Chapter 112 - I Bought a Watch Last Year

Chapter 112 - I Bought a Watch Last Year[1]

Sensing that those two streams of air had nearly frozen her to the spot, Ning Xuemo hurriedly circulated her inner force, allowing her to barely keep herself from becoming an ice statue. However, above her lip, a layer of snow-white frost had formed, which appeared to be quite frightening.

“Ancestor…” His follower, the child who had always spoken up for her, bowed his body as he pleaded on her behalf. “Ancestor, please show mercy. On account of the fact that she is still a child, if she has offended you, please show leniency. After all, you had saved her once so she is actually quite grateful towards you…”

Ji Yunhuang, seeing the worsening situation, hurriedly stepped forward and bowed to plead for mercy too.

The eyes under the mask flashed before he slowly spoke, “I would not be that harsh on a mere child. I was only testing her.” With a slight wave of his sleeve, those two streams of air that still encircled Ning Xuemo in an attempt to freeze her were sent outside the hall.

Ah-” From outside the hall came a low shout which had been cut off halfway.

“Although still trash, at least not a complete trash. Dismissed!” The Ancestor finally decided to let her off, but his words were rather vicious.

Under the circumstances where the other party’s strength vastly surpassed hers, Ning Xuemo would of course not idiotically get into an argument with him. Hence, with a smile she said, “Many thanks Ancestor. I bought a watch last year. Ancestor is really godly. Xuemo will leave now.” Saying so, she turned around.

The Ancestor did not really understand some of the words she said. By the time he had gotten over his surprise, she had already left.

A foreign feeling flashed in the depths of his eyes.

That girl clearly was a waste, but there appeared to be a bone-deep arrogance in her. Even stranger was that she possessed a physique that proved to be quite different from ordinary people’s; she could also unexpectedly remain unharmed against his ‘Glacier Palm’…


When Ning Xuemo left the room, the sun’s rays shone brightly down on her, warming her body up. This comfortable sensation made her unable to resist basking in the sun’s warmth for a bit longer.

But she managed to stop herself from just standing there and basking in the sunlight. Outside the gate, she could still see those two rows of flower-like youths standing in that fan-shaped arrangement, their postures as uniform as always.

After so long, they were unexpectedly still in the exact same position and posture as when she had gone inside.

It seems like the Ancestor’s control freak tendencies really weren’t weak!

It really was worthy of a 2 thousand-year old freak; not only was he old-fashioned and cold as a coffin board, even his subordinates had learned from him, and now no matter how you looked at it, they really seemed like little coffin boards…

Her gaze landed on the silhouette of an ice sculpture outside the gate. Her expression congealed slightly!

She seemed to have no recollection of seeing this ice sculpture when she came through here before though?

Furthermore, it was really life-like. The eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth: not one was not vividly depicted. In addition, the clothes it wore was no different from that of a palace guard’s uniform.

Eh!, this guard seems familiar.’ She seemed to have seen him by the Emperor’s side earlier…

Ning Xuemo looked at his half-opened mouth and his wide open eyes. Her heart became startled.

Could it be that it wasn’t an ice sculpture but a person? Was he frozen by that evil wind the Ancestor sent outside?!

She could not resist the urge to look closer.

“Miss, this fellow was sealed in ice and will be released naturally in 24 hours. But until then, he shouldn’t be touched.” A youth stopped her from moving forward as he spoke to her in a low tone.

That voice was really very low, such that only Ning Xuemo could hear it. Obviously since they were not allowed to disrupt the tranquility of this place, they could only use voice transmission skills to communicate.

'So it really is that old fart’s doing!'

She had not thought that evil wind was so powerful that it could freeze someone in an instant…

Was this the realm of someone who had trained psychokinesis to the peak?

It was certainly mystical enough to make someone want to grind their teeth!

[1] This is a Chinese curse used on internet: ???????. Its acronym is WQNMLGB which has the meaning of… doing some really… bad things to the recipient’s mom… Yeah… If you want a better explanation, it's well explained in chapter 31 of IRAS on Gravity Tales.

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