Chapter 951: Long Feiye, let’s have a match

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye were here?

The crowd broke into a hubbub at the news. Baili Qiyu and the elders from Cloud Realm Trade Consortium rose to their feet at the same time, both moved and thrilled! Baili Qiyu unsheathed his saber and used its handle to rap against the wooden table. Behind him, a dozen or more soldiers followed his lead, tapping out a frantic beat like war drums to stir the heart.

They were cheering for Long Feiye!

If not for his healthy dread of poison, Baili Qiyu would have long led his men for a massacre. 

The Cloud Realm Trade Consortium elders were less hot-blooded than the military men, but each and every one of them was wearing smiles that lit up their faces. Although they didn’t approve of Han Yunxi and Long Feiye joining hands, they were truly happy in this instant. Exchanging whispers into each others’ ears, they talked in murmurs and hoped that Han Yunxi would win glory for West Qin!

Amidst the excited crowd, only one person remained exceptionally quiet. This was none other than Tianan Country’s Young General Mu Qingwu. His strong features and steady gaze was currently fixated on the main gates of Hundred Poisons Sect, afraid to blink and miss a second. He was awaiting the moment Han Yunxi emerged from those doors, feeling nervous, perturbed, expectant, and infatuated all at once. It had been far too long since he last saw Han Yunxi that it felt like an entire lifetime ago. He had fortune in this life to see her again. Of course, despite their fervor, the crowd was rather regretful as well. Because Han Yunxi and Long Feiye were attacking the back mountain, Bai Yanqing would rush back there as well. That meant they’d miss out on the poisons showdown between him and Han Yunxi as well as the martial arts display between him and Long Feiye. The crowd only dared to go as far as the gates and no further; Hundred Poisons Sect was covered in poisons that’d kill them without them any the wiser.

All they could do was wait for the victor. Once Bai Yanqing was dealt with, East and West Qin could begin their confrontation with him!

But instead of stirring, Bai Yanqing only told the disciple, “No need to stop them, just lead them here.”

“Yes!” the disciple left after respecfully accepting the orders. He assumed that Han Yunxi and Long Feiye would naturally find their way to the gates as long as the other disciples didn’t stop them, because they were searching for his master anyways.

Reality proved him wrong!

Han Yunxi and Long Feiye made their way unimpeded to the main building of Hundred Poisons Sect, but didn’t head for the gates. Instead, they settled into seats right inside the hall. Even though this was Hundred Poisons Sect, the duo sat there just as Jun Yixie did in the past when assuming leadership of the clan, inviolatile and untouchable. Neither Han Yunxi’s aura or Long Feiye’s domineering air could be matched!

A few of the disciples spied on them from the entrance, but didn’t dare to take much more than a peek. Their hearts were filled with fear. Long Feiye was sprawled lazily on his seat, his scruffy chin looking more masculine than slovenly, mature yet sexy, the very stuff of fantasies. He tilted his head sideways to look at Han Yunxi with a wordless grin, his expression filled with doting. Han Yunxi stared back in a daze, equally silent. No matter how many times she stared at him in the past, he had always been indifferent and silent, pretending not to notice. But somehow he’d grown less resistant to her stares. Sometimes he couldn’t help smiling and even grew shy. Very soon, he looked back at her again and asked, “What are you staring at?”

Han Yunxi hadn’t meant to stare for so long, but the sight of his beard distracted her. She smiled slyly and said, “Long Feiye, how about we have a match?”

“What kind of match?” Long Feiye was very interested.

Everyone was waiting for them below the mountain, but they had enough leisure to chat? The few disciples eavesdropping from the door exchanged glances. They wanted to get closer to hear what the two were saying, but lacked the guts to draw too near. Actually, both Han Yunxi and Long Feiye were aware that plenty of eyes were on them despite their smooth passage. Bai Yanqing was on stage below the mountain and had ordered the disciples to leave them alone. It was obvious he wanted them to come find him, but they had no such plans. So many factions were waiting to see them there, but they didn’t plan on being anyone’s show. Moreover, both of them had selfish motives at heart and didn’t want the world to know the truth of the East-West Qin enmity. 

Allowing the Hundred Poisons Sect disciples to keep watching, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye did as they liked. She dropped her voice and murmured, “Let’s see who can force Bai Yanqing up here first.”

Long Feiye was delighted. “Fine! Then you come up with an idea first.”

Han Yunxi long had one in mind as she grinned. “Let’s go stroll around the secret storehouses of Hundred Poisons Sect.”

“Alright,” Long Feiye immediately pulled her out of the great hall. The poisons storehouse was the most famous part of Hundred Poisons Sect and was split between an upper and lower warehouse. The lower level stored ordinary poisons while the upperhouses very rare, famous poisons. This was the very root of Hundred Poisons Sect; without these toxins, the place wouldn’t be consider a “poisons sect” at all. The two of them had only heard of the place, but didn’t know where it was. 

Long Feiye brought Han Yunxi out the doors and stopped. Hidden away, the disciples wondered what they were planning, but the next second Long Feiye had flickered out of sight. He reappeared by the corner of a wall and grabbed a disciple by the throat before dragging him in front of Han Yunxi. Any disciple who could spy on them outside the main building couldn’t be a common sect member. Still, even the best amongst them would be hard pressed to poison Long Feiye and his excellent reflexes. Moreover, Han Yunxi was there too, so any efforts on their part would be wasted. 

