Chapter 908: Just who’s the despicable one?

Where did Han Yunxi get the nerve to make such exacting claims when Mu Linger was still in Manager Jin’s hands? He laughed out loud and said mockingly, “Your Royal Highness certainly knows how to do business!”

Han Yunxi exhaled helplessly. “If I knew how, then I’d never do such a bad deal with you. I’m only offering this on behalf of Ning Cheng.”

Fifth Elder was completely flummoxed, while Manager Jin was nothing if not angry. This wasn’t asking for the lion’s maw, but pure humiliation! 

“Your Royal Highness, on what grounds do you have the right to talk terms with me?” Manager Jin finally showed his true face.

“Your indenture agreement, ah,” Han Yunxi put on an innocent face. “Is Manager Jin unsatisfied with this princess’s terms?”

Fifth Elder couldn’t figure out whether Her Royal Highness was joking or completely clueless about the situation at hand. Manager Jin was even more lost. He said point-blank, “My indenture agreement and two limitless gold cards, or else the deal is off!”

Fifth Elder sucked in a cold breath. Despite the princess asking for the lion’s maw, Manager Jin’s demands were no less inferior! Han Yunxi creased her brows and looked at Manager Jin in disbelief. He simply remained indifferent without yielding an inch. Uncle Cheng had asked him to extort much more than this, so Manager Jin felt like his terms were still rather generous. Although he asked for two gold cards, it was only one in reality since the other in Mu Linger’s possession originally belonged to him.

In the silent room, Manager Jin and Han Yunxi stared at each other as they fought a soundless battle. Tension mounted in the air.

“Manager Jin, what if I say I can’t do it?” Han Yunxi spoke first.

“Then apologies, because I won’t be able to fulfill your terms either! Please return,” Manager Jin said coldly.

Han Yunxi nodded with a grin. “Alright! Then let’s change our terms.”

“I’d like to hear the details,” Manager Jin still gave her a chance. It was much more convenient to work with Han Yunxi than Uncle Cheng.

“Alright, listen up, I’ll only say this once,” Han Yunxi grew serious.

“I’ll listen with respectful attention,” Manager Jin replied.

“Hand over Mu Linger immediately, organize all the accounts at East Valley Private Bank and transfer them into Fifth Elder’s custody, and this princess will spare your life. Otherwise, you won’t live to see the sun tomorrow!” 

Both Manager Jin and Fifth Elder startled at her words, but Han Yunxi remained expressionless.

“As for your indenture agreement, I’m sorry to say that you won’t get another chance in this lifetime to get it back!”

Abruptly, Manager Jin leaped up from his seat. “Han Yunxi, what kind of nonsense are you spewing?!”

“If you think this princess is just spewing nonsense, then you don’t have to take it seriously!” Han Yunxi finished, then glanced at Fifth Elder. “Let’s go.”

Fifth Elder finally recovered enough to come and push her wheelchair. Manager Jin was about to stop them when he felt a slight pain in his stomach. Alarmed, he touched the spot and found a single needle. He couldn’t believe Han Yunxi could be so contemptible. If he had predicted her scum methods ahead of time, he would have been on guard. From what he understood, this woman didn’t know a speck of martial arts and only relied on assassination weapons to spread her poisons. Her primary weapon was hidden just inside her sleeves.

“Han Yunxi, you actually used poison! You’re despicable!” Manager Jin denounced.


Han Yunxi’s lips curved into a cold smile. She ignored him as Fifth Elder pushed her outside the door. As the pain in his abdomen intensified, Manager Jin shouted out a warning. “Han Yunxi, if I can’t see the sun by tomorrow, then neither will Mu Linger!”

Finally, Han Yunxi let her temper fly. “You can go ahead and try! Don’t forget, this is the Three-Way Black Market!” Abruptly, guards rushed in from outside to surround Manager Jin on all sides.

“Go inside and search the premises!” Han Yunxi said coldly.

Manager Jin tried to stop them, but Han Yunxi simply shot more needles at him. Although Manager Jin warded them off, he calmed down enough to demand, “Han Yunxi, I can agree to your terms. Let’s talk details!”

It had to be said that while Uncle Cheng alerted him to Mu Linger’s value as a hostage, Han Yunxi’s poison needles left him with a messy defeat. Myriad Merchant, Golden Wing, and the East Origin Halls all staked a claim in one-third of the Three-Way Black Markets. Despite all of East Valley Private Bank’s wealth, he couldn’t count amongst them! Moreover, he was still Myriad Merchant Hall’s servant in the end! Even if he won today, Han Yunxi could make his coming days miserable all the same.

Was he really going to fight Han Yunxi with his life with Mu Linger in his hands? He wasn’t clear on the relationship between the two women, but judging from Han Yunxi’s vicious, despicable methods, she might even sacrifice Mu Linger to win over his bank. Manager Jin didn’t want to die so young without even gaining his freedom. 

Han Yunxi waved a hand and gestured for the guards to withdraw. These were simply men she found for the cause, not those prepared beforehand. She was only curious to know why Ning Cheng had placed Mu Linger here, so she came to ask Manager Jin in person. But who knew he was a man who refused a toast, only to drink a forfeit! Privately laughing to herself, she couldn’t help but think that she’d rarely lost a negotiation against anyone except that one time with Bai Yanqing. Actually, if Manager Jin had persisted in keeping Mu Linger, she wouldn’t have held out for longer, either. She only rejoiced in the fact that Manager Jin was no old fox like Bai Yanqing.

