Chapter 840: And not a whit of worry, either

Please note that this chapter contains explicit content.

Between the two of them at this moment, Han Yunxi possessed the clearer head. She could distinctly see the desire in Long Feiye’s eyes, a familiar yet foreign sight that she’d witnessed countless times, but never experienced for herself. Those dark, deep pupils looked different from every other time, but she couldn’t place her finger on how.

She only felt that a calm and cool-headed man like Long Feiye was especially fascinating when his eyes shone with desire. How bewitching! He didn’t have to do anything to awaken the deepest yearnings of her own heart.

“Ye…” she called out despite herself, her voice soft enough to make one melt. 

She didn’t have to do anything beyond a single word to crush the last line of defense in his heart. Long Feiye lowered his head again, but he didn’t linger on her lips this time. Instead, he traced downwards to follow along the line of her neck in a trail of kisses that alternated between sucking and light nibbling. Han Yunxi remembered that the worst time he’d bullied her was in this same carriage with these same actions. But it’d been his hands that were naughty then, while his lips were doing the deed now.

Gradually, he pushed aside her robes. Lost beneath his kisses, Han Yunxi only felt her entire body grow hot as her thoughts and feelings ran chaotic. And yet, it was then that Long Feiye abruptly stopped. She was all too familiar with these pauses. For the last four years, she’d never asked him why, but that didn’t mean she didn’t care. As the space before her grew empty she felt a sense of disappointment.

“Long Feiye…” she was about to rise when she sucked in a cold breath. A noble and respected figure like Long Feiye was currently immersing himself with her feet!

“Long Feiye…” Han Yunxi couldn’t even finish her sentence, because Long Feiye was kissing her ankle. He traced another line of kisses all the way up her well-proportioned leg while stripping her of her clothes. In the end, she was left bare except for a wine-red top that did nothing to conceal her beauty. Her face had long started flushing, her senses on full alert. Faced with his aggressive gaze, she subconsciously crossed her arms in front of her chest. But before she could speak, Long Feiye abruptly gave a tug and pulled off her last piece of clothing.

The sight before him was overwhelming, like a perfumed sachet silently undone and its contents split apart!

Long Feiye gave a start to stare. Actually, he’d seen this lithe and graceful body multiple times, but this was his first time examining it up close. He was being bold to the point of shamelessness!

His gaze fixated on her body, admiring every bit of loveliness from bottom to top without neglecting an inch. Even the most concealed corners weren’t taboo to him as he scrutinized it closely. It seemed like he was checking to see if she was hurt, but also appreciating her beauty at the same time. His inspection was detailed and meticulous as he took all of her into his eyes. Han Yunxi was both embarrassed and annoyed by his aggressive staring, causing her cool white skin to turn another shade of pink. She had no idea how alluring she looked right now.

Long Feiye had long fallen to his foe!

At this moment, he was staring at her impressive curves, his gaze so deep that it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. 

Of course, what else could he be thinking of?

Han Yunxi covered herself in shame. “Long Feiye, that’s enough from you!”

“It’s not enough,” he said hoarsely.

This was the first verbal exchange of their second meeting. Han Yunxi wouldn’t forget it for the rest of her life, because every time Long Feiye bullied her, they would have the same conversation.

“Long Feiye, that’s enough from you.”

“It’s not enough!”

They hadn’t even started, so how could it be enough? She had no idea how much he’d bore patiently over the past four years because of the Lustbite Seal energy. He immediately climbed onto her until he was resting right over her body.

“Ah…!” Han Yunxi cried out. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t bear it either. Long Feiye seemed to like her reaction as he took off all his clothes and held her tighter. Without the fabric between them, they were truly touching skin to skin. Han Yunxi couldn’t bear it at all. She gripped his shoulders with a glare. “Long Feiye, I hate it! I hate you! Let me go!”

He looked down at her as his lust-filled eyes finally regained a trace of clarity. His gaze grew gentle and clear, like that of a still lake. “Why?” he asked softly.

Upset and embarrassed, Han Yunxi couldn’t help but cry at the sight of him. She suddenly realized that this man hadn’t lost all reason to his desire, but had been wholly serious in his aggressive and wicked actions just then. How could a man with such self-control ever use her or lie to her?

“Because...because there’s a question I have to ask you,” she said, choked with sobs. It was completely incongruous with the rest of her words, but Long Feiye simply responded without thinking.

“I wouldn’t!” His answer came out of the blue as well, but she understood what he meant! His reaction made it obvious that he had received Shen Jueming’s letter and knew what she wrote on the back of Long Zun’s servant.

Long Feiye, would you still like me if I wasn’t the West Qin princess?

He had answered, “I wouldn’t.”

Han Yunxi suddenly felt listless. She allowed him to take advantage of her soft body without resisting as she squeezed her eyes shut and said, “Get lost!”

But it was at that moment that Long Feiye thrust in with the full force of his golden dragon, causing her to cry out in pain. He nestled by her ear and used the gentlest tone in the world to comfort her. “Yunxi, what do you think I should do? I’ve fallen in love with the West Qin princess long ago, but nobody in the world believes me.”

