Chapter 97: There's matters to attend to, there really are

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Han Yunxi’s gaze rested carefully on the trash in Zhao mama’s hands, her heart filled with doubt. Long Feiye told her to come?

Why did that guy suddenly send her someone else to order about? Unless he found out that little Chen Xiang had gone to the Han household, so he was worried that he had no servants? So he got her another?

When did the indifferent Giant Ice Cube start “meddling in extraneous affairs”?

Observing Han Yunxi’s expression, Zhao mama turned uneasy and went on to explain, “Esteemed wangfei, this old servant didn’t throw things away randomly. His Highness ordered this old servant to throw them away.”

At this, Han Yunxi recovered her wits. She didn’t pay attention to Zhao mama’s words, only gave an ‘oh’ and asked, “Zhao mama, is it?”

“Yes, yes,” Zhao mama hastily replied.

“There’s nothing left to do. You can go, be careful,” Han Yunxi said mildly and walked into the courtyard.

“Esteemed…” Zhao mama wanted to say more, but seeing that the wangfei had already entered the courtyard, she could only give up. She mused, this esteemed wangfei really isn’t ugly at all. She’s much prettier than I imagined and even told me to be careful. Her heart doesn’t seem half-bad.

Han Yunxi pouted as she walked. How did Giant Ice Cube know Chen Xiang wasn’t here anymore? Why did he suddenly turn kind and give her another servant? All right, no matter what, she’d count it as him being considerate. Should she go over to thank him?

Han Yunxi’s steps unconsciously quickened as she prepared to turn towards Long Feiye’s quarters, but a voice suddenly called out from the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion.

“You just came back. Where are you planning to go now?”

The deep voice carried traces of ice, making Han Yunxi unconsciously shiver. She stepped inside her rooms and saw, as expected, Long Feiye sitting in the host’s seat. Usually he was dressed in black, but today he wore white robes with wide sleeves and a V-neck collar embroidered with gold. This extra detail made him seem half-ethereal half-eminent, refined and free from vulgarity. There was an unspeakable aura of honored respectability about him that made him hard to approach. Perhaps it was because she saw him rarely, or perhaps she wasn’t used to seeing Long Feiye dressed in white, but Han Yunxi always found herself easily transfixed by his form.

As it just so happened, Long Feiye hated this type of smitten gaze the most. His depthless eyes darkened as he asked, “Where were you planning on going?” He’d been waiting for her here for more than two hours now. Without Chen Xiang, nobody knew where this woman went when she left the house. It was impossible to even find her, so if anything had happened, no one might know.

Han Yunxi immediately withdrew her gaze and cursed herself for being so dazed. This kind of man wasn’t someone she could admire haphazardly.

“I wasn’t aware Your Highness was here, excuse my lack of manners.” Han Yunxi politely bowed before answering, “I just met with Zhao mama by the door and found out she was sent by Your Highness. I was planning to express my thanks for Your Highness’s consideration.”

Unexpectedly, Long Feiye’s reply was as cold as always. “Your Lordship’s Hibiscus Courtyard doesn’t tolerate filthy places. In the future, Zhao mama will solely be in charge of cleaning the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion.”


“Your Highness thinks I’m dirty, then?” Han Yunxi blurted out.

Long Feiye’s lips thinned. He paused for a bit, before finally replying, “Yes.”

Han Yunxi immediately sucked in a cold breath. So this guy sent Zhao mama over just to clean up. In other words, he thought she was too dirty and was afraid that her Leisurely Cloud Pavilion would pollute the Hibiscus Courtyard. And here she thought he knew that Chen Xiang was gone and sympathized with her lack of servants, worrying that she’d work too hard. This really was her own wishful thinking.

This hateful man, she should’ve known that his “meddling in extraneous affairs” had no good intentions!

“Many thanks to Your Highness for the...heartful efforts, chenqie will remember!” Han Yunxi’s tone immediately turned frosty as she drew out ‘heartful’ on purpose. She was sure this guy had nothing better to do and only came over to remind her about her hygiene. Now that he was done, he should leave. But Long Feiye still remained sitting in the host’s chair, unmoving.

Han Yunxi raised her head and looked over, meeting his icy eyes. Expressionless, she spoke to show him the door. “If there’s nothing else, Your Highness, chenqie will be resting now.”

Every time she saw this fellow, it was all admiration until he opened his mouth. Now she didn’t even want to look at him.

If Long Feiye remembered correctly, this wasn’t the first time Han Yunxi had asked him to leave. So many places under Heaven were honored by his presence, but this woman was the only one who couldn’t tell good from bad.

“Does your lordship have to have a reason to find you?” Long Feiye’s voice held not only a trace of ice, but force as well.

Is this guy here to pick a quarrel?

“Then what is Your Highness doing here?” Han Yunxi asked back. Actually, what she really wanted to ask was ‘Are you just here to ask for trouble?’

If she recalled correctly, the last time this fellow dropped by, he had no business either.

Long Feiye suddenly had no idea how to answer Han Yunxi’s question. Unhappiness flitted past his cold eyes before he stood up and nearly commanded, “I found you to treat poison, we’re leaving right now.”

No matter what methods he’d used on the captured Northern Li spies, none of them were willing to confess. They even refused to eat or drink until a few of them died from starvation. The remaining four had all incurred poison. He had excellent safeguards in place to prevent them from committing suicide, and those spies had been captured for a month now. How could they have gotten poisoned out of the blue?

