Chapter 928: Long Feiye, accept your punishment

Long Feiye’s eyes were filled with wicked thoughts! Han Yunxi avoided his gaze and lightly coughed as she tried to change the topic. “That’s right, remember to help me get Tang Li out tomorrow.”

Now that she had a real voice at Myriad Merchant Hall, she could let the Council of Elders release Tang Li as long as he was willing to play along with her act. Other things could be delayed, but not Ning Jing’s affairs. If she knew how Tang Li felt about her, how would she react? Han Yunxi couldn’t began to imagine their days from now on. 

Long Feiye’s interest markedly waned at the topic, but he lazily agreed. “Mm.” He wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation, so Han Yunxi could only try something else. Children were a knot in Long Fieye’s heart, so she wouldn’t be foolish enough to keep prattling on about Tang Li and Ning Jing.

After some thought, she ventured, “That’s right, I still need to tell the head elder tomorrow about Uncle Cheng. If he can’t get money within the next couple of days, he’ll show his fox’s tail for sure!” 

Han Yunxi hadn’t been in a rush to pin down Uncle Cheng before because she was waiting for the man to lose his cool first and find Jia Dai for trouble. Whatever the case, Uncle Cheng was still a senior member of the Di Clan. Rather than waste her time finding evidence and pushing him down with words, she’d rather he take the fate and expose himself! 

Long Feiye was disinterested in this as well and simply nodded. Once again, Han Yunxi moved onto a new subject. 

“Long Feiye, there’s still been no word from Gu Qishao. Could he be--”

“Han Yunxi,” Long Feiye interrupted by force, “I don’t like you bringing up other people’s names in bed, especially if it’s Gu Qishao!”

Han Yunxi really wanted to tell him to stop discussing things in bed with her in the first place, but she never got a chance to voice her thoughts. Very quickly, Long Feiye used his actions to tell her that she could only call his name in bed.

“Long Feiye, you jerk!”

“Long Feiye, you can’t...not here!”

“Long Feiye, that’s enough! Enough!”

“Long, you! You….! Don’t!”

Her repeated cries transported the listener to new realms, but Long Feiye was only tickling Han Yunxi. Her legs had just about recovered, but it was still hard to move around. Moreover, she was completely defenseless against Long Feiye’s hands. Soon enough, she was lying beneath him and raising both hands in surrender. “I was wrong, I was wrong, alright?! Spare me!”

But her tone didn’t sound like one admitting defeat! It was clear she’d been forced to relent. With an expressionless face, Long Feiye loomed over her. “Beg me.”

Han Yunxi had enough backbone to turn away with a hmph. Long Feiye narrowed his eyes and licked his lips. He stared at Han Yunxi until she felt an acute sense of danger, but she still refused to submit. As she sensed his hot breaths drawing closer, she knew he was pressing his body against hers and simply shut her eyes. Seeing this, the urge to conquer her intensified in Long Feiye’s gaze.

Abruptly, he pressed her arms down while tickling her armpits. Goosebumps broke out on Han Yunxi’s skin in fear. That was her fatal weak spot! Right now, he was simply tracing his fingers on the perimeters, but Han Yunxi had long switched to glaring him down. “Let go, you’re bullying me!”

It would’ve been better if she stayed silent. The more unwilling she felt, the more aggressive he got and went promptly to tickling her.

“Ahhh!” Han Yunxi shrieked. It really was an “unbearable” sound! Outside, Xu Donglin sighed as he stood guard. Thank goodness all the servant girls were gone, or else the consequences would be unthinkable. A newlywed groom doesn’t even go that hard. Does His Highness have to “torment” the princess like that?

“Are you begging me or not?” Long Feiye asked.

Han Yunxi’s yes were full of tears from being tickled. Her shimmering eyes filled with stubborness, looking especially alluring. “I won’t beg! Even if I die, I won’t!”

“Very good!” Long Feiye had never matched strength with a woman like her before. Han Yunxi would be his first and only. Once again, he went on the offensive, this time tickling her nonstop.

“Let go! Ah…! Long Feiye, let go!”

“Haha...that’s enough, let go of me! I’m going to get mad!”

“Long Feiye, you’re detestable! Let go, you bully!”

Sobsob...Long Feiye, I, I’m going to cry…” Han Yunxi was like a madwoman, alternating between laughter and tears, screams and shouts. But she refused to beg him and struggled as hard as she could, trying to twist out of the way. Either Long Feiye was soft-hearted or just careless, but she actually managed to free herself and grab his hands to stop him. As their eyes met, Han Yunxi was puffing for breath while Long Feiye remained patient and calm. Despite her newfound release, it’d be easy enough for Long Feiye to trap her again. Instead of moving immediately, he waited for her to speak. Han Yunxi glared at him with gritted teeth as if hesitating. Seeing this, Long Feiye’s patience grew.

As expected, Han Yunxi opened her mouth. “Long Feiye, I…”

“Mm,” he almost couldn’t help laughing.

But Han Yunxi abruptly exclaimed, “How about you beg me?”