As soon as the guards withdrew, Han Yunxi asked, “Where is she?”

If they were going to talk, then she had to see Mu Linger first and make sure she was alright. As she saw it, Manager Jin was a foul man. If he dared to touch a hair on Linger’s head, she’d give him pain for a lifetime!

“Help me cure the poison first,” Manager Jin requested.

Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes. “Are you sure you want to waste words with me?”

“Han Yunxi, there are limits to looting a burning house! You’re a woman, but your methods are so low!” Manager Jin was truly displeased at losing so badly and couldn’t help but complain.

Han Yunxi wasn’t planning on wasting words until his comments incited her. She shot back, “Manager Jin, you explain to me how I’m looting a burning house? You were the one who directly offered East Valley Private Bank in the past to get your indenture agreement! Ning Cheng even thought it was too little, but I simply added the extra requirement that you hand over Mu Linger to that. How does that show no limits?”

“And also,” she added with a cold smile, “What do you mean by despicable? You kidnapped my little sister, so I’m asking for her back, but you refused. If there’s anyone who’s despicable, it’s you! You might have gotten poisoned, but that’s because you lack any skills! Manager Jin, you’re a man who’s holding a little girl in custody, and yet you call me despicable? Is this fun for you? I haven’t even cursed you yet, and yet you’ve started cursing me! Do you have any shame, huh?”

Manager Jin was struck speechless. Fifth Elder’s heart only beat fast. Both men had long heard of Han Yunxi’s name, but this was their first time witnessing her skills in person. It really was...a thorough lesson!

“Manager Jin, I’ll tell you one last time: hand over Mu Linger and all the accounts of East Valley Private Bank to Fifth Elder. Then I’ll give you the antidote. As for your indenture agreement, don’t even think about it! I’m not so easy to chat with,” Han Yunxi added before reminding him helpfully, “There’s about two hours left before sunrise!”

Despite his hundred reluctances, Manager Jin had to fold. 

“Someone come, bring over Mu Linger,” he ordered unwillingly.

Very soon, a guard brought Mu Linger over. Han Yunxi assumed she’d be in a sad state, but she was perfectly fine. It was hard to tell she’d even been kidnapped. As soon as Mu Linger saw Han Yunxi, her eyes lit up like a lamp! But the next second, she noticed the wheelchair.

“Han Yunxi, what happened to you?” she cried in alarm before darting over.

“I’m fine,” Han Yunxi didn’t want to say too much.

Mu Linger quickly knelt down to inspect her legs. She only had to smell the medicine to know that her bones were broken.

“What happened? Who did it?” Mu Linger demanded.

Han Yunxi knitted her brows at her as her heart warmed. It was rare for this girl to show such concern.

“It’s fine. We can discuss it after we go back,” she said simply.

Fifth Elder was going to push Han Yunxi, but Mu Linger beat him to the handlebars. Her mind was filled with questions, but she knew this was no place to ask them.

“Where’s my antidote?!” Manager Jin reminded them.

“After you settle your accounts and bring them to Fifth Elder, I’ll give it to you,” Han Yunxi didn’t even look back.

Manager Jin clenched his fists and stood there for a long time. Just as Han Yunxi reached the exit, he said coldly, “Han Yunxi, don’t you want to know why Ning Cheng handed this girl to me?”

Han Yunxi finally turned around. “Then tell me.”

Before Manager Jin could raise any conditions, she added, “If you don’t say anything now, I’ll find your indenture agreement this instant and sell it to Gu Qishao!”

After his bout with Gu Qishao in the gambling house, how could Manager Jin expect any good days under his servitude? He gnashed his teeth and felt like biting someone, but Han Yunxi only turned around and said, “Linger, let’s go!”

“Ning Cheng had his sights on Medicine City’s Mu Clan! Han Yunxi, don’t think you have full plenary powers over the Di Clan just because Ning Cheng’s not here!” Manager Jin tossed after them before turning on his heel to enter the house. 

Mu Linger narrowed her eyes as she realized Manager Jin had been lying to her all along! He even said he couldn’t take her out of Three-Way Black Market, but that he could keep her at East Valley Private Bank to ensure her safety! So they were all lies. And to think, for the past few days she’d even been thinking that he wa so kind! She was even debating whether to return the gold card to him, but he was on Ning Cheng’s side the entire time! 


Mu Linger suddenly backtracked and rushed into the hall. Manager Jin had his back to the entrance and was in the throes of depression. When he sensed something and began to turn around, Mu Linger had already caught up. She kicked him soundly in the butt and caused him to stagger forward a couple of steps.

“Base and shameless, you big liar! Just you wait, I’ll make you pay!” Mu Linger vowed before running off.

Manager Jin cradled his butt and looked back with a black expression…

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Ruyi's Thoughts

#7 of the 12 owed PGC chapters. Will we make it before August ends? Guess we'll find out....

On a side note, I was expecting something brilliant from HYX, but she really did nothing more than...threaten/blackmail him, huh... I know she's not a saint, but wow, that was pretty brutal. I'd be kinda furious in his place too, c'mon! It's probably just my personal preference but I actually feel a little sorry for Manager Jin. He's basically been trapped as an indentured servant all his life and by next chapter, even MLR is following in her big sister's footsteps to screw him over when he hasn't done anything evil yet...besides ask for his money and freedom back (plus a little extra spending cash on the side). That's literally all he wanted so he could get away.

On the one hand NC had that evil plot for MLR in hand but when your life is in another man's hands, what else can you do besides follow your boss, right? =o=