Chapter 915: If it’s not enough, spare no efforts

Long Feiye wasn’t planning on going to Western Zhou at all and had long prepared an excuse for his visit now. But who knew he’d end up waiting for her all night again? Not only that, he saw her refusing any help from the servant girls and dragging her own legs to soak in the bath, then secretly take a few steps on her own.

It was already pretty good that he could ignore Han Yunxi’s transgressions, but if she provoked him any further, he might just carry her off and put her under house arrest in East Origin Hall until her legs made a full recovery. So instead of provoking him, Han Yunxi decided to...act like a spoiled brat!

“Long Feiye, you were lying, weren’t you? Because you couldn’t bear to leave me?” 

Beneath Long Feiye’s gloomy glare, Han Yunxi grasped him by the wrist and changed his face with one sentence. He quickly avoided her smiling face.

“Am I right?” Han Yunxi leaned over to ask gently.

Long Feiye coughed a few times without answering. Han Yunxi thought she’d have to beat around the bush some more before his temper calmed down, but never expected things to be so simple. She didn’t know how to put on a coquettish voice, so she simply asked sweetly, “Long Feiye, let’s make a bet.”

Even Long Feiye’s worst tempers dissipated into nothing before her dulcet tones. His ironcast heart melted in the face of her calls as he looked down at her, a little flustered and lost for words. At a moment like this, he’d agree to anything she asked of him. This was his fatal weakness!

Han Yunxi didn’t make any demands, but tugged at his am and persisted, “Long Feiye, are you betting?”

“Alright,” he agreed instantly. He didn’t even ask what they were betting on. 

Han Yunxi couldn’t help but burst into wild laughter. “I bet you’ll come see me again tomorrow!”

Long Feiye finally awoken from her warm voice and realized that this woman was making fun of him! He could hide the truth last night, but in the face of this morning, Han Yunxi would refuse to believe the best of his excuses. Then again, she was the only woman who could laugh at him without him getting angry. Instead, he grew amused as well. 

“Long Feiye, what about you? What are you betting?” Han Yunxi asked.

She gambled that he’d come to see her again tomorrow, so of course he had to bet the opposite. If he wanted to win, then he’d have to endure and not visit. Han Yunxi had picked a surefire way to triumph!

“I see now, you’ll even trick the likes of me!” Long Feiye’s helpless smile was filled with doting.

“Where did I do that? You agreed yourself to bet with me, it’s not like I forced you!” Han Yunxi said self-assuredly. At first, she was afraid he’d be angry, but now his reaction only amused her. It really wasn’t easy to follow around this man for so long and get bullied so often before finding his weak spot. Unable to retort, Long Feiye couldn’t help but wonder how such a woman existed. How could she be so lovable and yet so hateful at the same time? His teeth itched, both from detesting her and loving her enough to eat her whole. Without another word, he pushed Han Yunxi down on the bed and quickly pressed her body beneath his. 

It….had been ages since he’d done this particular movement.

Han Yunxi pressed against his chest desperately to keep them apart. “Long Feiye, you can’t fool around. You promised that you’d bet!”

“You win!” Long Feiye laughed. “Speak, what do you want?”

When he laughed easily like this, he was beautiful. It had been a long time since Han Yunxi had seen him close up, so she couldn’t help but study his face. Those blade like eyebrows and outstanding nose were truly handsome features. The closer she saw him, the more surreal his looks seem to feel. She couldn’t help but stroke his face before sensing that he was real, and that their mutual love was more than just a dream. 

She subconsciously quieted down and asked sweetly, “Long Feiye, since I won the bet, I’ll punish you to find me the day after tomorrow too, alright?”

Long Feiye gave a start before his lips split into a grin. Han Yunxi rubbed his mouth softly and felt his tangible existence beneath her fingers. It was so wonderful that it always felt like a dream! 

Long Feiye didn’t answer before lowering his eyes to look at her hands. He allowed her to stroke him until a finger slipped past his lips, allowing him to open his mouth and catch it between his teeth. Han Yunxi giggled, but Long Feiye simply started kissing her hands, leaving a trail of pecks leading past her arm and towards her shoulders.

“Feiye…” Han Yunxi called out softly.

“Mm.” His voice was low to begin with, but now it sounded even lower. The single noise from his throat was like a devil’s curse that excited Han Yunxi’s body and heart. It sounded so lovely that her very ears felt like they’d gotten pregnant. That was the way to describe Long Feiye’s voice. His kisses continued downwards from her shoulders, and Han Yunxi began to tremble. But by the time Long Feiye reached the top of her breasts, Han Yunxi finally lost control. She clutched at him and pleaded for mercy while demanding more, a contradiction in itself. Faced with her troubles, Long Feiye simply took full control. He pulled the curtains close around them and fulfilled her desires with all the strength he had until she was satisfied.

