Chapter 109 - The Ancestor's Purpose (3)

Chapter 109 - The Ancestor's Purpose (3)

Oh…” The Ancestor merely replied with a sound that did not even count as a word. This made Emperor Le Xuan not know what to do next, as he found it difficult to guess what went inside the Ancestor’s head.

Even though the Emperor held an unresigned heart, he must admit that this place became truly freezing. If he kept standing still, it would not be long before he would turn into an ice sculpture. He had no other choice but to withdraw first.


Ever since the Ancestor arrived, he had yet to eat or drink. Not even half of a mosquito’s leg could be seen inside the palace hall, since the freezing temperatures served as a natural deterrent for insects. Because of this, there was no need anymore to use other mosquito repellant methods in the palace.

As if sprayed with disinfectant, the whole room was also spotlessly clean, not leaving even a trace of dust. Perhaps, it would be impossible to find a single germ!

In fact, facing this kind of situation, Ning Xuemo did not know what she should do.

At first she stood there for a while, then once again glanced at the young boys and girls. They all seemed like wooden or clay statues with slightly closed eyes and lowered heads, as if they were meditating.

Clearly, they all possessed high cultivations. Even during meditation, the sound of their breathing could not be heard.

The entire main hall remained quiet like a mausoleum, devoid of any sounds.

Ning Xuemo’s mind became somewhat crazed at the notion that ‘This Ancestor came from  far away and forceful occupied this palace hall just to pretend to be an ice sculpture?

If he wanted to act like an ice sculpture, that was his business; but, he should not drag her into it!

She has been tossed one side to another and still had not gotten a good night’s rest. She currently felt drowsy, and she extremely missed the new bed she recently just bought, still waiting for her at home.

Moreover, her injuries had yet to completely recover. After standing for such a long time, the wound on her back started to ache.

“Xuemo, meditate!” Ji Yunhuang directly transmitted his voice into her ear, so no one else could hear what he said.

Ning Xuemo quickly glanced at Ji Yunhuang who stood beside her and discovered that he had also slightly closed his eyes. Right when he entered meditation, since his cultivation was also quite high, even when they stood near one another, she could not hear him breathing.

Standing meditation?’ Please forgive her, but she won’t do it! She would rather lie down like a corpse than act like an ice sculpture!

Ning Xuemo faintly smiled and suddenly stepped forward. She opened her mouth and spoke, “Ancestor, I don’t know if you have something you need. If you do, please instruct me; I’ll fulfil your request to the best of my ability.”

Her voice sounded melodious like a water stream falling on stones, breaking the dead silence like the first flower bud piercing through the ice of winter.

When the Ancestor meditated, no one ever dared to disturb him!

Ji Yunhuang’s expression slightly changed. It was too late for him to stop her.

Everyone seemed to resurrect from being ice sculptures as they opened their eyes one after the other, looking at the daredevil who chose to be noisy in front of the Ancestor.

The Ancestor, who always sat with an upright posture, without much movement opened his eyes at last. His pitch-black eyes rested on Ning Xuemo for a moment, before he slowly opened his mouth and inquired, “You are Ning Xuemo?”

‘So, he can actually say so many words.’ And here she thought he was some kind of monosyllabic animal!

“Yes, this humble girl is Ning Xuemo. Many thanks to the Ancestor for speaking out and giving me justice and fairness a few days ago, letting me avoid the fate of dying with grievances. Many thanks again.” Ning Xuemo’s etiquette was neither lacking nor overly courteous. She displayed a smile which perfectly showed four of her little teeth. Compared to the standard smile of a stewardess, it was average; but, it still looked professional and gentle.

“You, come here.” The Ancestor said just three words.

He wanted her to go there and do what? Fan him? Massage his shoulders? Or knead his legs?

Several questions popped up inside Ning Xuemo’s mind. However, since she knew that she could not disobey him, she walked towards him until she stood only a meter or so away from him. She bowed and asked, “Ancestor, what are your orders?”

She had yet to finish speaking when it seemed like something pulled her from under her feet. She staggered and she could not stop her body from falling straight into the Ancestor’s bosom!

F*ck!’ She threw herself into the arms of a giant ice cube!

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