Chapter 919: Akin to a birthmark

            Han Yunxi was going to Ning Jing’s courtyard to find Mu Linger, not Ning Jing herself. By the time she arrived, Mu Linger was brewing medicine for her patient. Besides Qi gege, she had never waited on someone else with such care.

“Linger, I’d like to ask you a question,” Han Yunxi murmured.

“What is it?” Mu Linger asked curiously.

“Is there any medicine that can…” Han Yunxi trailed off before getting to the point. “Is there any medicine that can leave scars on purpose?”

“Who do you want to leave a scar on?” Mu Linger was even more curious now.

“Just tell me if it exists or not,” Han Yunxi said urgently.

“It does exist, but…”

Han Yunxi didn’t care so much about that as she said, “Help me make some, I need it immediately.”

Long Feiye’s bite mark had only left a scar, but no blood. A mark that like would disappear within a day, so she didn’t have much time. Mu Linger was only astonished. “Big sis, you want to use it yourself?” Somehow, she’d gotten used to calling her that.

“No! Someone else needs it urgently, hurry up!” Han Yunxi pressed.

“No matter whether it’s you or someone else, it’s not something to be used at will. There’s a lot of particulars involved,” Mu Linger explained carefully.

Han Yunxi calmed down. “What kind of particulars? Quickly, tell me.”

“The quantity of medicine depends on the severity of the wound. Moreover, depending on the location of the injury, there are minute differences in the medicine too. Also, different concentrations will leave different kinds of scars.” After finishing her spiel, Mu Linger asked, “Big sis, who do you want to leave a scar on? A woman or a man? Are you interrogating a prisoner? The skin around an injury is weak to begin with, so it’ll hurt a lot if you use that kind of medicine. It’s 100 times worse than pouring salt on the wound! But if you want to interrogate prisoners, hehe, then I can add some extras, like putting chili oil in the medicine.”

Han Yunxi was expressionless as she said coldly, “I want to use it on myself.”

Mu Linger had a fright. “Big sis, what are you doing?”

Han Yunxi thought it over. How should she explain this to Mu Linger so the girl could understand and give her the best quantity without revealing the fact that the injury came from a bite mark? After repeated thinking, she realized that nothing sounded appropriate. In the end, she simply risked everything and had Mu Linger bring her to a side room so the girl could inspect her mark personally.

It had almost been a full day since last night, so the bite mark was much lighter than before. But its outline was still clear enough. Mu Linger blanked out at the sight as she stared for a while. Soon enough, she averted her gaze, only to see multiple hickeys and other marks scattered around Han Yunxi’s neck. Some were green bruises, others were faintly red, and all were either deep or shallow marks. Although she didn’t know much about the world, Mu Linger understood what these marks were! They must be signs of frenzied lovemaking, including that one mark on Han Yunxi’s chest. But judging from the depth of the mark, it must have been left there last night, which meant…

Mu Linger’s head whipped up as she stared at Han Yunxi in disbelief. “Big sis, you snuck out for a love affair last night?” That sounded wrong as soon as she spoke, so she quickly amended her statement. 

“Long Feiye snuck into Myriad Merchant Hall last night?”

Long Feiye’s such a cold man, but he can torment big sis like this. Just how did he do it? As Mu Linger thought, the tips of her ears turned red, while Han Yunxi’s face had long gone scarlet. Still, she ignored her embarrassment to say, “Take a good look, what kind of medicine should I use?”

“Big sis, you--you, you…” After stammering ‘you’ a few more times, Mu Linger finally said, “Are you planning to keep all of the marks?”

Han Yunxi gave a start before she flushed even redder. Mu Linger didn’t know yet, but things like hickies didn’t need to be kept at all. They would show up often, especially with someone as enthusiastic as Long Feiye at the reins. 

“Only this one. Quickly, help me find a way to keep it,” Han Yunxi did her best to ignore the rest as she pointed at the bite mark on her chest.

Mu Linger had long noticed Han Yunxi’s scarlet face. For the sake of keeping this scar, big sister’s giving it her all. She doesn’t even want to save face anymore. 

“Big sis, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone else,” Mu Linger promised sincerely.

Han Yunxi looked at her at the same time she looked back. As their eyes met, Mu Linger finally broke into laughter, guffawing so hard that tears almost poured out of her eyes. She really wanted to say, “Han Yunxi, so you’ve got moments when you act like a fool, too!”

Han Yunxi’s expression was wooden. “Are you giving me the medicine or not?”

Mu Linger did her best to calm down and asked with a grin, “How deep do you want the scar?”

“The deeper the better--I want the kind that’ll stay on me even after I die,” Han Yunxi declared.

Mu Linger grew serious. “Big sis, just what are you planning to do? That’s going to hurt a lot!”

“What’s with all the extra blabbing? Hurry and make the medicine!” Han Yunxi urged unhappily.

Mu Linger was still hesitating when Han Yunxi’s glare made her wither up. She said, “Then you have to promise me something. If Long Feiye asks, don’t tell him I helped you do this.”

“Of course,” Han Yunxi agreed.

Only then did Mu Linger run to grab some ingredients, pound them all into pieces, mix them into a paste with some special medicinal liquid, and hand it over to Han Yunxi. 

“Big sis, once you daub this on, your skin will begin to burn. It’ll hurt a lot, so I suggest you reconsider,” Mu Linger had to remind her.

“The medicine itself shouldn’t negatively affect the body right?” Han Yunxi asked.

