Chapter 841: My heart delights in you

Before dawn broke, there was no moonlight or sunlight, making this the blackest part of night. This was also Ning Cheng’s darkest moment. The bottom of the abyss was covered in flourishing plant life and rugged terrain. It was so dark that he couldn’t even see his fingers in front of him, so he had to rely on a torch to illuminate a small circle around himself.

Ning Cheng had already lost all reason. He even forgot to call for reinforcements. Only the few guards who had followed him down were helping him scour the landscape. Somewhere along the way, he had stopped shouting for “princess” and started calling for “Han Yunxi.”

“Princess” represented his and the Di Clan’s mission, while “Han Yunxi” was simply Han Yunxi, a woman. In the deepest depths of his heart, “Han Yunxi” was more than just the “West Qin princess.” 

Perhaps when the skies grew lighter, Ning Cheng would recover his senses, find reinforcements, and discover the exit of the abyss that led him to the back of the mountain. But by then, he wouldn’t see Han Yunxi, because she was already heading towards the forests in the south in Long Feiye’s carriage. This canyon was a common boundary between their two armies. It was unlikely that Ning Cheng could cross it easily, much less chase them to the south. 

Uncle Gao drove the carriage with the shadow guards in attendance. None of them knew what had happened last night, much less where His Highness Crown Prince was taking the West Qin princess. All they could do was follow orders.

Inside, Han Yunxi was still nestled sleepily in Long Feiye’s arms. She felt someone scratching and waved them away with her hand, only to have Long Feiye grab her fingers and kiss them lightly. She was so exhausted that her mind was completely blank, too tired to think much of it. In any case, she was familiar with this embrace and her current surroundings, so she slept without worries. She turned over to sprawl on the spacious seat before hugging a pillow to keep sleeping. Like before, she could sleep soundly until daybreak if he was by her side. This was a feeling she was used to already.

But now was different from the past. 

Or rather, this man was different from his past self!

Han Yunxi gradually felt an itching sensation climbing up from her legs. She moved her arm to stop it, but didn’t catch anything. Yet as soon as she dropped her hand, the itching started again. She contracted her beautiful legs and looked over before realizing she was covered in red marks from last night. Her well-proportioned legs were curled up sluggishly beneath her, and Long Feiye was playing with them with his hands. Han Yunxi hastily grabbed her clothes to cover up her body while giving him a light kick as she grumbled flirtatiously, “Enough.”

His lips drew up into a mischievous grin filled with wickedness and satisfaction. Instead of bullying her, he lazily leaned back against a pillow and ordered, “Come here!”

She was about to go over anyways, but paused to study him longer. Suddenly, she realized that his statuesque physique was on show right before her eyes. A single glimpse was enough to send her gaze roving. Last night was too passionate and chaotic for her to realize what a great body he had. It was filled with strength and sexiness, each line and contour enough to make one’s thoughts run wild. 

Sensing her stare, Long Feiye arched a brow. “Had enough yet?” he asked.

Had she seen enough?

Han Yunxi quickly averted her eyes and tossed him his robes. “Long Feiye, I have something important to tell you!”

If the East and West Qin faction knew that their discussion had devolved into this, both sides would be spitting up blood until they died. Han Yunxi didn’t dare to consider the consequences. Currently, she was in no mood to wonder whether Ning Cheng would find her or care about the talks at all. Finally, she could speak to Long Feiye privately, so she had to tell him everything: the Wind Clan’s sinister plot, Gu Beiyue’s whereabouts, Gu Qishao interrogating Bai Yuqiao, etc. Although Long Feiye had guessed that the Wind Clan was scheming, but he couldn’t have found out the entire story. Moreover, he must know some things she didn’t too.

Exchanging information and finding a way to deal with the Wind Clan together was their most important goal.

“Long Feiye…” She’d hardly called his name when he suddenly leaned over and interrupted her with a kiss.

“Be good. There’s no need to worry about anything. Just be by my side a while, alright?” his voice was rather low. “Yunxi, I really missed you. Stay by my side a little longer.”

Unlike the storms of last night, he opened his arms and gently embraced her, so gentle that she almost thought the aggressive, potent, ferocious energy from last night was all but a dream. 

She couldn’t refuse him when he was rough.

She was even more defenseless when he was gentle.

She circled him tightly with both arms and wished she could bury herself into his chest until they were one. “Ye, how long is ‘a little longer?’ A lifetime?”

“Lifetime after lifetime, is that alright?” he murmured back.

“I’ll permit it,” she smiled lightly.

At this moment, no status, hatred, past, or future existed. There was only the two of them and the present.

“Yunxi,” his voice was very soft, yet filled with sudden impulse.

“Mm,” she muttered back, hiding a hint of anticipation.

“....” he remained silent.

“Speak,” she felt like he had something to say.

“Yunxi…” his voice flowed like water, almost melting her heart.

“Ye, I’m here,” she replied impatiently.

“....” Once again, he remained silent. It stretched on for ages.

She looked up at him. “Ye, what do you want to say?”

“My heart...delights in you.” he suddenly blurted out while looking at her eyes.

Han Yunxi wasn’t even paying full attention. How could this man be like this? He didn’t talk, but when he did it was to confess his feelings all of a sudden.

“What?” Han Yunxi grew anxious. She had to listen closely, word for word. She wouldn’t let him vague though it like this. The ever mighty Long Feiye actually felt a bit embarrassed. He laughed a bit before holding Han Yunxi’s head and pressing her against his chest. 

