Chapter 872: You sure you want to try?

He didn’t need to go either?

This was the first time in Long Feiye’s life to hear such words! After all, no matter what happened, everyone was always inviting him to come along and hoping he’d appear. Some would even plea! 

But this woman, of all things, was telling him he didn’t have to show up. Long Feiye arched a brow and asked, “Are you sure?”

Rather than asking her, he was simply threatening her with a warning! If Han Yunxi said she was sure, then he wouldn’t be polite! But Han Yunxi didn’t catch the hint. As before, she wore a serious expression and declared, “I’m sure! That snake den is too dangerous. It’s enough if I go on my own, it’ll be too dangerous for you all to come along.”

For a second, the entire group fell silent as everyone looked towards Long Feiye. Even Baili Yuanlong felt upset. He had to admit that he still greatly admired this woman. She was too daring! She was the only person in the world who had the guts to speak to His Highness that way! It was obvious that she thought His Highness would only be a hindrance to her work if he came along. 

Long Feiye lightly licked his lips as he narrowed his eyes. He wanted to speak, but didn’t make a sound. All he did was stare at Han Yunxi. When she was in work mode, she was unfailingly serious and focused, always seeking the practical and realistic. Long Feiye didn’t understand poisons, so he’d truly hold her back. Furthermore, she herself was really enough to deal with the poison den! The poison storage space was limitlessly big, so as long as she followed the poison gas to the den, she could capture it all with a bit of mental effort. It wouldn’t cost her much energy at all! She had been striving for ways to break through to the third level of the poison storage space already, which meant she was strong enough to absorb things without feeling faint or dizzy.

And yet, as the scene grew quieter and quieter with Long Feiye’s increasingly dangerous aura, Han Yunxi finally realized that the atmosphere was off. She sensed the cold scrutiny coming from his gaze. Although she hadn’t done anything guilty, she began to feel prickles at her conscience. “I, I….you, how about…”

“Mm?” Long Feiye looked at her with interest as he waited and listened.

“Actually, I…. I have a way to deal with the snake swarm that’s very safe. If you all follow me, it’s actually, actually…” Han Yunxi wanted to explain things in a tactful way, but under Long Feiye’s threatening gaze, she could hardly talk straight!

Long Feiye took a step forward until he was extremely close, then loomed at her from above. Despite pressuring her, his tone was very patient. “Actually what?”

Actually, you can’t help even if you come along. Instead, you’ll distract me. Who told you to know nothing about poisons? It’s clearly your own problem, so why are you looking at me like that? Han Yunxi said mentally.

“Mm?” Long Feiye pressed even closer, forcing Han Yunxi to back away. Otherwise, he would be all over her. If she didn’t offer a clear explanation to his stance, he wouldn’t let her off even with others watching!

“Your Highness, this matter requires further thought and discussion,” Han Yunxi said matter-of-factly. In other words, they needed to go aside and talk about it in private. He’d probably give in after she whined and charmed him a bit.

“The poison gas is already spreading, so we can’t afford to delay. You’re certain you’ll go alone?” Long Feiye refused her offer and stepped forward again.

Han Yunxi continued to back away, but only feel him pressing ever closer until she found it hard to breathe. It wasn’t that she really thought he’d be a burden in the den, but that he had no need to join her. The thousand poison snakes were only the tip of the iceberg, there were likely tens of thousands more by the snake queen’s side. Even if he took antidote ahead of time, it was impossible to guard against extenuating circumstances.

She was worried for his safety!

Han Yunxi creased her brows at Long Feiye. Her heart was filled with words, but she didn’t know how to voice them. Long Feiye stared at Han Yunxi without asking anything. He was still pressing closer to her. Each step he took forward, Han Yunxi backed away. Like this, the duo kept shuffling backwards while ignoring the crowd staring at them both.

Xu Donglin and the shadow guards kept exchanging glances. They wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare. Secretly, they made bets over who was afraid of the other more, His Highness or the princess.

“Big Bro Xu, when do you think the princess can completely turn His Highness docile and obedient?” a shadow guard muttered.

“You’re living off one while supporting another!” Xu Donglin spat back.

“Big Bro Xu, if the princess can control His Highness, wouldn’t that be better for all of us too?” the shadow guard grinned. Compared to His Highness, the princess took care of her subordinates all too well. 

Hearing Xu Donglin and the others talk made Baili Mingxiang unconsciously bite her lip. Next to her, Baili Yuanlong was almost foaming at the mouth as he glared at the couple in increasing fury.

Those two, it’s really enough! Although there’s no outsiders here and Han Yunxi’s disguised as a soldier, they shouldn’t be flirting in public like this! It’s scandalous! A complete disgrace to military regulations!

“Your Highness, the situation is urgent. Please make a decision promptly!” Baili Yuanlong reminded loudly at last. 

Long Feiye’s tall, broad form completely blocked Han Yunxi’s line of sight. She took a big step back and spotted Baili Yuanlong’s glare from a distance. “Long Feiye, stop making a fuss!” she murmured.

Long Feiye ignored Baili Yuanlong said coldly, “Han Yunxi, this crown prince will ask you one last time: are you certain I don’t need to go?”

