Chapter 794: Everyone fears him now

Most of the people were waiting for Gu Beiyue to make a laughingstock out of himself, but they never expected him to be such a farce.

Memory loss and pregnancy? 

Even if Hua Tuo himself were here, he’d probably burst out laughing too! The female patient seemed to lose all self-control as she glared at Gu Beiyue and kept repeating herself, “I want to change my doctor, I don’t believe you! I won’t!”

“Clan Head Ren, if a doctor can’t even earn the basic trust of his patient, isn’t that the greatest failing of all?” Department Head Huo asked.

Before Clan Head Ren could reply, Department Head Lin added, “Not only did he fail to earn the patient’s trust, he even lacks basic respect for her! Gu Beiyue, no matter how stunning your medical skills are, you don’t deserve to be a doctor! The medical academy’s medical skills competition is the most holy contest of the Apricot Woods Conference. You don’t have the right to participate!”

“Someone come, protect the patient and chase Gu Beiyue off!” Department Head Ouyang spoke up as well.

No one expected Gu Beiyue to lose so quickly and in such a way. This might end up being Medical City’s biggest joke in history! 

The guards were already coming. Gu Qishao was completely lost as he wondered whether Gu Beiyue’s brains had cracked. Even so, he moved to shield the man behind him. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi knitted her brows as she seemed to recall something.

“Gu Qishao, what else do you want to do? The patient herself said that she wanted to change doctors. Are you guys going to force treatment on her instead?” Department Head Lin demanded, but he didn’t dare to step forward. He was afraid that Gu Qishao would step on him again.

“Isn’t this too shameless? That’s a unmarried woman right there. All she did was lose her memory, but why accuse her of pregnancy? Gu Beiyue, you might be a doctor without medical morals, but as a human being, shouldn’t you have some basic virtue?”

“Everyone, tell him to get lost. He’s bullying the patient! That’s uncalled for!”

As waves of emotion swept through the audience, many of them began to denounce Gu Beiyue. Tang Li and his wife, Medicine City’s Old Wang, Mu Qingwu, Luo Zuishan and the rest remained silent, but they didn’t stand out in support either. None of them could understand what Gu Beiyue was thinking.

When everything seemed to go out of control, Gu Beiyue simply ignored the crowd and looked carefully at the agitated old woman, the mother of the amnesia patient. His calm gaze seemed to examine and take in everything.

“Old woman, if you wanted her to forget, then why have you been trying to make her remember over the past ten years?”

What...did that mean?

The old woman’s face visibly blanched before she backed away a few steps, just in time to crash into her daughter. She calmed down and looked at her. “Mother, what is he saying?”

The old woman kept backing away to distance herself from her child.

“Old woman, think it over carefully. You can change doctors, but…”

Before Gu Beiyue could finish, the old woman squeezed her eyes shut and shouted, “She has been pregnant before, but she lost the child when she was unconscious! Only I know this, but I’ve never told her.”

The patient froze at her words. She looked at her mother in disbelief. “I...I’ve been pregnant before? I...who does my child belong to?”

As she asked, she suddenly grew anxious and ran over to grasp her mother. “Mother, whose child was it? Whose?”

The old woman was shaking. Before she could reply, the patient suddenly clutched her head and cried out in alarm. “Ah...ahhhhhh….I don’t want this, I don’t...ahhh……!”

Her alarm and fear was a reaction to the old memories that she’d purposely forgotten. Not only were she and her mother attacked by robbers, but she’d been taken advantage by the thieves. The child belonged to one of the bandits. With that memory restored, all of the rest came flooding back into her head. She knelt on the ground and clutched her head as she screamed, attracting the attention of the now stunned and speechless crowd.

Gradually, the woman’s cries lessened before she stood up. Unexpectedly, she was smiling through her tears. She turned to Gu Beiyue and bowed. “Doctor Gu, I’m sorry for just then. I remember now, every single thing. Thank you!”

Then she looked towards the old woman. “Mother, you’ve spent bitter years hiding all this from me!”


What’s going on? How can this be?

The sudden shift only left everyone in the crowd clueless. Department Head Lin was the first to explode. “Gu Beiyue, you threatened the patient!”

“No!” the patient denied. “I really remember what happened in the past, truly!” 

After that, she recounted everything about her birthplace, her origins, and the things she’d experienced. For the sake of the judging panel, the old woman had already submitted a record of the lost memories to the judging panel, who compared her accounts to the records and found that they matched perfectly. 

Here was the truth. Although it left the spectators lost, none of them could make a rebuttal. The woman was quite grateful to Gu Beiyue and wanted to keep testifying on his behalf, but he refused her offer. Once she left with her mother, Han Yunxi finally spoke up. 

“This is psychogenic amnesia. The woman suffered tremendous shock when she was kidnapped and violated in the past, thus causing serious mental strain. She couldn’t accept what had happened, so she chose to forget it. She even forgot about the baby in her womb, but her mother did. Afraid that her daughter would grieve, she never told her.”

