Chapter 861: Is this really a good show?

                        Long Feiye tugged on the water sleeves to pull the dancer girl towards him. Han Yunxi was completely floored by the sight. She stopped wondering whether the spy was hidden amongst the dancers as she stared at the female approaching Long Feiye. What a familiar movement that was. Many times, he’d done the same thing to lure her into his lap.

Han Yunxi’s gaze moved quickly from the lead dancer to Long Feiye’s face. What does he think he’s doing?

Long Feiye’s movements were even faster than her thoughts, because Han Yunxi had hardly reacted when the lead dancer was sent crashing harshly into the table! Her serpentine waist hit the wood as her upper body fell forwards against the surface. Only she knew how much it must have hurt, but a myriad of expressions played across her face. She originally thought the East Qin crown prince was tugging her past the table and into his arms, but who expected this attitude instead?!

Not expecting this, Han Yunxi almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, she held herself back. 

Doubt flickered past the lead dancer’s eyes before it quickly vanished. She calmly looked at Long Feiye and began to act coquettish. “Your Highness...that hurts! It hurts so much!”

Aside from the rest of the dancers, everyone was focused here now. All of them were curious as to why His Highness had “made a move” against the dancer. Most of the soldiers present understood His Highness well enough to know that the man had never been moved by a woman in years. It was famously well known throughout the army. 

Long Feiye stared coldly at the lead dancer without a word. It seemed like he was examining her, but he could have been teasing her as well. No one could see through his attitude, much less the dancer herself.

“Your Highness...what do you mean by this? I don’t care, I need an explanation from you.” Her voice was soft enough to melt into the bones, causing goosebumps in multiple listeners. Their hearts grew restless at her tone! This lead dancer was an extraordinary woman! Extraordinary without a doubt! She hadn’t done anything yet, but sent multiple men into wild fantasies just by standing there, much less acting like a spoiled child.

Perhaps His Highness really did have intentions by “making a move” on her. In the past, he was only interested in Han Yunxi, but His Highness must have been hurt after her identity was revealed. Under these circumstances, it wasn’t impossible to indulge himself on a whim. Although His Highness had Baili Mingxiang by his side, she held the potential to be a future consort or empress some day, while this dancer, lovely as she was, was good for just temporary pleasure as a pastime.

The lead dancer couldn’t read Long Feiye’s thoughts, so she quickly began to sway her body again and send him amorous looks. “Your Highness, say something, all. Why did you pull this servant over? If you won’t say, then let this servant go, I still have to finish my dance.”

As she spoke, she experimentally pulled at her sleeve with one hand. But Long Feiye held it taut, making it impossible for her to budge an inch. Now all of the soldiers were growing more and more suspicious. Wicked grins came to their faces as they exchanged looks. It was rare enough to see their highness “make a move” towards another woman, so why wouldn’t they feel excited?

Seeing that her sleeve was stuck, the lead dancer simply sprawled against the table as she began to to sway and move her body. Her free hand still went through beautiful dance moves as her legs went through the steps. She could even dance while leaning against the table! And her movements were still so lovely! Yet beneath all that loveliness laid a voluptuous beauty! Her collar couldn’t hide anything; moreover, she’d pushed it down on purpose to expose the top of her enchanting chest. The alluring sight of her skin accompanied her writhing movements as she undulated in front of Long Feiye’s eyes. As she danced, she tugged at her sleeve as if trying to resist his advances.

“Your Highness, let me go!”

“Your Highness, don’t!”

“You Highness, I don’t want to…” 

Hearing her flirtatious cries, an eavesdropper might even think that something unspeakable was happening right at this moment! All of the soldiers grew restless at the sight. If Long Feiye and Baili Yuanlong weren’t present, they might have dashed right up and carried off the dancer already! Although His Highness had yet to make a sound with his icy face, he hadn’t let her go, either! 

Many people began to speculate that the lead dancer might have a chance! Perhaps His Highness would leave her here tonight to serve him. The original plan was to arrange for the dancers to enter the army so the soldiers could indulge themselves. After the dancing and singing finished, select dancers could stay here overnight. As the tempo of the dance picked up, everyone could help but be caught up by the beat. They waited anxiously for the music to end so His Highness could draw the woman into his lap. But Baili Yuanlong and Baili Mingxiang simply looked towards the guard behind His Highness at the same time, only to see her narrowing her eyes at His Highness’s back!

Long Feiye sat while Han Yunxi stood, so she had the perfect angle to catch the charming scene of her exposed chest. She narrowly stopped herself from rushing forward to cover Long Feiye’s eyes, but in the end she held back. For one thing, there was her identity to consider; for another, this wasn’t the right place. 

Abominable Long Feiye, what is he planning now? He’s been holding onto her sleeve for so long without doing anything else. Hasn’t he had enough of looking at her yet?

Is this the good show he wanted me to see?