Han Yunxi said coldly, “Bring us to the poisons storehouse, or else I’ll let you taste all sorts of fates worse than death!”

The disciple was so terrified that cold sweat broke out on his body. His teeth chattering, he brought the duo to the location without another word. In the distance, Elder Shi Jiuxia immediately sent someone to pass word onto Bai Yanqing before tailing Han Yunxi and company in person.

Soon enough, Han Yunxi and Long Feiye reached the entrance of the poisons storehouse. It turned out to be a building located in the middle of the forest. Although there were two levels aboveground, it was unknown how many more laid below. Its doors were shut tight with a massive gold lock. There were no guards about, but five poison wolves stood before the entrance. As soon as the couple drew near, the wolves cirlced them and opened wide their bloody maws to howl.

“Careful, their spit is poisonous,” Han Yunxi muttered.

Luckily, her detox system was capable of analyzing different types of poisons and giving her warnings ahead of time. This included the poisons inside the storehouse as well as these wolves and poisons inside the human body. Different types gave off different warnings. After breaking down the various poisons, Han Yunxi mentally instructed the deotx system to figure out their distributions within the warehouse. She refused to believe that Bai Yanqing could bear to leave them here if she robbed his storehouse clean!

“Don’t worry, they won’t get any closer,” Long Feiye said, just as the wolves pounced them from all sides! They were so fast that the naked eye failed to spot their movements. Fortunately, Han Yunxi had reminded him, or else he would have let the wolves get closer before slicing them dead. As it were, he held Han Yunxi close and soared to the skies, avoiding the pincer attack. At the same time, he withdrew his sword and slashed at them with his sword awn. The time it took for him to make a single swipe was enough to slice all the wolves’ throats. Leaving aside Shi Jiuxia, even Han Yunxi herself was stunned. When did Long Feiye’s martial arts improve so much again? He was rising at an astronomical rate! 

Han Yunxi had only cultivated a few times with him after finishing her internal energy cultivation and learning her needle arts. Most of the time it was him teaching her, so had their dual cultivation already began progressing? But there was no time to think, because Long Feiye had soon shattered the golden lock with the sheer energy blast from his blade. 

“Let’s go be bandits!” Han Yunxi grabbed him by the hand, extremely happy.

In Cloud Realm’s poison community, the Hundred Poisons Sect was considered the leader at the top. Much of the poisons used across Cloud Realm Continent came from this sect. Plundering the sect was simply helping the people get rid of an evil pest!

As long as it made Han Yunxi happy, Long Feiye would help her rob anything. The two of them soon disappeared into the storehouse. Shi Jiuxia’s face turned green as he witnessed the sight and cried, “Why hasn’t the old sect leader come up yet?!”

“We’ve already sent someone to tell him. Elder Shi, keep calm, don’t get excited,” one of the disciples consoled him, just as the messenger in question arrived in a huff.

“Elder Shi, the old sect leader wants you to find some way to get them down the mountain no matter what!”

“Don’t you have any eyes? Long Feiye and Han Yunxi clearly have no plans to descend! Wouldn’t they already know the old sect master’s down there?” Shi Jiuxia raged.

“But...but the old sect leader refuses to come up!” the disciple was panicking too.

Shi Jiuxia’s gaze grew complicated. He ordered the disciples to keep watch on the storehouse while he hurriedly descended in person. Currently, the crowd was in yet another uproar. Long Feiye had sent someone to report on all the happenings above, so every time one of Hundred Poisons Sect’s disciples came down with an update, Long Feiye’s men would loudly proclaim them to the crowd. Everyone was puzzled as to why Bai Yanqing still refused to budge despite Long Feiye and Han Yunxi wrecking havoc up the mountain. What was he playing at? They’d been discussing this quite at length. Even the East and West Qin factions couldn’t make any sense out of it.

Shi Jiuxia quickly arrived on stage and murmured, “Old sect leader, the poison wolves have been slaughtered! Han Yunxi and Long Feiye are in the poisons storehouse right now. With her skill in poisons, it won’t be long before she robs us clean! Hurry and come up!”

A burst of laughter came from the crowd before someone cried, “His Highness Crown Prince and the West Qin princess have successfully broken into the poisons storehouse. Once they finish destroying Hundred Poisons Sect, they’ll definitely come down to deal with Bai Yanqing!”

Bai Yanqing remained as steady as Mt. Tai. “Why did you come down yourself? I told you to lure them here! Stop with the nonsense and get back up there!”

Shi Jiuxia couldn’t fathom what Bai Yanqing had planned. He prepared to coax him further when another laugh broke through the crowd. “Since His Highness and the West Qin princess have already entered the poisons storehouse, it won’t be long until Hundred Poisons Sect is robbed clean! Bai Yanqing that coward, he can only stand here and looking imposing! Haha, when they come down later, won’t he piss his pants in terror?”

Although Bai Yanqing was unaffected, Shi Jiuxia grew incensed. “Who’s there? If you have any guts, step out and show your face!”

From the crowd emerged a man and a woman. The man was none other than Long Feiye’s personal guard, Xu Donglin, but it was the woman who surprised all onlookers!

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