Chapter 110 - The Ancestor's Purpose (4)

Chapter 110 - The Ancestor's Purpose (4)

Ning Xuemo forcibly twisted her waist, causing her body to sway and hover in the air like a butterfly. In that split second, she found her balance and stood firm once again. Suddenly, her wrist was tightly grasped, and she staggered once more from the pull. In the end, she took a big step forward. That step almost made her feet land on the Ancestor’s wide and white chang pao.

She quickly managed to stabilize herself. At this moment, the distance between her and the Ancestor measured less than 10 centimeters. This was the closest and most intimate distance one could maintain without literally touching each other.

Suddenly, an alarm bell loudly resounded in Ning Xuemo’s mind!

‘Don’t tell me this super high level immortal daoist who lorded over the common people is in fact a disgusting child loving deviant?!’

Indeed, this Ancestor is far from being a noble and virtuous person. Surprisingly even when he grabbed her wrist, he avoided direct contact with her by wrapping her wrist in a brocade handkerchief. ‘Does he even need to pretend so much?

She calmly looked at him holding her wrist. His hand seemed to be beautifully carved from ivory with long and slender fingers, supple and lustering like gems. However, the hand felt ice-cold even through that handkerchief like she touched metal with a chilliness like ice, boring into her wrist and quickly circulating through her whole body from her heart to her visceras with an unbridled tenacity!

From the outside, it appeared like her blood vessels were freezing centimeter by centimeter!

F*ck!’ Was he planning to kill her when he grabbed her wrist?!

Naturally, she refused to let him continue using that cold stream of energy to invade her heart any further! Otherwise, her heart would simply stop beating!

Ning Xuemo subconsciously circulated her inner force that abruptly clashed with the ice-cold energy.

Unexpectedly, at the precise moment her inner force and the incorporeal threads of ice energy clashed, the threads of ice energy vanished in a flash without leaving any trace. Ning Xuemo swayed due to the after-effect of the clash, almost injuring herself from the rebound of her inner force.

Fortunately, her reaction was fast enough. As soon as it looked dangerous, she immediately controlled her inner force to flow toward the region where the ice threads invaded, causing her freezing blood to flow again along the way.

From an outsider’s point view, it looked like Ning Xuemo was standing really close to the Ancestor while he held onto her wrist. She was almost leaning on the Ancestor’s body, making their posture look quite strange as if they were intimate with each other.

Who would have thought that these two just went through a round of internal fighting. Ning Xuemo had just experienced going through the gates of hell, barely coming out alive. She narrowly escaped death from that single confrontation.

“You are inept at psychokinesis.” The Ancestor underwent a huge change, as he unexpectedly said a total of five words.

Inwardly, Ning Xuemo rolled her eyes. ‘Old Grandpa, can you stop poking at my sore spot?’

“But… inside your body, there lies another kind of force. What is it?” The Ancestor continued to inquire and spoke more words than ever. His breath felt extremely cold, and every time he uttered a word, ice seemed to condense around Ning Xuemo.

This guy’s body is so cold. How come his blood isn’t frozen yet? This is truly peculiar!

As he leaned close to her, the chilliness emanating from him became pervasive. Ning Xuemo resisted with great difficulty from shivering and replied, “This is a power I obtained through cultivation. You can call it inner force.”

“Inner force?” The Ancestor softly repeated the words, but his mood could not be inferred from his tone.

Finally, he loosened his grip on Ning Xuemo’s wrist. With her wrist finally free, she immediately retreated back a step. “Yes, it’s called inner force. This is how this humble woman calls it.”

“How did you learn it?”

It was bestowed by the heavens.” Ning Xuemo once again pushed all the blame to the gods in Heaven. Anyways, it is not like the Heavens will expose her lies, and this all-purpose explanation proved to be quite convenient.

The Ancestor was rendered speechless.

He looked straight into her eyes and said, “You’re lying!”

“I don’t dare to.” Ning Xuemo’s eyes appeared to be filled with sincerity. “This is indeed a skill I possess.” Those words could not be regarded as lies, since the cultivation of inner force truly was a skill she had learned in her previous world…

Two people, one sitting, one standing, looked at each other. Suddenly she felt that her position truly was quite advantageous; at least, she looked like she towered over him...

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