Chapter 807: Then what does she count for?

When Han Yunxi heard about Long Feiye’s true identity, she could only sit there blankly in a daze. Shen Jueming knitted his brows with worry, while Luo Zuishan’s expression was dark and indignant. The news had come too suddenly for all of them and stunned them deeply. Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin simply stood on the side with heads bowed, afraid to meet esteemed wangfei’s gaze.

The room was absolutely silent. Light from the setting sun marked the passing of time. When night finally fell, the sunlight vanished from the windows. A servant girl came to light the lamps, but Shen Jueming had her withdraw. He lit it himself before breaking the silence.

“Esteemed wangfei, Doctor Gu’s matters…”

Han Yunxi finally looked up. Perhaps it was from lack of sleep last night, but her bright eyes had dimmed completely, leaving her looking sick and wan. She drank a sip of water before replying. “Use Gu Beiyue’s name to issue orders from the academy head. From this day on, abolish the ‘medical sanctions’ prohibitions. Medical City will always remain a neutral party. Under no circumstances is the medical academy to involve itself in any foreign politics or faction power struggles. The medical academy will only take responsibility for patients!”

Shen Jueming rejoiced. “This is the fortune of both Medical City and Cloud Realm Continent! Esteemed wangfei is wise and brilliant!” He had no idea if this woman knew Long Feiye’s status long ago, but he was worried that the south central regions would use Medical City as one of their weapons once they warred against Tianning. Now it looked like Han Yunxi hadn’t disappointed him.

“It’s not me who’s wise and brilliant, this was originally Gu Beiyue’s idea. Spread the orders that Doctor Gu has gone into seclusion starting today. He won’t receive any visitors or patients. The academy head’s tasks can be delegated to the Vice Council and Council of Elders to deliberate over as a group,” Han Yunxi finished.

“Esteemed wangfei, don’t worry. This old man knows what to do.” As Shen Jueming spoke, he shot a look at Luo Zuishan to indicate that he should leave. Unfortunately, Luo Zuishan only pretended not to see and remained put.

Without a choice, Shen Jueming could only leave first. First, he didn’t want to get too involved in south central region politics; secondly, the medical academy needed to wrap many things up in lieu of Gu Beiyue’s uncertain status. As soon as he was gone, Luo Zuishan broke into a cold laugh. “It’s no wonder, it’s no wonder!”

“What do you mean?” Xu Donglin huffed. 

“Everyone in the world knows of the Shadow Clan’s loyalty to West Qin. It’s perfectly justifiable for the East Qin crown prince to kill him!” Luo Zuishan was suppressing his rage with difficulty.

As a doctor, he respected Gu Beiyue and remembered how the man had saved Little Qi. At the cliff, he’d heard of details of last night and couldn’t help but suspect Long Feiye as the perpetrator now that his identity was revealed.

“Luo Zuishan, you can eat junk, but you can’t speak junk. Do you know what you’re saying right now?” Chu Xifeng demanded.

“May I ask Guard Chu whether Doctor Gu knew of your master’s identity after he found out his?” Luo Zuishan retorted.

Han Yunxi finally looked over at Chu Xifeng. Without a doubt, she wanted to know the answer too. Chu Xifeng pursed his lips and couldn’t reply. From what he understood, His Highness Duke of Qin hadn’t revealed any hint of his East Qin lineage to Gu Beiyue. If he had, Gu Beiyue would be too busy holding a grudge against him to ever agree to cooperate. In truth, Chu Xifeng couldn’t read his master completely, either!

He always thought His Highness Duke of Qin had agreed to work with Gu Beiyue just so he could use the man for his own means. But it wasn’t until His Highness handed the rule of the south central regions to the man and started communicating with him in secret to work against that old fox that he discovered His Highness trusted Gu Beiyue completely. Even now, he couldn’t figure out why His Highness would have faith in a member of the Shadow Clan. They were dead set loyalists to West Qin, making them East Qin’s archenemy!

“Guard Chu, I’m asking you a question!” Luo Zuishan pressed.

Chu Xifeng knew that an honest answer would paint Long Feiye in a terrible light, but he knew lying here was impossible. Who would believe that a member of the Shadow Clan would willingly work with the East Qin imperial prince? Luo Zuishan waited patiently while Han Yunxi remained mute. Finally, Chu Xifeng caved into the pressure and said, “Doctor Gu...was not aware.”

Han Yunxi was expressionless, but her hands tightened around her teacup. Luo Zuishan sprang to his feet and demanded, “Just what kind of intentions does Long Feiye have?”

Perhaps he spoke too loudly, but Han Yunxi jolted at his words.

“Luo Zuishan, that has nothing to do with you. I ask that you please--”

“Academy Head Gu’s matters are the matters of our medical academy,” Lu Zuishan cut in. “How does that have nothing to do with this old man? Are you afraid to answer my questions because of your guilty conscience?”

“His Highness Duke of Qin even gave the south central region’s commander-in-chief’s estate to Gu Beiyue. How could he have bad intentions?” Chu Xifeng defended.

“Heheh, then why did Long Feiye hide his identity from Doctor Gu?” Luo Zuishan asked next.

Chu Xifeng was lost for words. His Highness Duke of Qin and Gu Beiyue’s identities were definitely antagonistic towards each other with no possibility of reconcilation! Only hiding and using the man made most sense. This was a question with a dead end! It was like the national enmity between East and West Qin, forever unbreakable. Unable to explain, Chu Xifeng could only look towards Han Yunxi.

