Chapter 793: Otherwise, leave the medical world

What did Gu Beiyue just say?

Silence fell upon the crowd for a long while before Department Head Huo suddenly burst into laughter. “Gu Beiyue, what big words! Do you know what you just said?”

“Department Head Huo didn’t understand me, did you? I can repeat myself,” Gu Beiyue retorted.

Although his tone was polite and gentle as always, Han Yunxi could clearly sense the strength from his tone. Within his warmth was an unmistakable pressure. Gu Qishao rubbed his chin with interest as he examined Gu Beiyue. He too, seemed doubtful of the man’s claims.

Department Head Huo sucked in a cold breath. “No need. This old man heard loud and clear.” As he spoke, he looked over at the crowd and asked loudly, “Did anyone not hear Doctor Gu’s words just then?”

Just then, Gu Beiyue had claimed he could diagnose and treat Department Head Huo, Lin, and Ouyang’s patients. Everyone in the crowd, including the new mother’s family within the courtyard, heard his every word.

No one responded to Department Head Huo’s question. 

“Since no one answered, then this old man will assumed everyone understood!” Department Head Huo looked towards Clan Head Ren with an icy smile. “Clan Head Ren, your judging panel should have heard too, right? What now?”

Clan Head Ren had wanted Gu Beiyue and Han Yunxi to explain their treatment just then and help his daughter win some publicity. Who knew that the three department heads would be so anxious to continue the competition? It was already a record in medical academy history that Gu Beiyue had resolved an obstructed labor case with multiple births, to say nothing of how he’d saved the mother’s strange case of uncontrollable bleeding afterwards. As long as Gu Beiyue and Han Yunxi could explain how they’d done it and the treatment method in detail, this illness would be given a name and recorded as a classic case within the Cloud Realm Medical Annals and Compendium of Obstetrics. The greatest contributions to the medical world was not discovering new illnesses, but finding successful treatment methods.

As the main doctor in the charge of the case, Gu Beiyue’s rank would skyrocket from fifth to seventh directly, making him on par with the three department heads. Even Han Yunxi, who had never studied at the medical academy before and had no rank, could be considered a fourth or fifth rank after this case. His daughter, as an assisting doctor, would naturally be included in the promotions. 

Naturally, the scales in Clan Head Ren’s heart were tipping.

Once we take care of the medical skills competition, we can slowly discuss the matters of the obstructed labor illness. If we do it now, it might give second thoughts to the three department heads and the rest of the judging panel, Clan Head Ren mused privately. 

Since the competition had paused during the obstructed labor case and couldn’t count for its results, he had no qualms about discussing it later.

“All of us understood. Since Doctor Gu’s said so, it’s not impossible for him to take on your patients,” Clan Head Ren coughed a few times. When he saw no objections from the rest of the judging panel, he continued. “But the judging panel needs to verify one thing first. May I ask the three department heads whether you’ve come up with any diagnosis or treatment plans for your patients yet?”

The three department heads had vied with each other for over a decade within the medical academy. Today, they were standing together in a rare united front. After exchanging glances, it was Department Head Ouyang who spoke up first. “This old man hasn’t fully understood the condition yet; being prudent, I dared not make a diagnosis.”

His words were precisely phrased to paint Gu Beiyue as a self-important doctor who wasn’t rigorous or serious enough about his work. It wasn’t surprising--Gu Beiyue hadn’t even had a chance to interact with the patients, much less ask after their conditions. How could he have come up with his own diagnosis and treatment plans?

It was unthinkable!

“This old man and Department Head Ouyang are the same. I haven’t even completed the four diagnostic methods yet, so how am I supposed to determine the illness?” Department Head Huo retorted coldly.

Department Head Lin was outright mocking. “This old man is slow witted and stupid, I can’t catch up to the youth of today, oh! Heheh, as this old man sees it, there’s no need to do the four methods in the future. Just ask about the patient’s condition and our up and coming youngster can prescribe the right medicine to cure them right away!”

Laughter broke out at his comment. Even though Gu Beiyue had created a miracle, most people doubted he really had such skills. Even more were sympathizing with his plight. Why was he insisting on making a showing now? He had a firm footing in the medical academy already after that labo obstruction case. Even if there was no seat for him amongst the department heads, he’d definitely have a spot with the Council of Elders. If he was intelligent enough, he should seize the chance now to give up the competition in favor of looking after his patient instead. Instead, he said something as crazy as directly challenging the three department heads! Only an idiot would do that! Without a doubt, he was doing this to vie for an even higher position to help out Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao. But he had to act according to his ability! 

Clan Head Ren felt the most regret. He had even been harboring thoughts of pairing up his daughter with Gu Beiyue, but as it turned out, the man was too immature and impulsive to accomplish great things. 

“Doctor Gu, the judging panel will ask you one more time. Are you sure you won’t pick a new patient?” Clan Head Ren was giving him another chance.

“I’m sure,” Gu Beiyue didn’t hesitate and asked back, “If this is the case, how will we judge the winners and losers?”

Unhappiness flitted past Clan Head Ren’s eyes. What a Gu Beiyue. I’ve given you a helpful reminder, but you still won’t change your ways. Since that’s the case, I’ll stop meddling in your affairs. In any case, the competition and the labor obstruction case could be considered separate things now, so it wouldn’t affect his precious daughter. 

