Chapter 891: Unexpected speed

As soon as Gu Qishao spoke, the crowd narrowly avoided laughing out loud. They all thought Gu Qishao was seeking death! Manager Jin’s gambling skills were the stuff of legend, but Gu Qishao was going to play him at that? Although Large vs. Small looked like a simple game, the truth was something else. It not only relied on luck, but expert technique. It was also the easiest game to cheat. The rules stated that two people would both get a set of dice. They’d start and stop shaking them at the same time, then open the containers to see who had the bigger or smaller numbers. 

Although everyone was secretly laughing up their sleeves, no one dared to make a sound. A gambling table was like a chess match, where the onlookers had no say. Otherwise, ruining other people’s fun or match could end with them dying out of the blue as soon as they left the casino.

“Alright! Whatever you say goes,” Manager Jin sat down as well.

The number of spectators grew even as the scene turned more and more silent. Everyone was staring at the table, both expectant and nervous.

“Shall we play a round?” Han Yunxi muttered, but before she could go any further, Long Feiye replied.

“It’ll be a tie.”

“You have a rather high view of that black-robed man?” Han Yunxi grinned. Anyone who could enter Long Feiye’s eye had to be skilled.

Although Long Feiye didn’t understand gambling or cheats, he was shrewd enough to know the casino’s various rules. He had long seen the game in place at this particular table and guessed that the previous dealer had cheated.

“They can’t tie forever. Eventually, someone will win,” Han Yunxi said seriously. Judging by the black-robed man’s temper, he might stay here for days until a winner turned up. 

“What are your views?” Long Feiye asked.

Han Yunxi thought a bit before she said, “I bet...that Manager Jin will win.” Although she felt the black-robed man had a few tricks up his sleeve and hadn’t exposed the cheating dealer on purpose, he was still an impetuous man. How could someone so impulsive win against the cool-headed Manager Jin?

Long Feiye intoned, “Then I’ll bet that the black-robed man wins.”

By now, the attendants had already brought over the dice and divided them up between Gu Qishao and Manager Jin. Gu Qishao carefully inspected the dice and the china bowl before tossing them to Long Feiye. “Brother, I’ll have to trouble you to help me check them and make a note.”

It was common to cheat by sabotaging the dice or bowl. However, Gu Qishao had long confirmed that both of them were fine. He was just making a show so Manager Jin would have to follow suit. He politely delivered his dice and bowl to Long Feiye for the same inspection. “May I trouble this brother as well? Thousand Gold Pavilion will pay you 100,000 chips for the notarization fee.”

100,000 chips just to check the goods? The crowd sighed at the numbers. Why didn’t they get such luck? Han Yunxi’s mouth only twitched, making her mustache tremble on her face with a funny movement.

100,000 chips to have Long Feiye verify the gods? Did Ning Cheng know Manager Jin was that generous?

Long Feiye’s face was expressionless beneath his mask. He said coldly, “No need for verification. The two of you can simply switch your dice.”

Gu Qishao finally looked at Long Feiye. Although he’s a little stingy when it comes to gambling, he’s pretty experienced at this. He knows what I want and just the words I was waiting for!

Manager Jin said nothing beyond an “Alright.” The two men exchanged dice and made their preparations before he asked, “Are you going to bet large or small?”

“Small! Whoever gets the smaller number wins!” Gu Qishao didn’t hesitate.

“And your chip will be a single limitless gold card?” Manager Jin confirmed.

“Yes. It’s prepaid, so it’s not behind in payments!” Gu Qishao was determined.

“Alright,” Manager Jin agreed easily.

The two of them made gestures at each other to begin, then slipped five dice into their bowls and covered it with a lid. As they shouted “Start,” they picked up their bowls and started shaking the dice within. Gu Qishao’s movements were a simple up and down shake, while Manager Jin preferred to go left and right. However, neither of them stopped shaking their bowls for a long time. If they were betting on Large, then the largest would be five dice showing sixes. If they were betting on Small, then the smallest would be five dice showing the smallest numbers. The gambling house was completely silent except for the sounds of dice clinking against porcelain. The noise rang in their ears and hearts as they watched and waited with baited breaths!

Everyone was certain that Gu Qishao would lose and looking forward to his reaction when he lost his gold card. Just how much backing did he have? Would he bet a second limitless gold card? Mu Linger was the most anxious member of the crowd, her hands clutched together tightly as she stood bowing her head. Her entire figure was taut with nerves, afraid that Qi gege would lose. She ached for his money, and his losses. How could someone so proud ever lose?

Long Feiye and Han Yunxi watched on with interest. It had been a long, long time since they had nothing to do except to sit around like outsiders to watch a good show. It felt great to relax again. Han Yunxi rejoiced that she hadn’t nestled up to sleep in her rooms tonight, but brought Long Feiye out with her instead. But their leisure time didn’t last more than an hour. Just as the black-robed man and Manager Jin slammed their bowls on the table and come to a stop, a disguised Xu Donglin approached them.

“Your Highness, we’ve received news from Blacktower. Bai Yanqing will arrive in a day. We’ve successfully planted four shadow guards within Blacktower itself and will do our best to preserve Su Xiaoyu’s life.”

Long Feiye was surprised that Bai Yanqing could arrive so soon after receiving the plant. That must mean the man was living near the Three-Way Battlefield already. Meanwhile, the black-robed man and Manager Jin opened their lids at the same time. Long Feiye didn’t spare them a glance, but rose to push Han Yunxi away. She glanced back and didn’t see any dice, only Manager Jin’s slight smile.

