Chapter 111 - The Inscrutable Ancestor

Chapter 111 - The Inscrutable Ancestor

Note : From now on, we will alternate between the Ancestor, the Venerable Emperor and the Sovereign when referring to the Ancestor. The reason being... it's for later on...

The distance between them was extremely close, so close that Ning Xuemo could even count how many eyelashes the Ancestor had.

Ning Xuemo did not know what the Ancestor’s appearance looked like; but, just by seeing his straight, long, dense and beautiful eyelashes, she could clearly assume he was not ugly.

He shouldn’t be wearing fake eyelashes, right? His eyes are black as ink, as if he was wearing contact lenses…’

“What are you silently cursing me for?” The Ancestor spoke once more.

“How can I?! Venerable Emperor is a peerless talent, unifying…” Naturally, Ning Xuemo would not admit a thing, and changed her expression into one of a pure and innocent little girl.

She had almost accidentally let a line from one of Jin Yong’s novels slip out.

The Ancestor asked, “Unifying what?” His voice sounded mild and cold.

“Ah… I was just saying that Ancestor was a peerless talent with the whole world under you.” Ning Xuemo promptly corrected herself and did not continue with “unifying the Jianghu”.

The Ancestor was so awesome that, not to mention the Jianghu, even the emperors on this continent were all reverent and respectful when they see him, appearing to be like filial grandsons serving their grandfather.

Him unifying the Jianghu was not considered to be an exaggeration. It could be said that with his might, it only required just a tiny bit of exertion.

This Venerable Emperor was so fussy. She did not want to be frozen into an ice sculpture for saying the wrong words.

The Ancestor stared at her for a while. Finally, he released her wrist. “Smooth talker, just don’t know if…” He stopped his sentence midway and did not continue any further.

Ning Xuemo raised her eyes and looked at him. However, his mask tightly concealed his face. She was unable to see his expression and thus could not understand the meaning behind his words.

She waited for a while, but the Ancestor did not utter another word. Instead, he used the brocade handkerchief to wipe his hands.

Ning Xuemo stayed silent.

She retreated another two steps before adding, “Venerable Emperor must have no need for me. I shall retire then.”

The Ancestor meticulously wiped his hands with the handkerchief. One by one, he thoroughly cleaned his fingers. He heard what she said and calmly examined her. He then lifted his hand and a dark green jujube flew into Ning Xuemo’s palm. “Eat it.”

Ning Xuemo was a poison specialist. She could identify poison with nothing but a look if she needed to.

She lightly grasped the jujube in her hand and knew that neither poison nor venom covered it. Considering it was not poisoned, she decided to eat it without hesitation.

Before eating it, she silently glanced at the Ancestor who threw away his handkerchief. It was very obvious that this person had an extreme case of mysophobia and disdained contact with any parts of another person. That was the reason why he used a handkerchief when he grabbed her wrist. Even with that, he still wiped his hands.

She faintly smiled. Picking up a cloth, she started to furiously rub the jujube, to the point where almost a layer of the jujube was wiped off. After what seemed like she was tackling a difficult job, she put the jujube in her mouth and chewed it. She smiled like a flower before saying, “Many thanks to the Ancestor for bestowing this jujube.”

The jujube was extremely green, but the flavor unexpectedly tasted very sweet and strongly fragrant. It instantly made her salivate.

The Ancestor remained silent. He watched Ning Xuemo cleaning the jujube, throwing away the piece of cloth like she did not care on top of where he threw his handkerchief.

The Ancestor stared at her face for a moment and waved his sleeve. The two pieces of tissues on the ground disappeared in a flash. What was left were twin streams of air which encircled Ning Xuemo.

In a flash, Ning Xuemo was hit by a shivering coldness. She venomously glared at the Ancestor and then, saw that her piece of cloth along with the handkerchief had already been vaporized by the two streams of air...

The Ancestor’s power seriously could not be underestimated. Surprisingly, it could momentarily vaporize objects. He really was not a simple old freak and had quite a few tricks up his sleeve!

The streams almost froze her completely. She did her best to urgently circulate her inner force inside her body and narrowly saved herself from being frozen into an ice statue.

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