Chapter 932: A cruel and ruthless decision

Before Consort Wan died, she told Long Feiye two things.

One was, “Feiye, remember how I and your imperial father died.”

The other was, “Feiye, remember the purpose of your existence.”

When Tang Li fell silent, Han Yunxi’s heart was already hurting so much that she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t begin to imagine how Long Feiye could have bore so much--not just the burden resting on his shoulders, but weighing in his heart. Only by understanding his suffering and compromises could she know how much he’d struggled before choosing to accept, love, and hide her status as best as he could. 

And yet, he’d never brought up a single word. He was always pale and indifferent, as if nothing like this had ever happened to him before. She remained ignorant of everything. Compared to her responsibilities as “West Qin Princess,” what Long Feiye shouldered was a true torment of the heart! 

When Tang Li saw Han Yunxi’s red-rimmed eyes, he realized that he’d said too much. Before he could speak, Han Yunxi grabbed his sleeve and declared, “Tang Li, I’ll leave Ning Jing and Mu Linger to you! And also, don’t tell my big brother I know this much.”

Thank goodness, thank goodness this woman was still rational. Tang Li exhaled and said, “I got it. Don’t worry and just go!”

Han Yunxi didn’t sent anyone to tell Long Feiye of their new meeting time. She gave herself an hour to calm her feelings and school herself until she’d hidden all the pain and bitterness in her heart. Then she left to finish off matters at Myriad Merchant Hall. 

“Head Elder, have you informed everyone about the alliance plan?” Han Yunxi asked.

“Last night the elders held a discussion and decided to spread the news once princess leaves. Princess need not worry, the Council of Elders will manage all other affairs from now on,” the head elder stated sincerely.

With the head elder’s words, Han Yunxi grew at ease. A complex look flitted past her eyes before she added, “Spread word to the public as well! I want all of Cloud Realm Continent to know that East and West Qin have joined hands together!”

The head elder hesitated, so Han Yunxi added coldly, “Are we going to keep letting East Qin malign us instead of using this chance to confront them in the open? I want all the people of the world to know that the Great Qin Empire’s civil war wasn’t West Qin’s fault!”

Her mood infected the head elder, whose heart quaked as he promised, “Yes! This subordinate will do as told!” He had no idea that Han Yunxi had already made a ruthless decision in her heart.

“Princess, regarding Ning Jing….” he probed. According to Di Clan tradition and style, Ning Jing’s matter wasn’t as important as the Wind Clan. Even if her life was in danger, it couldn’t dwarf the importance of the Wind Clan threat. But after being with the princess for the past few days, the head elder still hadn’t quite grasped her preferences and tmper. Moreover, it wasn’t just Ning Jing that was missing, but Mu Linger, too. Thus, the head elder could only probe instead of making assumptions. 

“Fifth Elder will handle Ning Jing’s matters. Keep an eye on him, make sure he cooperates with the Tang Clan Head. I’ve already made an appointment with Long Feiye, so I’ll set out after noon,” Han Yunxi stated.

“Princess, please be careful with everything you do. This subordinate has arranged for two guards to protect you,” Head Elder replied.

Han Yunxi didn’t refuse them, but simply said, “Let’s go wait at the gates.”

There was more than an hour left before her appointed meeting time with Long Feiye, but Han Yunxi had already finished all of her work. If this was any other time, she’d be soaking in a bath and preparing rations for the journey ahead. But she wasn’t in the mood now! She’d rather see that man as soon as possible and give him a firm hug. How could could he not tell her a thing? Was he going to hide it from her for the rest of their lives? How could he bear to suffer so much all alone? 

She’d been separated from Long Feiye multiple times, sometimes even multiple months. But none of that had felt so difficult as this hour. Han Yunxi sat alone in her room on her wheelchair as she waited for the news that he had come to pick her up. She couldn’t calm her mind to think of anything else now.

Finally, someone knocked on the door. “Your Royal Highness, the East Qin crown prince has sent someone over.”

Han Yunxi’s head whipped up, only to see the door open and Xu Donglin framed in the doorway. 

“West Qin Princess, if you please,” Xu Donglin was neither humble nor haughty as he grabbed Han Yunxi’s wheelchair ahead of the servant girl.

The head elder hovered on one side until Han Yunxi was out the door, then signaled two guards to follow. Once they reached the gates, the head elder spoke up. “Your Royal Highness, take care.”

“Don’t worry. Long Feiye won’t try anything now that the world knows we’re together,” Han Yunxi made sure to say as she left. Most likely, this would incite the old man to spread word of the East-West Qin alliance to all corners of Cloud Realm Continent. Fifth Elder and Fourth Elder were there to see her off as well, but they didn’t say anything in front of Xu Donglin. They watched as Xu Donglin helped Han Yunxi into a carriage  and left with the two guards in tow for Three-Way Black Market’s western gates.

There, Han Yunxi saw the familiar sight of the eight-horse carriage waiting for her. Uncle Gao stood on one side while Long Feiye should be sitting within. Behind that was a smaller carriage. The two guards assumed that was for Han Yunxi, but she knew it belonged to Baili Mingxiang instead. This was still the gates of the Three-Way Black Market and Han Yunxi still had eyes on her, so Xu Donglin clever escorted them to the smaller carriage. “Princess, over here, please.”