The entire room was silent. Just who had won?

“Bai Yanqing’s arriving ahead of schedule. It’ll take at least half a day to reach Blacktower from here, so we have to rush over immediately,” Long Feiye murmured.

Now Han Yunxi understood the severity of the situation. She forgot about the gambling and asked urgently, “If he’s come so quickly, could it mean that he’s got Gu Beiyue trapped somewhere nearby?”

“It’s possible,” Long Feiye muttered.

When she thought of Gu Beiyue being closeby, Han Yunxi’s heart grew anxious. It had been too long since she’d seen him, so she had no idea how he was doing. While Xu Donglin led the way, Long Feiye pushed Han Yunxi hastily out of the crowds. Because there was such a fuss at the gambling table, not many people paid them any attention. Once they left Thousand Gold Pavilion, Han Yunxi recalled Tang Li and asked, “Xu Donglin, has Tang Li left?”

After winning so much money, the clearest choice was to make a quick exit!

“This subordinate’s men have been watching the doors the entire time, but they didn’t see the Tang Clan Head leave,” Xu Donglin replied.

“Ning Jing and Ning Cheng must have joined hands to trick him here. He probably won’t be able to leave unless he loses everything,” Han Yunxi said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, Tang Li won’t lose. If Ning Jing really tries that, Thousand Gold Pavilion will suffer heavy losses,” Long Feiye said coldly. He had no qualms about Tang Li’s gambling skills. Judging from how Tang Li kept Ning Jing in check, she wouldn’t dare try anything against him either, nor would Thousand Gold Pavilion use force. He had recognized a certain bracelet on Ning Jing’s wrist back when they first approached the table.

Han Yunxi was still knitting her brows, but Xu Donglin only chuckled and said, “Princess, the Tang Clan Head’s gambling skills are equal to your poisons. He’s got no peer in the entire world! You can set your cares at rest!”

Only then did Han Yunxi nod her head and stopped asking questions. Bai Yanqing had come too quickly, so they need to make preparations as soon as possible. Just as the couple left the Three-Way Black Markets and headed for Blacktower, Ning Cheng arrived in front of the room that held Bai Yuqiao.

“Master, that cheap girl knows poisons. Doing this is too big of a risk. It might be better to coax Gu Qishao back?” Uncle Cheng suggested.

In the past, Ning Cheng wouldn’t get close to Bai Yuqiao unless Gu Qishao was with him. Nor had he ever interrogated the girl personally. After all, Bai Yuqiao was Bai Yanqing’s disciple and a poisons expert. 

Ning Cheng only smiled coldly. “How about you go coax him back?”

Uncle Cheng was left speechless. Master had already promised to pay Gu Qishao back for all his losses, but that hadn’t done a thing. But if Gu Qishao was unsatisfied, what did he want? They were on the verge of capturing Tang Li when he interfered! And yet, his master hadn’t blamed him. That was already good enough! The more Uncle Cheng thought, the angrier he grew. “Could it be that he wants more than 360 million? Is he taking advantage of us to loot a burning house?”

“I won’t give him a penny more!” Ning Cheng’s face was frosty. A sinister gleam shone in his eyes as he pushed open the door and went inside. Uncle Cheng couldn’t stop him, so he told the poison doctors to stay on standby while he followed his master inside. There was an iron cage within the room that housed Bai Yuqiao. She wasn’t tied up like Su Xiaoyu, but free to move about. 

As soon as she heard someone enter the room, Bai Yuqiao quickly ran to the front of her cage and shouted, “Gu Qishao, what do I have to say to make you believe me? I detest my master for how he’s treated me. How could I still be on his side?”

“Gu Qishao, I’m telling you guys nothing but the truth! If there’s a sliver of lies, then may I be struck by lightning and die an wretched death! Is that enough?!”

“Gu Qishao, you guys are already here. If you don’t move now, it’ll be too late. If my master delivers Su Xiaoyu to Gu Beiyue’s side, you’ll never be able to find her again!”

Bai Yuqiao was truly panicking. She wanted Ning Cheng and Gu Qishao to kill her master so her senior brother wouldn’t be an idiotic pawn in his hands anymore. She was clear that neither man was her master’s match, but as long as they made a move, she would have a chance to escape. Then she could tip her master off in the meantime. 

Ning Cheng was about to show himself when Bai Yuqiao’s words stopped him. He stood in the darkness without a sound.

“Gu Qishao! Motherf**king--stop dawdling, will you? Fine, fine, I’ll tell you the very last secret. The guards at Blacktower are all my trusted subordinates. My master didn’t save me because he assumed I died. I’m certain he didn’t tell any of the Blacktower guards, so as long as I show up to control them, it won’t be hard to kill my master afterwards.” Bai Yuqiao was now showing her entire hand.

Only then did Ning Cheng emerge from the darkness to stand before her. Bai Yuqiao grew alarmed. “Ning Cheng. You…”

“What? Could it be that you and Gu Qishao are hiding secrets from me?” Ning Cheng retorted coldly.

Bai Yuqiao could clearly sense something amiss. Ning Cheng and Gu Qishao seemed to be having some kind of conflict between them. She smiled mockingly and said, “What kind of secrets could I still have? I’m just curious to know when Master Ning trusted me enough to stop fearing my poisons?”

Ning Cheng personally lit the lamps to illuminate the room, then peered down loftily at Bai Yuqiao. 

“Girl, why don’t we make a deal?”

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