“Nothing much beyond pain. You have to endure it,” Mu Linger was still worried and added for emphasis, “It’s really, really painful.”

“Help me apply the medicine,” Han Yunxi didn’t hesitate. 

Mu Linger grew timid and wavered. 

“I’ll do it myself then,” Han Yunxi said.

“I should still help you.” Mu Linger brought along a washcloth and gave it to Han Yunxi so she could bite on the fabric while she applied the paste. The first daub already made Han Yunxi grit her teeth and widen her eyes. Mu Linger was too afraid to do any more. In the silent room, she could only hear the faint sizzling noises coming from Han Yunxi’s chest. 

Mu Linger was too afraid to look, but the very sound made goosebumps rise on her skin. She snuck a peek at Han Yunxi, only to see her knitting her brows with an ashen face. Despite this, her eyes were determined. Very soon, she took Mu Linger’s hand and indicated that she should continue.

Mu Linger could only brace herself and finish the job. Once the paste was applied, the pain began to gradually fade away. Han Yunxi sprawled in her wheelchair, her breathing a little labored. Mu Linger quietly looked at her, a little distracted by the sight. If Qi gege bit me, I’d be able to bear this pain too. She suddenly really wanted Qi gege to bite her now--even if it was on her face!

Once all the pain had gone and her injury turned icy cold, Han Yunxi rejoiced. “Linger, it feels icy now. Is it done?!”

“I’ll take a look!” Mu Linger was rather nervous about the whole thing. She quickly helped Han Yunxi wipe off the remnants of the paste and saw that the bite mark on her chest had significantly deepened. It was such a dark brown that it looked akin to a birthmark. 

Although it looked unsightly, but Mu Linger liked the sight of it immensely. She felt the whole thing to be super romantic. Han Yunxi viewed herself in the mirror while gently brushing the bitemarks. They’re even deeper than the marks I left on Long Feiye’s hand. They might show up in my next life, too.

Mu Linger began to giggle like a thief. “Big sis, Long Feiye will be able to see it tonight, right?”

Han Yunxi feigned ignorance and went on to say, “Bring over some brush and paper, I’m going to write down a few prescriptions for you to see.”

Mu Linger was completely in a fog. Just what was this woman planning next? 

Han Yunxi ended up writing down three prescriptions that Mu Linger recognized as treatments for her legs. “You must have taken all of these before, right? You don’t need them anymore,” she said.

“Help me take a look if these...if they’re…” Han Yunxi fought with herself for awhile before asking, “Can Ning Jing take these medicines?”

“Ning Jing’s legs are perfectly fine, so why would she take them?” Mu Linger didn’t understand.

Han Yunxi bit her lip before she simply asked, “I took these over a month ago, if...if I…”

“Big sis!” Mu Linger suddenly understood. “You’re pregnant!”

“Shhh!” Han Yunxi’s glare was enough to kill a man, but Mu Linger was fearless.

She lowered her voice and asked, “Are you really pregnant?”

“I’m only asking you if these medicines I took a month ago will affect me if I decide to get pregnant now,” Han Yunxi said.

Finally understanding, Mu Linger’s eyes flashed with a complicated look. She started to talk, but hesitated before studying the prescriptions in earnest. After a while, she declared, “None of them will affect you.”

“Take a closer look.” Han Yunxi was very prudent when it came to patients, to say nothing of herself.

“I’m certain!” Mu Linger wouldn’t make any mistakes with things like this.

Han Yunxi exhaled in relief, but didn’t say any more. Mu Linger sat down in front of her with a doubtful look.

“What are you looking at?” Han Yunxi asked. 

Instead of answering, Mu Linger simply took her hand to read her pulse. Han Yunxi pulled away instantly. “I’m not pregnant yet.”

“Big sis!” Mu Linger panicked. “You want to have a baby at a time like this?”

“There’s still business with the Council of Elders, I’m leaving now.” Han Yunxi avoided the question and made to leave, but Mu Linger wouldn’t let her.

“Big sis, let’s talk about this.”

Han Yunxi refused and pushed her aside. 

“Big sis, I’m still from your family on the mother’s side. Let’s talk it over,” Mu Linger pressed her hands on the handlebars of the wheelchair, her tone more serious than before.

Her family on the mother’s side?

Han Yunxi heart gave a lurch before she relented. 

“Big sis, you still have a battle with Bai Yanqing with unpredictable odds. Moreover, we don’t know when the enmity between East and West Qin will end,” Mu Linger began. “You’ve seen Ning Jing yourself--she’s four months’ pregnant, but still hiding the fact. Are you going to do the same?”

“Long Feiye is different from Tang Li,” Han Yunxi retorted.

“You’re different from Ning Jing too!” Mu Linger grew agitated. In her heart, Han Yunxi had always been the rational, mature one. “Big sis, Ning Jing even said that once you guys leave Three-Way Black Market, she’ll go away too. She can hide away and give birth to her baby in secret, but can you?”

“Big sis, can you accept it if Long Feiye brought you up to Celestial Mountain for safekeeping right now?” Mu Linger asked.

If Han Yunxi could settle for that, then she would have hidden away right after the misunderstandings cleared up between her and Long Feiye. The world would have lost a “West Qin princess” ages ago. Wouldn’t the Di Clan be thrown into despair after persisting for all those years?

Back then, Long Feiye had even suggested on impulse that she stay by his side while disguising her name and identity. 

Han Yunxi fell silent. She knew even better than Mu Linger that now was not the time, but she couldn’t help but recall Long Feiye’s lonely eyes…

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