Chapter 107 - The Ancestor's Purpose (1)

Chapter 107 - The Ancestor's Purpose (1)

Gasp! On his head, his long hair appeared like a waterfall cascading down his back, flowing down his white clothes, and ending its course spread out on the floor. The white and black colors became intertwined. Instead of highlighting the cold hues, they further accentuated the color contrast, culminating into a breathtaking first impression.

The mask he wore completely covered every centimeter of his face. Only his eyes could be seen from behind this ice-cold mask. To be exact, only his pitch-black pupils remained visible. The mask even concealed the shape of his eyes .

Sitting up there, his whole being seemed shrouded in ice and snow. This made it impossible to determine his age or to ascertain whether his face looked beautiful or ugly. In the end, if it was not for his tall and lofty stature, Ning Xuemo would not be able to judge his gender.

In both of her lifetimes, this was also the first time she met such an aloof person, just one glance at him would make people feel a bone-chilling coldness.

It was clearly midsummer right now, and the room ought to be quite hot.

However, with the faint aura emitting from the Ancestor, the whole palace turned into an ice cave. ‘The only thing missing is the cold breeze blowing on top of our heads!’

‘This Ancestor wouldn’t be a 1,000 years old snow monster that successfully cultivated into human form, right? How can he have such a cold appearance?!’

Ning Xuemo could not restrain herself from tightly wrapping the clothes on her body. Then, she glanced at the people attending to the Ancestor. Her heart suddenly trembled.

All those standing beside the Ancestor possessed pretty delicate features, seemingly straight out of a picture of Red Boy[1] she saw in her previous world. They made people fond of them. Amongst them was the boy who gave her justice and fairness. He stood right next to the Ancestor, calmly waiting to serve him. The boy’s mouth slightly pursed up, but he remained silent and motionless.

These boys should be happy and rowdy, but all of their faces displayed serious and cold expressions, just like the Ancestor. As for those girls serving the Ancestor, they stood far away, none of them stepping forward.

Obviously they were all at an age that they should be lively, enjoying their childhood; instead, they seemed like old geezers, standing there like clay statues. ‘A waste! Truly a waste!’

Inwardly, Ning Xuemo shook her head and secretly frowned.

Suddenly, her sleepiness faded away as she felt someone’s sight directed at her. By reflex, she raised her head and her gaze met with the boy she knew.

Ning Xuemo remembered his benevolence and slightly nodded to him with a smile.

That boy’s pupils were like black crystals. With no waves or ripples in his gaze, he observed Ning Xuemo for a moment before retracting his sight. He then lowered his eyes and stood still like before.

Ning Xuemo did not mind and sighed inside her mind once again.

Last time in the public square, even though the child acted cold and arrogant, he still has some personality. Right now, standing beside the Ancestor, his atmosphere felt devoid of character and life.

‘It looks like this Ice Sculpture disease is contagious.’

The iciness of the atmosphere also made Emperor Le Xuan uneasy. He secretly circulated his psychokinesis to protect his body and with difficulty he spoke. Of course, once again he used flowery words to flatter the Ancestor.

From where the Ancestor sat, it was unknown whether or not he was listening to Emperor Le Xuan, but the Ancestor’s eyes slightly narrowed.

From where Ning Xuemo stood, she was only able to see his long and deep black eyelashes. Emperor Le Xuan brimmed with enthusiasm as he continued his welcome speech without the Ancestor uttering a single word in reply.

‘It has been more than 10 years since he came here, so why suddenly did he decide to visit the Imperial Palace in great fanfare? What is his business here?’

At the moment, he mentioned not even a word about his intentions. He just sat there acting like an ice sculpture, neither eating nor drinking. Was it possible that he came here to demonstrate his ruthless existence and ability to pick on someone?

Ning Xuemo became suspicious about the Ancestor’s motive. She then glanced at Emperor Le Xuan and felt somewhat astonished.

Emperor Le Xuan’s complexion appeared green with pale lips. Although he still stood straight, his body trembled, and a thin layer of frost covered his forehead. These kinds of symptoms indicated that he was experiencing hypothermia an extreme state of coldness!

[1]The Red Boy is an antagonist character in Journey to the West, nor a really evil one though. In fact, he's the son of Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan. He battled Sun Wukong because he didn't believe that Sun Wukong was the sworn brother of his father. Click here for image and click her for more infos on the Red Boy.

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