Inside the large carriage, Long Feiye was studying a specially made map. He remained expressionless even after hearing Xu Donglin speak. 

Once Han Yunxi entered the smaller carriage, Baili Mingxiang didn’t dare to remain seated. But it was too small inside for her to stand, so she was left at a loss. Without a word, Han Yunxi pressed on her shoulder and sat her back down. Because Baili Mingxiang didn’t see the guards outside, she had no idea why the princess had ran all the way here.

“Hurry up and leave. We need to find lodgings before nightfall, this princess isn’t keen on sleeping in the wilderness tonight,” Han Yunxi pressed.

Although their master said nothing, neither Uncle Gao nor Xu Donglin dared to slight Han Yunxi. Soon enough, they had taken the reins and drove the carriages off at a frantic pace. The horses galloped fast when whipped. Meanwhile, the head elder’s two guards hurried after them on horseback. Just how was Han Yunxi going to deal with them?

Leave them in the dust?

Xu Donglin was awaiting orders from his masters. He guessed that Long Feiye would be the one to speak up first, but after leaving Three-Way Black Market far behind, Han Yunxi spoke up instead.

“Xu Donglin, stop the carriage!”

Xu Donglin immediately pulled on the reins until the carriage came to a gradual stop. He called for Uncle Gao to do the same. Meanwhile, the two guards in the back were confused. They dismounted their horses and prepared to approach when Han Yunxi suddenly shouted, “Long Feiye, why aren’t you coming yet?!”

The two guards stood rooted to the spot, completely floored. Even Xu Donglin and Uncle Gao were frightened. Why was the princess making such a fuss? Baili Mingxiang was also stunned upon seeing the Myriad Merchant Hall guards. 

Actually, Long Feiye was equally caught off guard. They would naturally have to get rid of the two guards, but now wasn’t the time. They should at least hang around a few more days and send news back to Myriad Merchant Hall so the Council of Elders could stop worrying before he dealt with them. Now they’d barely left Three-Way Black Market and the skies were still light. What was Han Yunxi thinking?

Was she just impatient?

Since when had she...turned so clingy?

A faint smile rose to Long Feiye’s lips at the thought. Without a sound, he allowed Han Yunxi to run wanton. No matter what kind of disaster she caused, he could still clean up the mess.

“Long Feiye, still not coming? Why aren’t you here yet?!” Han Yunxi shouted.

Long Feiye “obediently” left his carriage and walked over. He wasn’t dressed in black robes today, but loose white ones. His hair was tied up casually atop his head, giving him an apathetic, yet noble visage. Like a revered immortal, he seemed untouchable. Even Uncle Gao and Xu Donglin found their gazes lingering on their master, much less any female. Baili Mingxiang didn’t dare to look and bowed her head. She remained fixated on his shoes and the hems of his robes instead, her heart prostrating itself before him in full submission. 

Han Yunxi smiled so much that her eyes curved into crescents as Long Feiye drew closer. His outfit today reminded her of their times at the Duke of Qin’s estate back in Tianning Country. She would often meet him by chance in the courtyards while he was dressed like this and taking his strolls. Sometimes he was just passing by, other times he was simply wandering here or there. Many times, the sight of him left her dazed. 

Beneath the stares of everyone present, Long Feiye reached the carriage. The two guards from Myriad Merchant Hall exchanged glances, unsure whether to approach or watch with guarded eyes. Her Royal Highness had rudely summoned Long Feiye off his carriage, which was a big deal. But her next words almost had them toppling to the ground!

“Long Feiye,” said Han Yunxi, “Why aren’t you carrying me over yet?!”

Everyone grew stunned. Even Long Feiye was taken aback. But as Han Yunxi stretched out her arms, he plucked her off the carriage and into a princess carry.

“Princess!” “Princess, you, you…” the two guards were left sputtering as Han Yunxi gently waved her hand and shot two needles at them. The movement was so sudden that neither man had time to dodge.

“Either your bodies can rot until you die or follow us obediently. I’ll give you two the antidote tomorrow!” Han Yunxi said coldly.

When they heard “your bodies can rot,” the two guards grew weak in the knees from fear. They didn’t dare to ask questioned but dropped to their knees. “Your Royal Highness, have mercy on our lives! We’ll listen to everything Your Royal Highness says!”

Long Feiye’s smile curved wider at the sight as he quickly carried Han Yunxi back into his carriage. How could outsiders know what went on inside? Uncle Gao and Xu Donglin kept driving the carriages while the two guards docilely followed in fear. Baili Mingxiang put down her window shades and pulled her knees to her chest before hugging herself tightly. She looked so lonely, it was as if the entire world had forgotten about her existence…


Inside the carriage, Long Feiye had just put Han Yunxi on her seat to question her when he suddenly wrapped her arms around him in a fierce, tight, hug. Sensing something amiss, he asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to hug you,” All traces of laughter vanished from Han Yunxi’s eyes, to be replaced with heartache. Long Feiye raised her chin until she was looking at him.

“Han Yunxi, who bullied you?”

Han Yunxi said, “Long Feiye, let's…”

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