Han Yunxi silently exhaled. Despite her dread, she was still going to give it her all for the sake of his safety. “I’m su--”

Long Feiye suddenly took a large stride forward, causing her to duck her head. She saw his toes literally overlapping hers. Han Yunxi tried backing away again, but hit the wall bordering the metal cage of snakes. There was no more room to run. Long Feiye took the final step and leaned an arm against the outer wall of the tent while he looked down at her. His voice dropped until Han Yunxi was the only one who could hear him.

“Han Yunxi, you’re sure you want to try?”

Han Yunxi was about to cry. Today, she’d finally realized that Long Feiye was a big scoundrel! 

“You’re threatening a woman! Shameless!” she cursed back at him.

“I’d only threaten you,” he said carelessly.

“Doesn’t that count as threatening all the same? It’s still shameless!” Han Yunxi retorted.

“I’m only shameless when it comes to you,” Long Feiye replied.

“So it’s not shameless if you’re acting that way against a shameless person? You jerk!” she cursed him again.

Long Feiye was indifferent and cool. “I’m only a jerk to you.”

Before Han Yunxi spoke again, she suddenly stopped. She realizing that arguing like this would see no end of things! Long Feiye dropped his hand from the wall and rested it on her shoulder. He patted her lightly, then said, “Let’s go. The poison gas is already spilling out. We have to seize what time we have.”

Depressed and reluctant, Han Yunxi couldn’t help but wonder why it always ended up like this every single time. He always suppressed her to the end! Since it’s an urgent situation this time, I won’t argue with him. But next time I’m arguing until the end!

“We can go, but you have to listen to everything I say!” Han Yunxi persisted.

“Fine!” Long Feiye agreed easily.

After their private agreement, Long Feiye turned back to the crowd and said coldly, “Baili Yuanlong, deal with the funeral arrangements and reparations. Xu Donglin, bring along your men and follow me.” 

“Yes!” Xu Donglin was thrilled. In the end, His Highness and the princess were going to work as a team. 

But Baili Yuanlong actually fell to his knees. “Your Highness, this soldier begs to accompany you to seek revenge for my fallen comrades!”

Long Feiye only pretended not to hear and turned to leave. Heaven knows how much he was infuriated by Baili Yuanlong’s mistakes. Baili Yuanlong quickly chased after him and ran in front to block Long Feiye’s way. “Your Highness, this soldier deserves 10,000 deaths. I don’t ask for meritorious service, only a chance to avenge my brothers and console their departed souls! May Your Highness grant my request!” 

Han Yunxi didn’t speak. She subconsciously glanced over and only felt that Long Feiye’s temper was ready to kick this man flying. He was always at his scariest when quiet.

And yet before Long Feiye could act out, Baili Mingxiang suddenly rushed over and knelt by her father’s side. “Your Highness, despite his negligence, my father is willing to personally enter the snake den as the leader of the army to resolve the danger for the troops. This is both his personal duty and the Mermaid Clan’s responsibility to the East Qin army!”

“He no longer has that right!” Long Feiye finally broke his silence.

“Your Highness!” Baili Yuanlong was astonished. He repeatedly kowtowed, forcing Baili Mingxiang to have no choice but join her father. 

Impatience flashed through Han Yunxi’s eyes before she said icily, “Long Feiye, it’s going to be very dangerous at the snake den. Don’t just let him off like that. I need a vanguard on the frontlines, so if he’s not afraid, then let him assume the post!”

Baili Yuanlong’s head whipped up. “This soldier isn’t afraid. I beg Your Highness to grant permission!”

Baili Mingxiang was alarmed. Her father didn’t understand poisons at all, and his martial arts were average at best. If he took up the vanguard, then he’d die for sure! She quickly sent a pleading look towards Han Yunxi, but the woman couldn’t see her at all.

“You’re certain?” Long Feiye asked Han Yunxi coldly.

“I’m certain. I’m just afraid he won’t have the guts when the time comes,” Han Yunxi answered. 

“I won’t even shrink from a mountain of swords and a sea of flames in the name of sacrifice!” Baili Yuanlong’s stance was clear. He didn’t pay any attention to Baili Mingxiang on the sidelines. 

Long Feiye didn’t say much, but pulled along Han Yunxi to leave. Baili Yuanlong was thrilled and chased after them both, while Baili Mingxiang followed by his side and tried in vain to coax him.

“Father, His Highness is in the middle of a temper right now. It’ll be fine once his temper dissipates. The East Qin army still needs you to lead them!”

“This matter was your father’s grave mistake. What’s the use if His Highness stops being angry?” Baili Yuanlong could only reproach himself.

Actually, when His Highness had asked him whether he regretted everything, his original answer was “no.” Although he could only blame himself, he didn’t regret his actions, because he couldn’t afford to take such huge risks in the first place with his men. He had weighed the scales and decided that the entire army taking Han Yunxi’s proposed antidote would be akin to sinking an entire ship, while testing out the medicine first would only sacrifice a handful of soldiers’ lives in exchange. In the end, Han Yunxi was still the West Qin heir. Unlike His Highness, he couldn’t set down his guard completely against her!

“Father, why are you so sullen about the princess? When we reach the snake den, just capitulate a bit. The princess is magnanimous, so she definitely won’t really cause you difficulties!” Baili Mingxiang continued to coax.

The princess had consummate poison skills and even had the guts to face the snake den alone. How could she really need a vanguard to defend the front? She must be angry that her father distrusted her and said such things on purpose. Yet Baili Yuanlong only glared at Baili Mingxiang.

“You want this soldier to capitulate to the West Qin princess? Hmph, not a chance!”

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