Chapter 796: Abrupt rise, the most revered and respected

The large courtyard was instantly emptied of spectators. Even Chu Xifeng and Xu Donglin couldn’t hold back their curiosity and followed the crowd to see the third patient. Once again, only Han Yunxi, Gu Qishao, and Gu Beiyue were left behind. The first two stood on either sides of Gu Beiyue and stared at him in silence. Just then, Gu Beiyue had been completely calm, but this brief bout of staring left him feeling embarrassed soon enough. 

He coughed lightly and asked, “What are...what are you two doing?”

“Gu Beiyue...tsk, tsk tsk!” Gu Qishao rubbed his chin with interest, clicking his tongue nonstop.

“….” Han Yunxi crossed her arms over her chest. She couldn’t stop saying “you.”

Gu Beiyue couldn’t resist a laugh. It wasn’t his usual polite and modest laugh, but one born of pure happiness. At last, they’d finished their battle at Medical City. 

That’s right, it was all over.

Gu Qishao suddenly slapped his hand on Gu Beiyue’s shoulder. “Brother, let’s go! It’s time to swagger!”

By the time the trio arrived at the courtyard, everyone parted automatically to give them a path. The three department heads and the judging panel had just emerged from the rooms and confirmed that the patient had recovered on his own without treatment. Such cases weren’t rare, as many patients were capable of self-recovery. But who would have expected such a strange and serious illness to be one of them? At any rate, Department Head Ouyang never expected it. His head hung as his annoyance was written all over his face!

If he hadn’t agreed like the trest to this competition and kept trying to treat his patient, he would have succeeded without even trying! Then he would have had one more chance to compete. Even if he couldn’t beat Gu Beiyue, at least he could have suppressed the other two department heads!

Department Head Ouyang was ready to run into a wall!

Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao walked behind Gu Beiyue as they traveled past the crowd. Everyone was focused on the doctor in front of them, their eyes now filled with pleasant surprise, admiration, and appreciation. If there was anyone who envied Gu Beiyue in the past, there was none of that now. He had thoroughly convinced them! His wisdom, cleverness, and exceptional medical skills had reached a realm beyond the level of jealousy. All they could do was look up to him. Even the three department heads had no more complaints. Department Head Ouyang had to admit that Gu Beiyue wasn’t acting before thinking either, nor did he cure the third patient simply with luck. 

With a few symptoms and sentences, Gu Beiyue had discovered that the patient could recover naturally. This was a definite proof of his skills. Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao both came to a tacit agreement to retreat quietly to the sidelines. She had a wry smile on her face: who would have thought that these were the results?

It was possible that this was a case of congenital disorder of glycosylation, but it could also be a psychological illness at play. The technical name for the illness was somatization disorder. Due to mental factors, the body behaved abnormally. The disease could last for a long time or recover after certain stimulation. Gu Beiyue’s diagnosis was completely normal. Whether this was a natural illness or a somatization disorder, it was up to the patient whether he recovered or died. Perhaps starvation was the tipping point to his cure. Han Yunxi was only filled with admiration towards Gu Beiyue!

He now walked forward by himself, his path belonging to him alone amidst the crowd of medical academy members and Apricot Woods Conference guests. Under such glory, his steps were measured and paced as always, his smile as light as a cloud. His refined white robes and elegant carriage, along with his temperate and mild, jade-like mannerisms in the face of his honor painted the true picture of a doctor.

The highest realm of medical skills didn’t lay in how he cured these cases today, but in the fact that anyone who looked upon him could find their hearts at ease and stop fearing life or death.

“Doctor Gu, could you...could you explain to everyone in detail about the three patients’ diagnosis and treatment plans?” Clan Head Ren asked respectfully.

Gu Beiyue agreed and went through a detailed, penetrating analysis of all three cases. Everyone, including the three department heads, listened in earnest, afraid to miss a detail. Once he finished speaking, the medical skills competition was over.

“The judging panel announces that Gu Beiyue is the champion of this time’s medical skills competition! According to the rules of the medical academy’s Apricot Woods Medical Skills Competition, Gu Beiyue shall assume the post as the new academy head!” Clan Head Ren said happily.

In some ways, these words had set Medical City’s future! Clan Head Ren prepared the Medical City token in front of the crowd and offered it with both hands to Gu Beiyue. Gu Beiyue looked back at Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao with a smile before accepting the item. He looked at it, then raised it up high, his gentle eyes suddenly turning stern and serious! Such an expression made the viewers’ hearts jolt before they too, grew solemn and respectful. Here was the somberity of a doctor whose respect and reverence for life allowed no perfunctory actions or carelessness; it was the type of sternness that made this frail, sickly looking man into a sacred sovereign beyond compare. From then on, he would hold dominance over Cloud Realm’s medical world!