Clang, clang, clang! As the dance reached its crescendo, the dancers began to move faster and faster! The lead dancer darted a glance at the dancer in front of Baili Mingxiang. Although hesitant, she still abruptly undid her belt and took off her dress, then her long silk sleeves, until she was free of Long Feiye’s grasp! Beneath her skirts she wore a pair of pants and a dudou. Her impressive figure immediately captured the attention of everyone present. As they gaped at her in a daze, even Baili Yuanlong was a little stunned. But it was then that the tall dancer in front of Baili Mingxiang suddenly shot a water sleeve towards her! Baili Mingxiang had been on guard the entire time, so she immediately leaned back. But a row of hidden needles flew out of the sleeves, too fast for the naked eye to see. Fortunately, Baili Mingxiang reacted in time to shout. 

“There’s assassins! Assassins are hidden amongst them!”

As she finished, the needles flew past her face. She rose to her feet with sword in hand just as the tall dancer began to attack her empty-handed! Everyone had assumed the flick of the sleeve was another part of the dance, so this sight shocked them and threw everyone into disarray. As they all stood up, all of the dancers except the lead panickd and shrieked as they ran amok, sending the scene into chaos. 

But the insanity only lasted a second. By the time all of the dancers ran away, all of the soldiers had moved to surrounded the tallest dancer and was fighting her off with Baili Mingxiang. Meanwhile, the lead dancer stood unmoving in front of Long Feiye, who was still staring at her. Abruptly, he stood up. 

A cold smile rose on the lead dancer’s features before she grabbed her dance costume and attacked viciously with one water sleeve. He swerved to the side to avoid her attack.

“Your Highness, your sword!” Han Yunxi tossed him a weapon. “Your Highness, Miss Baili’s at her limit over there!”

At this, Long Feiye looked over to see that the tall dancer was actually a martial arts expert. Already, she had injured multiple soldiers. If not for the shadow guards’ protection, Baili Mingxiang would have died by now. He caught the sword and pointed it at the lead dancer. “How long do you think you can trap this crown prince?!”

“That depends on Your Highness’s choice!” the lead dance smiled seductively. “If it’s here, we’ll have to see Your Highness’s skills; if it’s on the bed, then it’ll be up to this servant’s skills! Your Highness, will you pick the table or the bed?”

Was she provoking Long Feiye or teasing him? Whatever the case, it was asking for death! Han Yunxi was so angry she almost used poison. If not for the fear of exposing her identity here in front of the soldiers and then Bai Yanqing, she would be fighting side by side with Long Feiye by now.

Without a choice, she could only feel stifled. 

“Provoking the crown prince is a heavy crime,” Long Feiye said at the same time ten separate shadow guards flew in from the sides to hem in the lead dancer. He didn’t need to fight with her at all, but extricated himself with ease to land in front of Baili Mingxiang. Seeing this, the tall dancer withdrew, disregarding the slices of the soldiers’ swords to back herself into the rest of the startled performers.


“Ahhh, help!”

“The assassin’s coming, save us, ah!”

The dancers began to scream again as they dashed madly towards Bail Mingxiang and Long Feiye. In the chaos, a green-clad dancer suddenly drew a sword and stabbed towards Baili Mingxiang too quickly for anyone to react. Everyone was stunned, including Baili Mingxiang herself. For a second, she couldn’t do anything but stay rooted in place! 

But seconds before the blade reached her heart, Long Feiye raised his leg and violently kicked the dancer aside! She flew backwards with her sword before crashing to the ground and spitting up a mouthful of blood. The tallest dancer had already been surrounded by archers by now, while the lead dancer was trapped by ten separate shadow guards. The rest of the performance troupe were hemmed in by more soldiers, rendering them unable to run about. The chaotic scene immediately calmed down. They were only allowed to run amok because Long Feiye had allowed it. Otherwise, how would they expose the assassin aiming for Baili Mingxiang?

If they couldn’t find the true assassin and just captured the tall and lead dancers, then only trouble would await them ahead! Long Feiye didn’t spare the dancers another glance, but coldly ordered, “Lock them all up in the water cells. Tomorrow, this crown prince will interrogate them personally!”

Han Yunxi watched with amazement from the sidelines. She never thought that another killer was hidden amongst the ranks besides the tall and lead dancers. If Long Feiye hadn’t noticed in time, the green-clad woman would have killed Baili Mingxiang within a minute as soon as she found the chance! 

The soldiers at the banquet saw the soldiers and shadow guards lying in ambush before realizing that His Highness had expected assassins tonight. But neither he nor Baili Yuanlong had told them to make the act more convincing and really send the scene into chaos. 

Baili Yuanlong hastened forward and murmured, “Your Highness, you won’t interrogate them tonight?”

“Tonight is Qiqiao, so we can’t ruin the mood for the soldiers. Take the prisoners into custody and have everyone continue!” Long Feiye said loudly.

“Your Highness is the greatest!” the crowd chorused with joy.

Long Feiye glanced at Han Yunxi before returning to his seat. Everyone followed suit. Xu Donglin quickly came over with a clean basin of water and knelt at His Highness’s feet with the container over his head. With His Highness’s mysophobia, he’d definitely wash his hands first after touching the dancer woman’s clothes. 

Long Feiye submerged his hands into the water but didn’t move. Meanwhile, Xu Donglin kept shooting Han Yunxi looks, but she had no idea what he meant…

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