His movements were fierce, but his voice so soft. She would never forget this moment, his thrusting, or his words. Nothing was left in her mind but the sound of his voice. Before she could reply, he added, “Han Yunxi, please trust me.”

Han Yunxi, please trust me.

Those were the exact same lines he’d written on those nine letters. How could he know that she had transmigrated to this time? In his heart, Han Yunxi was simply the West Qin princess and vice versa. Thus, when he said those words…

The pain of a virgin’s first time vanished immediately beneath his gentle voice. Han Yunxi held Long Feiye tight, her mind full of things to say. Yet all she could do was hold him and kiss him. Even as the world turned upside down around them, she forgot all about her feelings and herself in her kisses.

Long Feiye, those words from you are enough!

As she kissed him, he quickly took the initiative and increased the pace of his thrusts. That made her stop in alarm. She wanted to speak up, but he never gave her the chance.

“Pain is my punishment for you!” he said before losing all self control and indulging in the passion he’d so patiently forbore.

Hadn’t she questioned him in the first place because she suspected him? He didn’t object to her doubts, but he wanted to punish her.

It really was a punishment!

So ferocious, so harsh.

There was no extra force in each thrust, but it pierced her through each time, making it impossible for Han Yunxi to ask any more questions. Yet her pain only lasted an instant before it gave way to uncontrollable cries. 

But in the end, was he punishing her, or himself?

Each and every cry that reached his ears drove him deeper into madness. Even though they were joined as one, he still didn’t feel it was enough. He still needed to be satisfied.

Han Yunxi, ah, Han Yunxi!

Just what do I have to do to possess you utterly? This crown prince wishes I could eat you whole without even leaving the bones!

His tempo grew more and more intense, faster and faster. Sweat trickled slowly down his resolute face to splash on her own. She saw his soaked form and frantic pace, combined with his wild yet handsome face, and suddenly smiled. 

Even at a time like this, she could turn dazed from staring at him! Should he be laughing or crying?

“Han Yunxi!” he wouldn’t accept it!

“Hnn….mnnh…” she moaned, enjoying things immensely.

He suddenly gave a vicious thrust that made her tremble. Her whole body shuddered as she exclaimed, “Long Fei--”

Before she could finish, the aftermath of his thrust had dissipated into wave after wave of crescendos within her body. Han Yunxi was loved until her mind shattered into pieces. In the end, she couldn’t help but exhale, “A’Ye...I love you…”

After four years as husband and wife, they’d consummated their marriage in the intense throes of passion.

Fortunately, Long Feiye’s personal carriage was wide and stable enough to handle the deed. Fortunate too, that all of the guards were too far away to overhear them. Outside, the moon and stars shone bright and a chilly autumn breeze swept through the silent mountain woods. Inside, hidden by the soft cottonrose hibiscus canopy, boundless scenes of spring played out. The scattered chaos left by their fierce tussle were ignored by both him and her. 

She sprawled on his chest, listening to his breaths as he held her with one hand and played with her strands of hair in the other. For a moment, they forgot all else. Then his hand began to grow restless against her body. She was already exhausted enough to fight against sleep and its heavy eyelids, but forced herself to keep them open. She didn’t want to miss out on this soft and beautiful moment.

Yet Han Yunxi soon discovered that she’d been mistaken. These weren’t soft or beautiful times at all. Long Feiye was a wolf, the savage kind that had been starving for years. How could it be so easy to chase him off once he started to eat? He was extremely picky about his meals, but once he found something he liked, his appetite became remarkable.

Look now, his restless hand was already teasing Han Yunxi’s sensitive spots.

“A’Ye….” Han Yunxi whined.

“What did you call me?” Long Feiye smiled.

Han Yunxi immediately buried her head in his chest and refused to answer, but Long Feiye’s smile only widend as his naughty hand roved lower down her body. Alarmed, Han Yunxi moved away. “Enough, you.”

“It’s not enough!”

He encircled her with one hand before pressing her beneath him once again, persistent and evil. “What did you call me?”

Han Yunxi’s face was completely red. Why had that name slipped out so easily just then? She’d called him that when she’d forgotten everything else, so mentioning it now just reminded her of those scenes.

“Speak, what did you call me?” he pressed while threatening her wickedly.

She turned aside, but he drew close to her ear and urged, “What did you call me?”

“A’Ye...A’Ye…” she murmured softly, her voice like a devil’s curse that awakened his vicious tendencies again.

Very soon, Han Yunxi experienced Long Feiye’s wicked side once more. He tormented her so thoroughly that she nearly lost consciousness. In the end, she ended up nestled in his arms, devoid of the strength to even speak. Yet Long Feiye still wasn’t satisfied. If possible, he’d take this woman away with him right now, but she was also the West Qin princess.

They still had matters to discuss today.

Thus, he gently stroked Han Yunxi’s face and waited quietly for her to wake up again.

Meanwhile, Ning Cheng was still searching frantically at the bottom of the abyss like a man gone insane.

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