guards, two maids, and a cook remained.

Without saying too much, Ning Xuemo rewarded those servants who remained for their loyalty and devotion by doubling their wages.

She originally paid higher monthly wages than other houses, and now that she doubled that number, the servants naturally felt extremely grateful. Hence, Ning Xuemo took this opportunity to set rules.

She would only keep loyal, righteous, and courageous servants. Those who left when their owner encountered trouble were not needed or wanted here!

After laying down the rules, everyone who stayed behind were naturally overjoyed and as a result became more loyal. Those who left and heard Ning Xuemo still lived came back, but were rebuffed by the Marquis’ Mansion, making them regret their actions till they felt like banging their heads on the wall…


Since Ning Xuemo had come back, she naturally went to check on Tom, the Chastity Testing Beast.

Tom currently displayed a depressed look on his face; his only confidant was dead after all, so it was not surprising that he appeared so tired of life. However, when Ning Xuemo suddenly appeared, he nearly doubted his large eyes and wailed as he slammed into the cage, causing a large bump to swell on his head…

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