Han Yunxi wouldn’t yield just like that. She popped up and searched his gaze. “Long Feiye, what did you just say? I didn’t hear you.”

Heavens, is he actually feeling shy?

Why wasn’t he shy at all last night? What’s with the bashfulness just then? He’s so wild with his actions but that embarrassed just by speech?

Long Feiye avoided Han Yunxi’s gaze again as his hands embraced her. He allowed her to struggle as she wished, but refused to speak. Occasionally, he would break out in suppressed laughs. 

“Long Feiye, you’re not telling me, is that it?” Han Yunxi set herself against him, calling out his full name.

Long Feiye’s grin grew wider, but he remained mute.

Han Yunxi wasn’t going to let him off just like that. She freed her hands to circle them around his neck. “Long Feiye, are you telling me or not?”

Despite using plenty of strength, she couldn’t stop Long Feiye from turning his head aside. He refused to look at her, leaving her with a view of his devastatingly handsome side profile.

“Long Feiye, I’m asking you one last time. Are you telling me or not?” Han Yunxi’s voice was quite loud. Coupled with her struggles, she was moving around a lot. 

Uncle Gao had been eavesdropping the entire time. When he finally heard signs of conversation, he only felt conflicted. Just what does the West Qin princess want His Highness Crown Prince to say?

Are they really having a discussion? About what?

Long Feiye was definitely enjoying Han Yunxi moving around on top of him. He simply smiled wordlessly throughout it all until Han Yunxi finally released him and grew serious. “So you’re not talking, is that it?”

At last, Long Feiye turned around. He gazed at her loftily from above. “So what if I don’t?”

Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes dangerously before beckoning Long Feiye to come closer with her finger.

What else could this woman do against him?

Long Feiye immediately drew close, but Han Yunxi simply scooted next to his ear and whispered, word by word, “If you won’t say it, then I will! Long Feiye, I...I really, really love...I really love you!”

Long Feiye was at first startled. Then he broke into a truly mesmerizing smile as he grabbed Han Yunxi by the waist to pull her even closer. He was almost biting on her ear as he murmured back, word by word, “Han Yunxi, my heart delights in you.”[1]

“Say it again!” Han Yunxi wasn’t satisfied at all.

Long Feiye simply held her while confessing his love again and again next to her ear. 

If the love-addled girls of Cloud Realm Continent knew that its most chilly, taciturn prince, Long Feiye, was actually capable of such tender honeyed words, how would they feel? Unfortunately, he only treated Han Yunxi with such sentiments.

Soon enough, the carriage came to a stop. Uncle Gao had followed His Highness Crown Prince’s orders to follow the forest path south. He had no idea where His Highness wanted to go, so he halted when they came to a natural hot springs blocking the path.

“Your Highness, there’s a hot springs blocking the way. Shall we change directions?” Uncle Gao asked quietly.

“No need.” Long Feiye’s clear voice sounded from within the carriage. “Your lordship wants to take bath. Send word that no one is to draw closer than 1 li to the area without orders.”

Han Yunxi stared at him at the same time Uncle Gao gaped. If he hadn’t figured out what happened by now, then it’d be a disgrace to his years of service to this carriage. Despite a mind full of shock and questions--even a little dissatisfaction--Uncle Gao still respected the orders and left with the shadow guards to stand watch on all sides. 

Long Feiye wrapped himself in his spacious outer robes to get off the carriage before offering a hand to Han Yunxi. When she didn’t budge, he peeked inside to see her looking like a startled rabbit. She had wrapped his roomy inner robes around herself to nestle in the carriage, her face looking petrified.

“Do you want me to carry you down?” Long Feiye asked.

“You wash, I’ll wait for you…” Han Yunxi replied.

“The guards are standing watch, so no one will peep. Don’t worry,” Long Feiye said seriously.

Han Yunxi wasn’t concerned about that, but something else entirely. Unexpectedly, Long Feiye knitted his brows and asked, “Don’t you feel dirty with a body full of smelly sweat?”

Alright, she admitted she’d been thinking too much. 

“We’ll talk business after we wash ourselves clean,” Long Feiye stated.

Han Yunxi was now even more certain she’d been thinking the wrong things entirely. What happened last night seemed only like a matter of course. Since he didn’t bring up a word, she wouldn’t mention it either. Extending a hand to Long Feiye, she was pulled over to the door and princess carried off the carriage. Truthfully speaking, they really were covered in sticky, dried sweat in urgent need of a wash.

Although he’d inspected her thoroughly, Han Yunxi was still embarrassed before his glittering gaze. She quickly sought refuge underwater. Long Feiye crouched by the hot springs’ edge as he loosened his robes with a lazy motion. Beneath the light of the rising sun, he seemed bathed in a thin layer of golden light, looking both noble and holy. Looking at him was definitely a high treat in this world. 

Meanwhile, Han Yunxi finally felt a little better after soaking in the hot springs for awhile. Last night’s activities had left her sore all over. Long Feiye allowed her to stare at him before a wicked grin crept onto his lips. He suddenly splashed Han Yunxi’s face with water. By the time she wiped it off, he had disappeared from sight.


Where did he go?

1. My heart delights in you (我心悦你) - wo xin yue ni, consider this a very formal way of saying “I love you.” Now you can confess just like Long Feiye too! uwu

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