Of all the Seven Noble Families, the Shadow Clan’s shadow arts were consummate skills known by the public. However, nobody realized their secret skills in medicine. As they had the task of protecting West Qin royalty, the Shadow Clan also undertook the duties of imperial physicians at their sides. The forefather of the Shadow Clan had intimate ties with the medical academy. However, Gu Beiyue was unaware of that particular detail, nor would he ever know. He had just inherited multiple medical skills from his grandfather and studied hard since his youth to gain all his abilities. He had always been low-key and never vied for favors. He never expected to be holding up Medical City’s token one day.

Was this another way to protect?

Han Yunxi, from this day one, I, Gu Beiyue, vow that no one in Cloud Realm’s medical world will dare to make you their enemy!

Gu Beiyue’s eyes were cold as he held the token aloft. In a flash, all of the members of the medical academy from its department heads to the young medical assistants all bent down in a formal bow. Han Yunxi stared at Gu Beiyue until she knitted her brows. 


Why is it that I can see the gentleness in his eyes, even when he looks so stern?

Why is it that he’s looking scornfully at the medical academy, but I feel like he’s looking at me?

In the crowd, Bai Yanqing’s glare was enough to kill a man, but nobody noticed. Soon enough, the marvel of the medical skills competition spread throughout Medical City. Overnight, the words “Gu Beiyue” became the miracle of Medical City, then all of Cloud Realm Continent.

Early next morning, Gu Beiyue formally took on his role as academy head. His ascension promptly broke up the three power factions of the three department heads. Everyone and their clans were eager to flatter him and get on his good side. Unfortunately, all of them had underestimated Gu Beiyue’s administration skills. The first thing he did upon assuming position was to call a conference discussing the obstructed labor case. He placed the pain-killing techniques of acupuncture as the focal point and required it be spread publicly within the next few years. Additionally, the case of amniotic fluid embolism and its treatment were to be recorded as a typical case to be published in various texts. 

After that, he promoted Fourth Young Miss Ren and gave her a special permit that allowed her to rise to sixth rank Primogenitor Doctor and break the rules to become a director. With this, he pulled Clan Head Ren to his side. Although the Ren Clan’s strength couldn’t be compared to other older, more established families, they also lacked the complex, intricate interpersonal connections within the medical academy’s circles. As long as Gu Beiyue had the heart to promote, the Ren Clan would definitely remain loyal to his side!

His single promotion stirred the hearts of many other small or newer clans within Medical City. They saw hope with his actions and proactively moved to seek refuge at his side. This was how Gu Beiyue managed to suppress the old established families and disintegrate the years of complicated relationships brimming within the academy. 

If even Fourth Young Miss Ren was promoted, then what about Han Yunxi? She had been a great help in the emergency treatment, so Gu Beiyue gave her full credit for her contributions during the amniotic fluid embolism. Because of her efforts, he had the excuse to raise her to a seventh rank Sage Doctor and a member of the Council of Elders. This was quite a large leap, but Fourth Young Miss Ren had already set a precedent with her promotion. Since Han Yunxi did more than the girl, she naturally earned a higher rank. And since she was promoted after Fourth Young Miss Ren, the Ren Clan didn’t have much to argue about, either.

Those who did protest were quickly refuted by the Ren Clan, so Gu Beiyue didn’t even have to speak up. Once Han Yunxi learned of this news, she finally understood why Gu Beiyue had asked for Fourth Young Miss Ren out of the blue. Using the chance to save a life and the background of the Apricot Woods Medical Skills Competition, Gu Beiyue managed to promote quite a few people.

Luo Zuishan’s behavior at the Apricot Woods Conference, combined with Gu Beiyue’s bias, smoothly raised him from director to the Council of Elders. Third Elder Shen went from the council to the Vice Council of department heads, making him equals with the other trio. On the day that Third Elder Shen Jueming took office, Gu Qishao exposed Department Head Lin’s liaison with Lady Lianxin. The man was put into prison while Department Heads Ouyang and Huo began living in fear for their livelihoods. They wouldn’t feel so guilty if they hadn’t done things against their conscience. Gu Qishao didn’t touch them, but neither would they ever seek trouble for Gu Beiyue again.

In only three days, Gu Beiyue finished transferring personnel and re-organizing all of medical academy. All of Medical City could only sigh at his achievements, while all of Cloud Realm Continent were shook by his actions. Various power factions across the continent had sent their representations to observe these actions, so the masters behind the scenes were watching too! 

Ning Cheng had almost reached Medical City when he heard the latest updates. It made him waver and wonder whether he should double back instead. Meanwhile, Long Feiye received the news just as he joined up with Baili Yuanlong. 

“Congratulations to Your Highness, congratulations!” Baili Yuanlong greeted as soon as they met. Although he didn’t know Gu Beiyue’s true identity, he knew that him taking Medical City was the same as His Highness Duke of Qin and esteemed wangfei gaining the place for themselves.

Long Feiye’s happiness was written all over his face. He showed a rare, open smile in front of the general. “It was a beautiful job. A few days later, Han Yunxi should come back as well! Your lordship will wait for her!”

Baili Mingxiang recalled the words she’d overheard him say to the shadow guard before and couldn’t help but murmur, “Your Highness, is Doctor Gu...not returning with her?”

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