Chapter 916: You can’t let down Long Feiye

If now wasn’t the right time, then when was it?

At least they had to be like the basin of sunflowers that Han Yunxi had moved from the tent to outdoors. Their relationship had to face the sun and be natural and unrestrained, not like now where he left as soon as day broke.

“If you need money, go to the Kanggan Private Bank. Just telling them your name is enough,” Long Feiye tossed back before he left. As expected, he’d yielded to her again. Over the past two nights, he’d had multiple urges to rush in and carry Han Yunxi away to start his own plan of luring out Bai Yanqing. But in the end, he held back. 

Han Yunxi looked blankly at Long Feiye’s lonely form until it disappeared out the window. Her heart ached with pain. Of course she knew that he’d given way to her again. If Myriad Merchant Hall had to pull out of its dangerous situation, then money was what they needed most. As long as they could support themselves, they could afford to play around. She had Long Feiye’s limitless gold card in her possession, but she couldn’t use it publicly in Myriad Merchant Hall. However, if a private bank was involved, then she could borrow money under the trade consortium’s name. But how could it be so easy to take out a loan? Moreover, the trade consortium was severely lacking in funds, which make things more difficult.

Since Long Feiye had given her this offer, then it’d be simple for her to borrow as much as she wanted. By giving way for her, he’d given the Di Clan a huge advantage free of charge.

“Long Feiye, even if we meet on the battlefield, I’ll definitely make sure I survive. Then I’ll birth a whole brood of babies for you!” Han Yunxi’s eyes were brimming with tears as she grinned at herself.

She wasn’t going to let Long Feiye suffer any losses either. She had her own ideas! 

For the next few days, Han Yunxi grew busy. Long Feiye would help her change her dressings every night and held her until she fell asleep. The two of them didn’t bring up the subject of children again. Although he knew no amount of effort now would produce any results, Long Feiye still used more strength than before. Once night, he did her so many times that he left countless marks behind on her lower body. Han Yunxi always felt like he was punishing her, but she accepted it happily. She too, thought ever harder for ways to settled Myriad Merchant Hall’s problems. 

Uncle Cheng spent three days to find two suitable locations for new casinos in the liveliest two towns near the black markets. One was located on the border between Tianning and Western Zhou and called the Jade Garden; the other was located within Tianning Country with the Three-Way Black Market to its south and called South Jue Garden. Both locations were surrounded by a vast expanse of park land and had enough halls to be remodeled into gambling houses. They also had sufficient wings to be transformed into guestrooms. Uncle Cheng gave blueprints of both places to Han Yunxi, who looked over them carefully. She liked the places immensely and silently esteemed the man for his skills in finding them in the first place.

“Both of these gardens used to belong to the Tianning imperial family as their side courtyards. After the civil war broke out, Emperor Tianhui lacked troops and sold countless imperial parks and properties such as South Jue and Jade Garden. He had gotten rid of them at giveaway prices, but the sellers did nothing with the buildings except leaving them empty. After all, they were located in unstable grounds known for conflict, so they were considered uninhabitable,” Uncle Cheng explained. 

Before Myriad Merchant Hall lost its medicine business and deals in the south central regions, it would rarely purchase such gardens despite its wealth, preferring to focus on investments instead. Such residences didn’t make money and even incurred losses. The expenses for the servants and upkeep alone was a sizable sum. Moreover, each brick, tile, flower, tree, or grass on the property needed regular maintenance. The Di Clan was definitely a merchant family that haggled over every penny; they wouldn’t waste a cent if they could help it.

“Since it was unused, the price shouldn’t be too expensive, right?” Han Yunxi asked.

Uncle Cheng sighed and raised his hand. Everyone grew alarmed, including Han Yunxi. What did one hand mean? 50,000,000? 500 million? After all, these weren’t just any gadens. Judging by their acreage, each one could fit dozens of large estates within it. It would be impossible for them to only cost 50,000,000. 

So was it 500 million? Isn’t that too high?

“Just how much did they cost?” the head elder asked anxiously.

“The two gardens both belong to one man with the surname Chen. His origins are unclear, but he’s selling both of them in one package for 500 million,” Uncle Cheng replied.

“Isn’t he just robbing us?!” the head elder cursed.

“What’s going on? Does he know we’re here to open a casino on the property? Old Cheng, did you reveal anything?” Second Elder asked.

“That’s a wrongful accusation. I didn’t reveal a thing beyond the fact that my master liked it and wanted to live on the premises,” Uncle Cheng looked aggrieved. 

In truth, the owner had only proposed a price of 200 million, but Uncle Cheng had agreed to give him 50 million as a sales commission if they both raised the price in secret. 

“Then what’s going on?” Han Yunxi asked.

“The owner said if we don’t hurry up and draw up an agreement, it’ll be unavailable in a couple of days,” Uncle Cheng said helplessly. 

“Are there other buyers? Who are they?” Han Yunxi asked urgently.

Uncle Cheng shook his head. “The owner wouldn’t say. I’m wondering if they could be members of East Origin Hall? If the owner can raise his price to 500 million, then it means the other buyers must have made a high offer, too.”

