Chapter 82: Stay strong, well done!

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As soon as she held Han Yunyi, Han Yunxi was alarmed.

Heavens, even though they were separated by a thick layer of clothing, she could feel how cold he was, and how he trembled.

In the middle of winter, Heaven knows how frigid it was!

Han Yunxi thought the child had long lost consciousness from the chill, but when she saw his tender face, she was seized with shock again. He was still awake!

His purple lips quivered as he gritted his teeth, those dark pupils contrasting within his eyeballs like clear pools in snow. Tears glimmered at the edges of his eyes but refused to fall. Han Yunxi took in all this at a glance, including the blood seeping from the corners of his lips. Just how tightly was he clamping down his jaw? He was only six years old, but his innocent face was filled with unwavering determination. At this age, how many children still spoiled themselves in their parents’ laps? Han Yunyi already understood what was dignity and honor, what was refusing to submit!

Though he’d been stripped and laughed at, then whipped for two hours or more, he never whimpered once in pain, or cried a single peep. He didn’t even beg for mercy. In that instant, this young and stubborn face branded itself into Han Yunxi’s heart as something she wouldn’t forget for the rest of her life. She unconsciously tightened her grip on Han Yunyi to try and give him more warmth.

“Yi’er, well done!”

On the side, Han Yuqi was about to fall apart. “Han Yunxi, the antidote! Where’s the antidote?!”

Only now did Han Yunxi take out a small packet of antidote from her medicine pouch and toss it over. Han Yuqi hastily caught it and gulped it down. The poison had spread quickly, but the antidote worked fast as well. Soon enough, the itchiness disappeared from Han Yuqi’s face and neck, eventually reaching his arms and hand as well. But he was already in a sorry plight with both sleeves torn to shreds and his collar ripped. His arm, neck, and face were covered with scratch marks, many of which were oozing blood. Those who didn’t know might’ve thought he had been attacked by a rabid dog.

The calmer Han Yuqi panted for breath as he glared at Han Yunxi, who held Han Yunyi tight and returned a cold stare. She didn’t fear him at all.

“Han Yunxi, you dared to plot against this young master. You think I’ll let you off easily?” Han Yuqi stepped closer and closer.

“You wouldn’t. So I didn’t give you the antidote,” Han Yunxi said coldly. Little Chen Xiang hadn’t arrived with reinforcements yet. She’d finally found a chance to poison him, so why would she cure him so quickly? Han Yuqi was a beast that, once offended, could do anything. She didn’t have a hole in her head so she wasn’t stupid. Why would she be honest with him?

“You!” Han Yuqi gasped for breath.

“Didn’t you want to wait for the justice court’s men to arrive? If you have the guts, wait for wangfei’s sake! Otherwise, I promise your poison will flare up once every hour!” Han Yunxi warned. Though she was sitting down, the aura she emitted was impressive enough to shake all those present.

How could Han Yuqi take the risk when he’d already suffered once? He gritted his teeth. “Then we’ll wait. This young master’s not afraid of you!”

No matter who came from the justice courts, they’ll know he was the Ministry of Appointments magistrate’s grandson and that Han Yunxi was just some no-name, bullied wangfei. Who’d dare cause difficulties for him!

He’ll wait!

If Han Yunxi didn’t hand over the storehouse key today, she shouldn’t think about taking a step out of the Han house!

Han Yuqi sat down without regard to his pathetic state and kept his eye on Han Yunxi, as if fearful the storehouse key would fly away. Han Yunxi allowed him to stare as he wished while she comforted the child in her arms. Even though he was warmer now, Han Yunyi still gritted his teeth, his entire body stretched taut with tension. He recognized Han Yunxi and knew that she’d come to save him. But he didn’t dare relax. He was afraid that if he did, he’d cry.

He wouldn’t cry!

In this house, his mother was the most favored one, and the most patient one. Although he was his father’s favorite son, he’d suffered many grievances because his mother was so tolerant. He’d never cried before, so he didn’t want to cry this time, either.

“Yunyi, it’s all right. Don’t grit your teeth, just relax, okay?” Han Yunxi urged softly. She brushed her hand past Han Yunyi’s cheeks, warming up his cold little face. But Han Yunyi was unmoved. Though his open eyes reflected Han Yunxi in the pupils, he didn’t really see her. Still, Han Yunxi controlled herself and continued to urge him.

“Yunyi, be good and listen. You’re already bleeding.”

“It’s okay. Just relax, all right? Big sister is here. Big sister’s protecting you, so they won’t dare to try anything.”

“In the future, big sister will always protect you. Don’t be afraid. Everything’s okay.”


Her patience and perseverance finally warmed Han Yunyi’s heart. Slowly, ever so slowly, his vision of Han Yunxi grew blurrier. Han Yunxi knew that this child had bore enough and was ready to let it go.

“Good child, don’t be afraid. Big sister knows you’ve been the strongest,” she lightly touched his hair, as if caring after her own child.

“Yunyi, big sister knows you’re a brave man. You won’t cry because you’ve never cried, right?”

“Yunyi, if you’re tired, just sleep. It’s all right. Big sister’s here. I’ll always be here.”


Han Yunxi’s voice grew softer and softer, smaller and smaller. And Han Yunyi’s eyelid also slowly, gradually lowered. He’d finally relaxed and fallen asleep from exhaustion. When he finally shut his eyes and relaxed his jaw, a single trail of tears streaked down from the corner of his eyes…

Though Han Yunxi hadn’t taken Han Congan’s directions to heart, her own was aching at this moment. She murmured, “Yi’er, big sister wasn’t lying to you. Big sister promised your father to protect you.”