Putting on a professional air, he said, “What happened just then was without precedent. However, if you can do as you say, then it means you’ll win against all three department heads and their selected cases…”

Before Clan Head Ren could finish, Department Head Huo butted in. “As long as Doctor Gu can make a clear diagnosis and three feasible treatment plans, of couse he’ll win! The three of us won’t need to draw lots, either! But if Doctor Gu is simply showing off, then we three will draw new patients and compete again. He can lost his rank and get out of the medical world!”

Stunned reactions greeted his statement.

“Department Head Huo, you’re certainly ruthless! Isn’t it just losing a medical skills competition? Why are you so eager to get rid of dissidents?” This was the first time Gu Qishao had spoken up in defense of Gu Beiyue.

“Such severe punishment will serve as a lesson to those arrogant, conceited types with no medical morals who treat diagnosis as child’s play!” Department Head Huo fumed. “Has Gu Beiyue ever interrogated these patients about their conditions? Or taken their pulse? On what grounds is he making his diagnosis? And then proposing treatment? His actions treat human life as if it isn’t worth a straw, doesn’t it?”

“Right! If he’s afraid of severe punishment, then he should admit his wrongs now and get out of the Apricot Woods. We’ll spare him this once on account of his talents!” Department Head Ouyang added gruffly.

Han Yunxi was about to speak when Gu Beiyue stopped her. He was the focal point of the crowd, but he seemed more like an outsider to it all, calm and unruffled. “Fine! We’ll do as Department Head Huo says. Clan Head Ren, does the judging panel have any objections?”

“None.” Once Clan Head Ren was sure he could get no more advantages from Gu Beiyue, he was more impatient to see the competition done and over with.

“Since that’s the case, may Doctor Gu exhibit your unique skills so we can open our eyes!” Department Head Lin laughed out loud.

Gu Beiyue looked like a sickly invalid, but he was actually “arms-proofs.” Neither satire, laughter, or ridicule moved or affected him. He simply said, “Alright, then let’s begin with Department Head Lin’s case.”

“Fine!” Department Head Lin grew irritated. “Please go ahead!”

Very soon, Department Head Lin’s empty courtyard was soon crowded with spectators. News had spread beyond the Apricot Woods too, plummeting the people still reeling from the obstructed labor case into another round of anticipation.

Once again, Gu Beiyue was the focal point of the crowd.

Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao stood behind him, occasionally exchanging glances. Gu Qishao had an odd look and wanted to ask a question when Han Yunxi signaled him to be quiet.

“I just trust him. Even if he says he can pluck the stars from the sky or the moon from the sea, I’ll still believe him!” she declared.

Gu Qishao arched his brows. “Poison lass, I trust you. Even...even if one day you say you love me, I’ll still believe you!”

Han Yunxi rolled her eyes at him. 

Unlike the pregnant mother, who remained within the rooms, Gu Beiyue invited the female patient of this case to the door. Department Head Lin’s patient was an amnesia victim who had suffered a serious head wound. She was thirty years old but missing 10 years’ worth of memories. At first, the patient was nervous, but after Gu Beiyue said a few things to her, she relaxed enough to smile. Seeing this, many of the women in the crowd felt their faces turn red. Although they couldn’t believe in Gu Beiyue’s skills, their hearts still beat fast as they stared at him. A man like that was akin to a spring breeze and a riddle, endlessly fascinating. What would it feel to receive his comforting words by their ears? Even Fourth Young Miss Ren couldn’t help but sigh with feeling. It’d be worth it getting sick just to be his patient.

Very soon, the heartstruck girls returned to their senses because Gu Beiyue was now taking the patient’s pulse while asking after her medical history. Everyone assumed that he already knew what was up, but he was actually doing his diagnosis live.

“Gu Beiyue, are you fooling with us?” Department Head Huo fumed.

“After being lectured by the three department heads just then, I’ve been struck with a guilty conscience. Thus, to be more prudent, I’ll still take their pulse and ask after their condition,” Gu Beiyue said simply. “Department Head Huo need not worry. I’ll finishing seeing all three patients today.”

Department Head Huo gave a snort and dropped the subject. Besides the amnesia patient, the other two sufferers were difficult, complicated cases. Although the three department heads had each taken pulses and asked questions, they had no idea what had caused the respective illnesses. Even if they had a month, it was unlikely they’d find an answer. Thus, they were willing to give Gu Beiyue his single day. In any case, if the man lost, they could restart the competition between them and avoid these troublesome patients.

Silence reigned over the crowd once Department Head Huo stopping speaking. Everyone was looking and listening carefully to the patient’s every word and Gu Beiyue’s every question. Nothing seemed to stand out about either. This patient had gone on a sightseeing tour with her mother ten years ago but ran into robbers that stole all of their money. She was knocked unconscious upside the head but managed to survive the attack. Despite this, she lost her memories.

“Where are her relatives?” Gu Beiyue asked.

An old woman hastened forward. “This old woman is her mother. Doctor Gu, can my daughter still be saved?”

“Has she ever been pregnant?” Gu Beiyue asked.

Both the old woman and the patient grew astounded. Agitation flickered across the old woman’s eyes before she stuttered, “This...this…”

The patient was furious. “Doctor Gu, what are you saying? I’ve never gotten married, so how could I have gotten pregnant? You quack! I want to change my doctor! I don’t trust you!”

Suddenly stirred into a frenzy, the female patient rose to her feet to scream at Gu Beiyue. “I want to change my doctor, I don’t believe it, I won’t!”

The crowd began to discuss amongst themselves. What was Gu Beiyue doing?

Did the patient’s memory loss have anything to do with pregnancy?

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