Like last time, she wrapped her hands around his neck and pressed him to her chest. While gently stroking his face, neck, and back, she gradually loosened his belt. He didn’t move, but remained plastered against her body. Unwilling to be outdone, he slowly began to undress her with the familiarity of one used to all her corners until her robe fell to her ankles. 

“Begging” had slipped to the back of their minds. With eyes shut, he kissed her gently as he easily fell enemy hands. But soon enough, he brushed against a scar and came to his senses. Raising his head, he saw a deep scar on Han Yunxi’s chest.

“What’s going on?” his face turned gloomy at once. Before Han Yunxi could reply, he’d already pushed her down to demand, “Han Yunxi, just what happened?!”

He’d bitten her there and left a mark, but it wasn’t deep at all. It wouldn’t have left a scar! How did that happen? 

When Han Yunxi saw the ruthless rage in Long Feiye’s eyes, she suddenly realized he must have misunderstood the situation. Who else could have left that scar except for him? She couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “I asked Mu Linger for some medicine to keep a permanent record of your crimes when you bullied an invalid like me.”

Long Feiye’s ghastly expression softened somewhat. He was about to lose it before this woman. She had ignited his seven emotions and six desires and even controlled his moods. A single misunderstanding was enough to destroy his hard heart. He brushed his fingers gently over the scar and examined it carefully. In a warm tone, he said, “Han Yunxi, I’ll admit to this crime!”

Han Yunxi grinned. “Alright. Seeing as you’re good enough to admit your wrongs, I’ll lighten your sentence. You can just…” She too, softened her tone. “Long Feiye, your punishment is me forever. Do you accept?”

“I accept.”

Long Feiye’s scar on his hand matched that of Han Yunxi’s chest, as if they were there from birth. He stared at the mark until his thoughts drifted away and Han Yunxi hugged him, pulling him down until she was whispering into his ear in submission.

“Long Feiye, I beg you. Love me…”

In the silence of the night, the hazy moon illuminated a land of warmth of tenderness, where a man found solace in feminine charms and intoxicating beauty beyond the veil of the bed curtains....


Early next morning, Long Feiye awoke when Han Yunxi was still lost in slumber. Unlike before, he woke her up instead of carefully slipping away. 

“I’ll be waiting at the gates of the black market for you after noon,” he said.

Although he wanted to take her away from Three-Way Black Market as soon as possible, Long Feiye still gave Han Yunxi enough time to conclude affairs at Myriad Merchant Hall. Han Yunxi was immediately awake. By the time Long Feiye left, she had already summoned a servant girl to tidy herself up and rush to the prison cells. At last, she could save the Tang Clan Head, Tang Li!

It had been two days since Tang Li last saw Han Yunxi, so he almost fell to his knees at the sight of her. “Sister-in-law, what took you so long?! How’s Ning Jing been doing the past few days? Is she feeling better? Still taking her medicine? Does she still get uncomfortable? Or throw up? What about edema? Can she fall asleep at night? Or the daytime--does she like napping in the day?”

As Han Yunxi stared at him in disbelief, he asked her a whole pile of questions. Finally, he added, “Is my daughter well-behaved?”

Tang Li had completely surpassed Han Yunxi’s expectations. “You know quite a lot!” she remarked.

“Just how is she doing?” Tang Li asked anxiously.

“How are you so sure she’s pregnant with a girl?” Han Yunxi shot back.

Tang Li didn’t reply, nor did he press Han Yunxi. Instead, he resorted to pleading. “Sister-in-law, can you think of a way for me to meet her? Just one glance is enough! I’ll slip out and sneak back in, it won’t take long. No one will catch me!”

Han Yunxi shook her head. “Sorry, I can’t do that.”

Tang Li lost his temper. “I want to see my big bro!”

He didn’t have the skills to escape, but his big brother definitely had the means to tow him out. Even if it exposed the relationship between the Tang Clan and East Qin, he wouldn’t begrudge them. He never planned to get any advantages out of Ning Jing anyways, much less force her to trick the Di Clan. His only thought now was to bring Ning Jing home so she could take good care of herself and the baby. He was going to be a father!

When Han Yunxi saw Tang Li nearly driven to insanity, she couldn’t help but wonder how Long Feiye would react when she got pregnant one day? 

“Sister-in-law!” Tang Li pleaded. He was almost ready to take her hostage to charge past those archers guarding the prison.

“Your big brother won’t help you either! If you want to get out, then promise me one thing,” Han Yunxi grinned.

Tang Li immediately shut up and waited for her to finish. Han Yunxi lowered her voice and whispered a whole bunch of words by his ears. Only then did Tang Li knew everything that she’d been doing at Myriad Merchant Hall for the past few days. 

“In other words, they’ll all listen to you?” Tang Li asked.

“They listened to me for even bigger matters, to say nothing of a small thing like you,” Han Yunxi smiled.

“This is no small matter…” Tang Li felt wronged. 

Han Yunxi gave up and relented. “Alright, alright, your matters are a big deal too. I’ll go find the head elder right now.”

“Hurry and go!” Tang Li was basically chasing her off. For the first time, Han Yunxi witnessed what it meant to experience the joys of being a father. Seeing Tang Li so happy, she felt great as well. She left the cells to find the head elder, but…

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