In the darkness, the uncontrollable cries and low gasps of breath mixed together between the two figures entangled together beyond the curtain. Their forms copulated at such a rapid pace that it took one’s breath away! Han Yunxi felt like her soul was being pierced right through. By the time they stopped, Long Feiye was still reluctant to leave. She hugged him and didn’t know whether to laugh or fume. “What else do you want?” she asked. 

“There’s no more steps to take for the 100 steps, right?” Long Feiye asked lazily.

Han Yunxi realized that they were practically plastered to each other now and instantly flushed a deeper shade of red.

“You’re obscene!” she whined.

Long Feiye buried his head in her shoulders to laugh soundlessly. Han Yunxi pushed him multiple times, but he still refused to budge. Actually, he left her helpless more often than not, so she let him fool around. Their hug was more than a mutual embrace, but a reciprocal possession. Only when Han Yunxi held him tight did she feel the long road ahead wouldn’t be lonely. She’d seen his face up close, but it wasn’t as close as their bodies were now, nor so real.

The Bible once said, I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind.

Reality in Han Yunxi’s mind was only defined by one thing, and that was to have and to own. Possessing something made it the real deal! As her thoughts wandered, Long Feiye finally withdrew. His hand grabbed at the covers, a careless motion that nevertheless looked sexy. Han Yunxi finally saw that the bite marks on his left hand had finally left a scar. There were two parts to the toothmarks, each forming a crescent moon shape that was dull brown. Some scars would fade in color with time, but she’d bitten Long Feiye so hard and so deeply that only a miracle medicine would remove his now. Otherwise, they’d remain for the rest of his life.

What else could Han Yunxi say now that he’d successfully kept his scar? She took Long Feiye’s hand and examined it in detail.

“Long Feiye, what did you mean by ‘if’ back then?”

Long Feiye had said that birthmarks were actually scars from your lover in a past life. Then he’d trailed off after saying if, leaving her curious. Now he simply smiled wordlessly while Han Yunxi snuggled close and pleaded in a soft voice, “Say something already.”

But Long Feiye refused to tell her. He’d long steeled his heart against it. Han Yunxi refused to give up and began to get coquettish as she flirted and pled, “Long Feiye, just tell me already. Say it, saaay it~....” As she asked, she even rubbed against him on purpose until she broke through his defenses. Even the steadiest heart had to waver before her kittenish tones! He usually hated such voices, but was always helpless against hers. If she kept this on, she could forget about ever leaving this bed in the morning.

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you.” When Long Feiye capitulated, Han Yunxi immediately stopped pestering him. He regretted it instantly because he could have taken more of her rubbing for awhile.

“Speak,” she grew serious.

“Birthmarks are actually bite marks from lovers in a past life. If we die in this one with the bite marks intact, then they’ll definitely become a birthmark in the next…” Long Feiye paused before he chuckled. “Han Yunxi, if you see this bite mark in your next life, you have to recognize who I am.”

It was a beautiful legend, but why did Han Yunxi feel like crying after she heard it? She fell silent for awhile before suddenly offering her hand. “Long Feiye, take a bite! A ferocious bite!”

Although she didn’t believe in such absurd stories, she really wanted to have a scar that came from him too. Long Feiye refused.

“Don’t worry. If there really is a next life, I can recognize you even without a birthmark.”

So does he believe in the legend or not?

Han Yunxi knitted her brows at him, feeling that there were things left unsaid. But she didn’t know what to say and stared at him until she abruptly hugged him. What ‘next life?’ It’s just as good if we can grow old together in this life. Whether it’s ruling the world or living simply, that’s already eternity for me.

Han Yunxi didn’t like the subject of their next life and simply said, “Long Feiye, I’m going to tell you a piece of good news.”

“Good news?” Long Feiye was surprised.

“Ning Jing’s pregnant, she’s already four months in,” Han Yunxi muttered. 

Long Feiye chuckled. “Tang Li, that fellow…”

“You’re going to be an uncle!” Han Yunxi added.

Long Feiye was happy for Tang Li, but not as happy as Han Yunxi. He looked expressionlessly at her stomach. Han Yunxi understood even without him saying a word. Thus, Long Feiye waited for her to speak first.

After a while, Han Yunxi managed to say, “It’s...almost daylight.”

In other words, it was about time for him to leave. But Long Feiye only sighed seriously. “It looks like I’m not working hard enough!” 

This was the same line he’d said a few years ago when they’d gone to the imperial banquet and the empress dowager had asked after Han Yunxi’s stomach. Long Feiye got off the bed and quickly cleaned up his things to depart, but Han Yunxi couldn’t resist pulling at his hand. “Feiye, it’s not time yet.”

“I know,” Long Feiye intoned. He had been able to stop Baili Yuanlong from doing anything, but not Han Yunxi herself. She would always take measures after their trysts, he knew this well.

This really was no time to get pregnant. He hadn’t even fulfilled his promises to her yet, so how could he ask her to take on another burden? Really, he needed to work harder…

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