Besides East Origin Hall, who else could spend so much gold on an estate location near a battlefield? Han Yunxi wasn’t the only one who could think of opening up new casinos. If East Origin Hall beat them to it, then they’d be in trouble. The elders exchanged glances and began to panic. Actually, they could still afford the price of 500 million, or even make up the missing money with funds from limitless gold cards. But what if Han Yunxi’s plan failed after they did? Then their money would all be for naught. Even the best business ideas carried some degree of risk. 500 million was no small sum, and Myriad Merchant Hall couldn’t afford to take any gambles right now. Any money spent on a limitless gold card had to be paid back within a month.

Uncle Cheng observed the elders’ difficult expressions while secretly filled with pleasure. By placing the suspicion on East Origin Hall, he was perfectly safe. On the one hand, it’d cause conflicts between the various elders; on the other, no one would be able to verify the truth. 

“It’s a good place, but a little big. We don’t need such a huge estate. Old Cheng, are there any other options?” Head Elder asked.

“None, only these two. If someone gets to them first, then it’ll be hard on us!” Uncle Cheng added.

Actually, they could open casinos in other places, but it was more convenient to choose a place nearby. 80 percent of the people who came for business at Three-Way Black Market liked gambling, and they were all well-off guests. Seeing the crowd fall silent,  Uncle Cheng couldn’t help but remind them, “Princess, we can choose another place first. But if East Origin Hall gets this one, then by the time we open our own casino, they could learn our methods and end our business.”

Hearing this, the various elders grew anxious. Even the best business deals only worked when the time, location, and social conditions were favorable. Good business relied on good locations, too. 

A complicated look flickered past Han Yunxi’s eyes. Her gaze deepened as she studied Uncle Cheng. 

Long Feiye wants to buy these gardens? Why didn’t he tell me? Even if he did, why would he buy them at such a high prince?

Is Uncle Cheng lying? Or is Long Feiye preparing a surprise for me? It would be better for her to ask him the truth tonight. 

Han Yunxi took the two blueprints and intoned, “I’ll consider the issue overnight and give you all an answer tomorrow morning. Elders, you should all consider it carefully as well.”

Uncle Cheng smiled inwardly. These two gardens would be enough of a conundrum for Han Yunxi, so he didn’t have to think of ways to screw with the auction halls now. 

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi had moved on to ask about the auction halls in question. The customer who was making a ruckus had already been locked up in Myriad Merchant Hall’s prisons for two days. The head elder made all the appropriate arrangements so that two versions of the same rumor were circulating around Three-Way Black Market.

One was that Myriad Merchant Hall had killed off the unsatisfied customer while refusing to admit they were selling fakes. The other was that Golden Wing Hall had kidnapped the customer while making things difficult for Myriad Merchant Hall in both the auction halls and the gambling house. They wanted to frame false charges!

Everything was progressing smoothly so far except for the customer, who refused to yield.

“Princess, could we...have made a mistake?” the head elder asked.

He had even used tortue, but the customer insisted that he was innocent in all this mess.

“No need for more interrogation, just raise him well,” Han Yunxi replied.

“Princess, it’s been six days since we’ve had any business in the auction halls. Last night, Old Liu brought out all ten of our most precious wares. There’s been plenty of viewers, but no one’s offered a price,” Second Elder said helplessly.

No matter how public opinion viewed them, all things would pass with time. The point was, they still had no business in the auction halls!

“You’ve all heard of Kangan Private Bank, right?” Han Yunxi asked simply.

Everyone’s eyes lit up at the words. Kangan was Cloud Realm Continent’s number one private bank. Its name was well-known, its background mysterious. Of the 10 limitless gold cards that existed in the world, five of them hailed from its coffers, including the one that Manager Jin had given  Mu Linger. Apparently, its employees were already hunting him down.

“Why did princess bring up Kangan Private Bank?” the head elder asked, a little nervous.

“I’m planning to cooperate with Kangan Private Bank for our business at the auction halls, and its Manager Luo already agreed. However, I don’t know what you all feel about this?”

Everyone grew even more astonished from her words. It wasn’t the fact that she proposed working with the bank, but that Manager Luo had agreed. This meant that it would be an advantageous agreement--or in other words, their auction business could be saved! As a man in charge of such a large bank, Manager Luo was well known in their circles. Any business he approved of would succeed without fail!

The head elder was so moved that he blurted out, “Princess, it will all be as you say.”

“It’s still Myriad Merchant Hall’s business, so it’s more appropriate for the elders to make the decision,” Han Yunxi said humbly.

“Your Royal Highness is too modest. We are all loyal to West Qin, so we should all listen to the princess’s arrangements!” At Fifth Elder’s words, Head Elder was quick to chime in.

“The Council of Elders will listen to Your Royal Highness’s arrangements!”

Han Yunxi didn’t want their verbal promises, but command token of Myriad Merchant Hall’s Council of Elders. Without Ning Cheng here, this command token outclassed all of the other Council of Elders within the Di Clan. As long as the head elder was willing to hand over the item, then she would win. 

There were still six days left in her deal with Long Feiye, so she was quite patient. 

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll make sure not to disappoint you all,” Han Yunxi declared.

She then told them the details of the alliance with Kangan Private Bank. Both the elders and Uncle Cheng were stunned once again by Han Yunxi--this time deeply and thoroughly! Her method not only saved Long Feiye from suffering any losses, but would also save the auction halls!

So what was it?

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