“Esteemed wangfei, it couldn’t have been His Highness last night because he’s still with the military. How could he have come to Medical City?”

The most I can do is to make esteemed wangfei believe that the dark-robed assassin isn’t His Highness Duke of Qin. Only then can I give him a chance to explain himself. 

Han Yunxi was clearly disappointed. Chu Xifeng had no idea how much his mistress wished that he could keep explaining himself so she wouldn’t be suspicious! 

“Celestial Mountain Sword Sect should have more than one expert like Long Feiye, right?” Luo Zuishan smiled icily.

“Esteemed wangfei, this subordinate isn’t clear on the matters between His Highness and Gu Beiyue either. But this subordinate is certain that it wasn’t His Highness last night! Esteemed wangfei, you mustn’t jump to wild conclusions! This subordinate will arrange for you to go back immediately. You can talk with His Highness face to face then, it’s better than guessing blindly!” Chu Xifeng coaxed anxiously.

Han Yunxi finally spoke, her voice like cool water. “He not only lied to Gu Beiyue, but me.”

After everything that happened last night, she had insisted this morning that Long Feiye wasn’t the assassin because he lacked the motive. But now, his identity was one exact motive! How was she supposed to trust him now? How could she not be suspicious? She could accept him hiding his wounds to trick the spies, but why did he hide his identity too? Even if she accepted that, she needed a reason first! Moreover, she didn’t want to accept it! 

Over the past three to four years, she had asked him multiple times about the grievances between East and West Qin, as well as the whereabouts of the Seven Noble Families. She even suspected herself to be the West Qin imperial heir for awhile and told him that if that was the case, she could really help him out across Cloud Realm.

But look at him! He hid himself so deeply! She’d asked about his birth parents once, but he pushed everything onto the Tang Clan instead! Just because she never pressed the matter didn’t mean he could lie to her! Liking someone had nothing to do with his past or origins. She respected his past and his privacy while waiting for the day he chose to tell everything. But who would have known that he had used such a method to reveal himself?

Gu Beiyue’s assassination occurred the same time that war broke out and he told the world. Did this count as telling her too? Then what did she count for? In his heart, what difference was there between her and the rest of the people in the world? 

It was hilarious!

Chu Xifeng was drenched in cold sweat, too nervous to know what to say. Xu Donglin hastened to explain instead. “Esteemed wangfei, last night’s assassin had martial arts skills on par with His Highness. Even Celestial Mountain has no one like this! The sword sect master wouldn’t leave the mountain, you know that!”

Hearing this, Chu Xifeng grew energized. Luo Zuishan didn’t know that the sword sect master had lost all of his martial arts to help His Highness Duke of Qin, but esteemed wangfei did!

“Esteemed wangfei, the person from last night could very well be from the Heretical Sword Sect!” Chu Xifeng said urgently.

Han Yunxi just waved a wave. “All of you, get out.”

Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin still wanted to persuade her, but Luo Zuishan shooed them off. He wanted to stay behind, but Han Yunxi drove him out next. Luo Zuishan immediately went to find Gu Qishao at the Poison Sect’s forbidden grounds while Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin were left to guard the door, feeling both fretful and uneasy.

“Boss, did His Highness reply your message yet?” Xu Donglin asked in hushed tones.

“It’d be nice if he did,” Chu Xifeng’s face was wrinkled like an old tangerine. “This won’t do. I’ll need to write another letter to His Highness. Esteemed wangfei definitely suspects him!”

“Boss, why do you think His Highness...why would he trick esteemed wangfei?” Xu Donglin asked resentfully. When Chu Xifeng didn’t reply, he muttered to himself, “Esteemed wangfei and Doctor Gu are so close, perhaps His Highness was afraid she’d object and so decided to hide everything? After using Gu Beiyue, he would….cut the weed and dig up its root to get rid of the source of trouble?”


Chu Xifeng’s hand smacked Xu Donglin soundly against his lip. Xu Donglin nearly wanted to cry from the pain, but he stopped talking. Chu Xifeng wrote another letter before he saw Tang Li arrive. However, he too, was stopped at the door.

Xu Donglin told Tang Li everything.

“So what you’re all saying is that my big bro didn’t tell her about the East Qin imperial clan before he started battle?” Tang Li was incredulous.

Both Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin shook their heads.

“Impossible!” Tang Li grew anxious. “My big bro would definitely tell her something this important before war broke out! Didn’t she get any letter from him last night?”

Again, Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin shook their heads.

“Then what about Gu Beiyue? Did he receive any letters?” Tang Li asked.

Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin shook their heads again. Actually, Long Feiye had given Gu Beiyue an entire stack of letters last night and even sent a shadow guard to personally deliver a verbal message. Unfortunately, that guard had perished last night to the sword of the assassin. Whatever he told Gu Beiyue had vanished along with the letters when the doctor fell over the cliff.

Tang Li grew listless. He, Chu Xifeng, and Xu Donglin all sat together in front of the door. Their only choice now was to wait for Long Feiye’s reply. 

Meanwhile, the East Qin crown prince’s revenge battle had not only shocked Medical City, but all of Cloud Realm Continent. Bai Yanqing almost fell out of his chair when he got the news. He gripped Bai Yuqiao by the collar and roared, “Impossible, Long Feiye is still recuperating on Celestial Mountain!”

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