Gu Beiyue nodded. “There are two types of amnesia. One comes from trauma to the head, while the other is exactly as Qin Wangfei described--a shock to the mental systems. This one discovered that the patient had once suffered a miscarriage while taking her pulse before inferring the conclusion. By stimulating her with what happened in the past, she indeed recovered her memory.”

“Shock to the mental systems…” Department Head Lin muttered to himself. He too, had saw the signs of a miscarriage in the woman’s pulse. It was suspicious that an unmarried woman would have such a phenomenon, but he never connected it to her memory loss! Vexed by the discovery, he felt nothing but regrets.

“He can even do that? A single sentence was enough to cure the patient?” Department Head Ouyang was still in disbelief.

Department Head Huo didn’t say a word. Here was the reality, they couldn’t deny it if they tried.

Cases like this in modern times would fall under the category of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. As long as the doctor found the crux of the matter, the patient could recover. Who knew that Gu Beiyue knew this as well as the palm of his hand? Han Yunxi was filled with emotions at the realization. He was much, much stronger than she thought. The judging panel was filled with sighs and exclamations as well. Gu Beiyue had cured a 10-year-old case of memory loss with only a few sentences. Was he just lucky, or seriously extraordinary? Many people begin to study him in earnest.

Clan Head Ren coughed lightly. “Everyone’s seen for themselves. Doctor Gu has already cured this amnesia patient.”

“Department Head Lin, I’m sorry to say that my family’s Doctor Gu accidentally won against you,” Gu Qishao was in a great mood.

Department Head Lin shook his sleeves furiously. “It was just a lucky fluke! Moreover, this is just one case. It’s still early to say that he’s won!”

Gu Qishao’s gaze turned cold. “To the next one!” He took the words right out of the judging panel’s mouth. 

Han Yunxi looked at Gu Qishao doubtfully and discovered that the fellow was learning to defend Gu Beiyue more and more. Since when has Gu Beiyue been part of his family? Even if they have the same last name, does it mean they were related once upon a time five hundred years ago?

Gu Beiyue went to Department Head Huo’s courtyard next. Here was the twenty year old female patient who had aged into an old woman within the course of a month. As before, he took her pulse and asked her questions. Han Yunxi watched from the sidelines and discovered that besides some wrinkles on her face, the girl’s hair and body hadn’t turned old or decrepit. If this was really progeria, then her hair and body should have aged as well. She began to suspect whether it was an uncommon skin disease instead.

Everyone else watched and waited quietly. If they were waiting to see a joke before, now they were anxious to know the true results of the medical skills competition. It seemed as unpredictable as Gu Beiyue himself. Department Head Huo was the most anxious of all. He kept consoling himself with the fact that he’d heard of premature aging in the past, but never its cure. This morning, he even had a long talk with the patient and discovered she’d tried seeking multiple doctors already. He was certain that nobody in this world could cure her.

Gu Beiyue might have some serious skills, but he didn’t have the power to break through the Heavens. Even Gu Yuntian himself would choose retreat here! Department Head Huo felt calmer after these thoughts, but Gu Beiyue’s words soon left his heart stuck in his throat.

He said, “This isn’t premature aging, but a type of skin disease that led to wrinkling. I’ll write a prescription, so may the judging panel find all of the necessary ingredients within three days.”

After a period of silence, Clan Head Ren spoke up. “Doctor Gu means to say that...she can be cured?”

“Of course,” Gu Beiyue was certain.

A bit stunned, Clan Head Ren then asked, “ many days will it take?”

“As long as you gather the ingredients within three days, she’ll be cured within 10 days,” Gu Beiyue said seriously.

The deadline for the medical skills competition was only 10 days long. Doctors didn’t have to fully cure their patients within the deadline, but that would be the best outcome. It was the judging panel’s responsibility to provide the medicinal ingredients. If they caused a delay on their end, then the competition would have to be extended as well.

“Then...then...then how about writing the prescription first?” Clan Head Ren discovered that his words were shaking. 

Heavens, can this man really cure this patient? If so, then he...just how horrific is his medical skills? This can completely surpass Gu Yuntian! Gu Yuntian’s an eighth rank Empyreal Doctor, so would that make him a ninth rank Sovereign Doctor?

No one in medical academy history had ever reached ninth rank! For someone so young, it was absolutely unimaginable?

The crowd was still silent even after Gu Beiyue finished writing the prescription and handing it to the judging panel. Everyone was staring at him without scorn, laughter, or suspicion.

Instead, what filled them was fear!

If Gu Beiyue could cure this patient, just how strong were his medical skills? 

All the ingredients that Gu Beiyue requested were common enough for the judging panel to find quickly. Gu Beiyue then instructed a female physician to boil the ingredients in water and have the patient soak in them for three days and three nights. For the next three days and nights, the patient remained cloistered in the courtyard while everyone hovered around it waiting for news. All of Medical City stood on standby.

After the time period passed, the doors were opened and the patient slowly stepped outside…

Victory or defeat rested upon this moment!

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