Chapter 108 - The Ancestor's Purpose (2)

Chapter 108 - The Ancestor's Purpose (2)

Ning Xuemo also felt cold, but it was still bearable. She could still resist the dropping temperatures without needing to move around.

She glanced at Ji Yunhuang and saw his complexion also somewhat paling. However, compared to Emperor Le Xuan’s, Ji Yunhuang’s complexion looked much better, and his body did not shake from the cold. He could still act normal and maintain his composure.

For a moment, silence permeated the main hall to the point that even if a needle dropped, it could still be heard.

Such silence clearly made Emperor Le Xuan rather uncomfortable. As the host, he could not allow such an awkward silence to continue. However, he already read the speech written by his imperial secretaries. He even went through the backup draft once. Now, he had to improvise.

One problem was that he could not understand the Ancestor’s personality and for a moment,had no idea what possible common subjects he could use to start a conversation.

A conversation, a discussion, could only be considered as such if the opposing party actually replied. And right now, although there was many people in the main hall, no one was replying.  Up until now, Emperor Le Xuan continued to be the only one speaking.

He felts somewhat embarrassed, racking his brain to find something more to say.

“Get out.” Finally, the Ancestor opened his mouth.

As if receiving amnesty the Emperor rejoiced, thinking ‘Your mother! I am finally liberated!

He bowed once more and said, “Yes, this humble Emperor shall now retire. Ancestor, I have brought two people with me. If you need anything, you only need to instruct them.” He then pointed at Ning Xuemo and Ji Yunhuang who stood behind him.

Damn!’ She knew it. He brought her here just so she can be a maid!

This time, she also could not even say a word of refutation. Therefore, she had no other choice but to stand there next to Ji Yunhuang and synchronize with him for the greetings. “Paying homage to the Ancestor.”

The Ancestor stayed silent and just slightly raised his hand, meaning that they were allowed to end the greetings.

Ning Xuemo took that opportunity to stand up. She felt a pair of ice-cold eyes settling on her.

It was quite strange. Last time in the public square, the sedan’s delicate veil separated them, not to mention the distance spanned more than ten meters with countless people in between.

Even so, that was the first time she clearly sensed a pair of ice-cold eyes sweeping a glance at her. With just one glance, he had made her feel like that day’s hot temperature plummeted down to a freezing sub-zero! That particularly distinct feeling left behind a deep impression on her.

At this moment, the Ancestor sized her up once again. Although the feeling remained ice cold, oddly enough, it felt different from the first time, as if he was not the same person...

Perhaps the first time she met the Ancestor, he wanted to display an initial show of strength, so he let out a faint aura of oppression, making  her fearful of him in order to punish her for her offense.

Now, since he was sizing up a common person, he only let out a weak aura.

The mask on the Ancestor’s face tightly covered everything, so from the start she could not see his facial expression, only his unruffled appearance.

In fact, Emperor Le Xuan secretly observed the Ancestor’s reaction when he looked at Ning Xuemo.

If he was truly her master in her dreams, he would at least be slightly surprised or show some other reaction when he sees her.

However, Emperor became quickly disappointed. The Ancestor’s facial expression must naturally be stiff, and adding on the mask he was wearing even if he forced himself to look, the Emperor would not be able to make out any kind of facial expression!

The Emperor was still unresigned, so he might as well say a few words to probe the Ancestor’s reaction. “My son, Yunhuang, is your disciple’s disciple, so there is no need for introduction. As for this girl, although she’s a commoner, the Heavens bestowed upon her an unusual ability…”

At last, the Ancestor raised his eyes. Although he still appeared calm and collected, his tone of speaking seemed to improve a bit. “Heaven’s bestowal? Unusual ability?”

“That’s right! Last year, in her dreams, this girl received the instructions of an immortal and obtained the ability of absolute healing…” This time when the Emperor opened his mouth, he thoroughly introduced her all in one breath.

Oh…” The Ancestor merely replied with a sound that did not even count as a word.

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