Han Yunxi was about to carry Han Yunyi inside the rooms when a few servants prepared to stop her. She kept them back with a single fierce glance, and the servants shot questioning glances at Han Yuqi. Han Yuqi disdainfully waved a hand to dismiss them since Han Yunxi couldn’t escape, anyways.

Han Yunxi carried Han Yunyi into the house and took advantage of his unconsciousness to treat the wounds on his back. She applied the best medicine and studiously bandaged the injuries. After finishing her careful treatment, she tucked him in under the covers. At this point, a clamor rose outside the door as Han Yuqi shouted gleefully.

“Han Yunxi, Han Yunxi, you get out! Show yourself for this young master!”

Were the justice court’s people here? And he was still so arrogant?

Filled with doubts, Han Yunxi hastened out the door and saw nobody but little Chen Xiang gasping for breath by the door to the courtyard.

“Where are they?” Han Yunxi asked.

“Mistress...mistress...Ou…” little Chen Xiang panted, unable to speak clearly.

When she ran to report to the justice courts about Qin Wangfei’s situation, Official Ouyang was reverent and respectful. He’d immediately rode over in a carriage to the nearby Han Family. Little Chen Xiang thought the carriage was too slow and rushed right back, so tired that she couldn’t string together a single sentence.

Seeing this, Han Yuqi could only laugh. “Hahaha, you were frightened to death, right? Did the justice courts drive you out?”

But his words had hardly landed when a little pageboy announced in alarm, “Eldest young master, Official Ouyang from the justice courts has personally arrived! He says he wants to see you!”

The justice court’s Official Ouyang came in person?

He thought they’d just send some lackey, but the official had come himself. Han Yuqi didn’t expect this, but he felt more smug than anything else. Official Ouyang had been recommended to the post by his grandfather, so of course he’d make an appearance here. That was good. The justice courts could personally teach Han Yunxi a lesson. That’ll show the woman who didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depths of the earth[1] the power of the Han Family!

He gave Han Yunxi a mocking smile, forgetting how pathetic he looked, and strode boldly out the courtyard to greet the official. At this time, Official Ouyang had just arrived, his face flurried and flustered to match his quick steps. He’d been old friends with Magistrate Xu Xiangguang[2] for years and heard of his grandson’s temper.

He was really afraid that if he came too late and made Qin Wangfei suffer, he’d get more trouble than he bargained for. After all, the last justice court official had been punished by the Board of Civil Offices because they’d offended Qin Wangfei and angered His Highness Duke of Qin! Even though that fact had never been publicized, the magistrate and him were very clear that Qin Wangfei wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

Seeing Official Ouyang approach, Han Yuqi grinned and bowed with his hands cupped before him. “Official Ouyang, such a small matter has inconvenienced you to personally appear, it’s really…”

Han Yuqi didn’t finish before Official Ouyang walked right past him into the courtyard. He got ignored? Han Yuqi was dumbfounded, what was the meaning of this?

“This official greets esteemed wangfei. Many fortunes to esteemed wangfei! This official’s assistance came late, may esteemed wangfei forgive me!”

After hearing Official Ouyang’s respectful words, Han Yuqi was startled. He turned back to see the man kneeling on one leg before Han Yunxi, cupping one hand in the other before his chest with head lowered. He couldn’t look any more respectful--in fact, he even looked timid.


Han Yuqi couldn’t help but rub his eyes. Heavens, this couldn’t be a dream, right? What happened to Official Ouyang?

“Official Ouyang, Han Yuqi offended his superiors and raved that he’d threaten this wangfei. Tell me, what is his punishment?” Han Yunxi asked coldly.

Of course she knew the relationship between the high official and this newly appointmented one. But this new official should also be very aware of her own temper.

“Of course...of course it’s…” Official Ouyang hesitated.

“What?” Han Yunxi pressed coldly.

“Offending the superior means fifty beatings, while threatening the wangfei is...a capital offence!” Official Ouyang replied honestly.

These words finally allowed Han Yuqi to recover his wits. “Official Ouyang, you’re really treating this slutty woman seriously? What are you afraid of? She’s just a…”

“Shut your mouth!” Official Ouyang roared. At the same time, Lady Xu started making a fuss.

Those present saw a woman in her thirties of uncommon bearing rush in from outside, dressed in luxurious clothes.

“I didn’t expect to be honored by esteemed wangfei’s presence, excuse me for not going out to meet you! I implore esteemed wangfei for forgiveness!” Lady Xu paid her respects as soon as she entered the doors.

Seeing this, Han Yuqi was dumbfounded once again. He remembered just yesterday how his mother had been cursing Han Yunxi as a good-for-nothing after hearing the rumors from outside. Today she’d gone to her father, the magistrate’s house, and returned a completely different person!

Lady Xu had been bustling about recently to figure out a way to visit the prisons. She’d tried again and again to visit the high official’s house to ask her father for help, but was refused each time. Today she’d gone again and just gotten news of the truth behind North Court Official He Ze’s affair. He also added that the only reason the Han Family members couldn’t visit the prisons was because Han Yunxi had specifically forbidden it.

Lady Xu knew things weren’t good as soon as she heard the news. She and her son had bullied Han Yunxi plenty in the past, so on the way back she was thinking of ways to make amends. Who knew that she’d run into disaster as soon as she returned?


[1] didn’t know the height of the heavens, or the depths of the earth (不知天高地厚) - buzhi tiangao dihou, refers to someone who has an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities. (Oh, the irony…)

[2] Xu Xiangguang (徐向光) - the Ministry of Appointments/Board of Civil Office’s magistrate. Father of 2nd Consort Lady Xu and grandfather to Han Yuqi. Xiangguang can mean ‘towards the light.’

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