Chu Xifeng found a few poison specialists to study them for two days, but they couldn’t even pinpoint the identity of the poison. Another captive had died today, leaving only three behind. Those people must have taken poison, which meant they wouldn’t be able to withstand interrogation methods. At this critical juncture, their successful suicides would mean wasting all of his previous efforts. When the two poison specialists were left at a loss, his immediate thought was to find Han Yunxi.

Long Feiye’s commanding tone vexed Han Yunxi, who thought back to him thinking she was dirty. She lazily replied, “Your Highness, chenqie is tired. You should probably find someone better qualified.”

Her refusal wasn’t unexpected, but his steps ceased abruptly. Without turning back, he gave a disdainful smile and threw back a bag of silver than landed on Han Yunxi’s tea table. With a bang, its impact revealed the sizable quantity of money within. If this was the past, Han Yunxi would value this silver. After all, she needed money to live her days and buy medicinal ingredients.

But after Emperor Tianhui rewarded her, she had enough to spend for the rest of her life as long as she didn’t squander it or build up her house. From now on, she could freely say that money was no issue to this wangfei. Of course, she didn’t have the guts to say this out loud to the wealthy Long Feiye.

Without moving, she remarked, “Your Highness, chenqie’s been very tired these few days. It’ll affect the accuracy of my diagnosis, so I ask that Your Highness ask someone better qualified to avoid bungling matters.”

At these words, Long Feiye’s proud stance turned slightly stiff. It was obvious that he didn’t anticipate Han Yunxi refusing him again, and his eyebrows furrowed as he slowly turned around. Han Yunxi immediately felt a pair of dark, cold eyes staring her way. It was unavoidable that she was a little afraid, but she was determined to cross him today!

If she wasn’t going, then she wasn’t going. She’d like to see what he could do in exchange. Han Yunxi lowered her head as she held herself in check, while Long Feiye stared at her coldly in silence. The entire room was quiet and filled with a tense air, as if time itself had frozen in place, as if this deadlock would never be broken.

Who would be the first to speak in the stalemate?

After a long time, Han Yunxi unconsciously pursed her lips. She wasn’t sure if she really was too tired from being tense, but she suddenly felt herself relax and look up at Long Feiye’s expression.

Would it be scary?

It was rare for this guy to find something he couldn’t do or acknowledge defeat!

But just as she carefully raised her head, Long Feiye suddenly looked away, his eyes cold as he walked away with large strides. Surprised, Han Yunxi quickly looked up to watch him leave. She didn’t catch his handsome face, but only his chilly back as he retreated. In the end, neither of them had broken the silence, but it dissipated on its own.

Because he had left.

An indescribable sense of disappointment settled on her chest, leaving Han Yunxi somewhat at a loss. Things shouldn’t have ended like this. Much more should have happened instead. But even Han Yunxi wasn’t sure what should have happened. She clearly didn’t want to go, and now she didn’t have to. But why didn’t she feel glad at all?

She clearly wanted to defeat him and now she’d angered him off. But why didn’t she feel refreshed by her revenge? With his personality, he’d probably never see her for poisons again after being rejected.

She should be happy!

Han Yunxi exhaled and shrugged her shoulders. The less she interfered with his affairs, the less troubles she’d have. That was pretty nice. After thinking things through, she gave a lazily stretch and poured herself some water. Only then did she notice the changes inside the house. Well, they were less like changes and more like becoming cleaner and neater. The floor and tabletops were all gleaming and bright, enough to see one’s reflection. The ugly stench from the study had long disappeared, to be replaced with the faint fragrance of medicinal ingredients as if the very air had been cleared.

“It’s this clean? Zhao mama doesn’t have severe mysophobia, does she?” Han Yunxi sucked in a surprised breath, muttering to herself as she entered the study. It had been thoroughly cleaned as well, and the poisoned teas atop the table had completely disappeared. None of the things she’d left on the table were important enough to worry about if they were lost. But in the end, Han Yunxi still disliked others touching her things. Displeasure flitted past her eyes as she drew closer for inspection. As she discovered, all the things that were supposed to be thrown away were tossed, leaving everything else behind. They’d even been thoroughly washed and arranged together.

In addition, there was a pot of Asiatic pennywort[1] resting in the center of the table, its slick green leaves growing closely together to add life and color to the gray-colored study. It was a sight that warmed the heart and pleased the eye.

All right, Han Yunxi could admit that she was satisfied. Everything was so neat that she could overlook Zhao mama randomly touching her things.

At this time, Zhao mama just walked in from outside. Seeing Han Yunxi in the study, she quickly hurried over. “Esteemed wangfei, His Highness Duke of Qin departed?”

Un,” Han Yunxi nodded, before politely speaking, “Tell me when he’s here next time. Additionally, don’t touch the things in my study in the future. I’ll clean it up myself.”

Zhao mama didn’t explain that she wanted to ask if they should leave the Duke of Qin for dinner back when she first met Han Yunxi. This mistress had walked away too fast for her to explain. Now she only replied with a respectful “Yes.”

It was already dark, so she was expecting His Highness Duke of Qin to take his meal here. But who knew he’d leave instead?

“Esteemed wangfei, what do you like to eat for dinner? This old servant will tell the kitchens to prepare it for you,” Zhao mama said.

Han Yunxi was about to reply when she suddenly recalled Long Feiye’s words. Thus, she raised an eyebrow to scrutinize Zhao mama before asking in jest, “Zhao mama, aren’t you only in charge of cleanup at the Leisurely Cloud Pavilion?”


[1] Asiatic pennywort (铜钱草) - tongqian cao, a small perennial plant used as a medicinal herb in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Zhao mama: I'll have you know I'm closer to Grand Concubine Yi's age than any old grandma!

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