Chapter 779: Provoking the authorities of Medical City

Han Yunxi hadn’t researched anything. She simply knew common medical knowledge from modern times! Looking at Gu Qishao’s lonely back, she had a sudden desire to really, truly protect him. How she hoped she had the power to prove he was related to Gu Yuntian--but she couldn’t do it.

The most reliable form of paternity tests was using DNA, which was 99.9% accurate. But it was impossible to use such methods in Cloud Realm Continent. Even if she could manage the test, nobody here would understand the results, much less believe them. Another less reliable method was using bloodtypes, which had a 50% accuracy rate. For example, Type-O blood parents could never produce Type A, B, or AB children. But that was no good here too, because no one discovered the existence of blood types until blood transfusions failed. It was only in 1901 that Austrian doctors presented the concept of ABO bloodtypes.

Knowledge like this wouldn’t be understood by everyone without modern day medical theory as a foundation. Research results and equipment were needed, neither of which Han Yunxi could use. As the saying went, “even the cleverest housewife can’t cook without rice,” or “you can’t get anywhere the right tools.” 

Thus, Han Yunxi couldn’t help Gu Qishao with his goal.

The only thing she could do was suppress Gu Yuntian’s arrogance and steal his thunder. Perhaps this would console Gu Qishao somewhat. At least, he wouldn’t look so awkward and lonely standing onstage. 

“Academy Head Gu, I don’t know what your exact definition of ‘combined blood’ entails?” Han Yunxi asked.

“What do you mean, ‘exact definition?’” Gu Yuntian replied.

“When you talk about combined blood, do you mean two drops of blood dissipating separately in the water and then combining as one, or two drops of blood directly combining as one in the water without dissolving first?” Han Yunxi asked.

Gu Yuntian thought it over before asking, “Is there any difference between the two?”

Han Yunxi grinned. She was puzzled as to how Gu Yuntian could be so formidable. As it turned out, he only paid attention to the surface results. Most likely he discovered that all blood could mix through a coincidence. He had no idea of the basic properties behind the theory!

“What are you grinning about?” Gu Yuntian huffed. He could be considered a man with patience, or at least one who could feign it in front of a crowd. But this girl only made him feel uneasy. He had strict control over the medical world and had never seen such a difficult junior! I must be worrying overmuch.

“I’m smiling because Academy Head Gu only scratched the surface without grasping the fundamentals!” Han Yunxi laughed. “Can anyone give me a bowl of clear water?”

“Me!” Tang Li was quite proactive. He poured out the old bowl of water and poured some from his own canteen before handing the bowl to Han Yunxi.

“Many thanks. May I borrow your finger again?” Han Yunxi asked next. 

“It’ll be my honor!” Tang Li’s happiness was written all over his face. It had been ages since he mingled with his big brother and sister-in-law. He dearly missed those days!

By his side, Ning Jing’s expression turned black. This was the first time she’d seen Tang Li smile so cheerfully at other young women since they’d gotten married. She pulled his hand back and said to Han Yunxi coldly, “Don’t you have blood yourself?”

“I’m afraid of pain, that’s why,” Han Yunxi grinned. “He’s a man, so it’s fine if he bleeds a few extra drops.”

“All of his blood belongs to me. I’m afraid of pain too, so he’s not giving any!” Ning Jing tossed back these words before dragging Tang Li back to their seats.

Tang Li was a bit taken aback. For a while he simply remained blank until they were sitting down again with Ning Jing still clutching at his hand. Then his lips drew up into a secret smile.

This woman must be eating vinegar! 


Han Yunxi glanced at them before biting her own finger. A single drop of blood fell into the water and slowly dissipated throughout the liquid, dying it a faint red again. She showed the bowl to Gu Yuntian, then spread it around the crowd. “Ladies and gentleman, take a clear look. The blood dissipated into the water!”

Afterwards, she called for another bowl of clear water and squeezed out a second drop of blood from her finger. This time, she waited until the blood had congealed before letting it fall into the water. The droplet didn’t immediately dissipate, but sank to the bottom of the bowl. Once again, she had Gu Yuntian check the bowl first, then spread it offstage. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this drop of blood as well.”

The crowd only saw the congealed droplet resting in the bottom of the bowl as it slowly spread throughout the water. A bit of it seemed to have solidified enough to stay in place. Han Yunxi collected back both bowls and next dripped a droplet of cat blood in each one. In the first bowl, the cat blood dissipated and mixed with her blood as usual, showing nothing unusual. But in the second, the cat blood spread out enough to dye the water a further red without mixing with the blood droplet at the bottom of the bowl. 

The crowd grew silent at these two results. Han Yunxi’s experimental results were no less inferior than Gu Yuntian’s. Thus, not all blood mixed together in water! The same two drops of blood could show two completely different results.

What’s going on here? Where’s the truth?

Everyone looked soundlessly at Han Yunxi to await her explanation. Even Gu Yuntian forgot his rage while expectantly waiting for answers.

“Actually, there’s nothing wrong with Academy Head Gu’s research. But it wasn’t thorough enough. Or perhaps it lacked precision!” Han Yunxi sighed. “But imprecise research in the medical field can cost human lives!”

She raised up the first bowl and said seriously, “Ladies and gentleman, the two drops of blood in this bowl were dripped in as soon as they left the subjects’ bodies. They spread out in the water and then combined as one. Actually, you can’t really call it a mixture, because all they’ve done is fill up the water equally. That doesn’t mean they’ve truly combined!”

Silence swept across the crowd. Everyone perked up their ears to wait patiently, afraid to miss another word.

“Thus, Academy Head Gu’s proclamation that ‘any blood will mix in water’ is wrong!” Han Yunxi cleared her throat and raised her voice. “It’s more accurate to say that any blood can dissolve in water. Blood itself has multiple components, but most of it is made up of water. That’s why it dissipates so quickly in liquid.” 

The crowd didn’t completely comprehend her explanation, but they did understand the part where she denied Gu Yuntian’s claims.

“Is it true just because you say so? Where’s your proof?” Gu Yuntian’s face had turned a little red--either from embarrassment or anger, it was hard to tell. Perhaps it was even rage from humiliation.

Han Yunxi now picked up the second bowl and grinned. “Academy Head Gu, I thought you already understood. It seems that I’ve overrated your skills.”

“You!” Academy Head Gu narrowed his eyes at her. If not for the crowd, he would have locked this woman up ages again. Now he began to regret giving her a chance at all, but even the most powerful pharmacist was at a loss to create a pill that cured regrets.

Ignoring his rage, Han Yunxi launched into an earnest explanation. “I expect that everyone’s seen the state of affairs in this bowl already. Human and cat blood didn’t mix, correct?”

“That’s because you didn’t put your blood directly into the water, but waited until it dried. Of course it wouldn’t mix!” Department Head Lin retorted.

“That’s right!” Han Yunxi admitted openly. “I didn’t use any tricks. All I did was wait for the blood to dry a bit before placing it into the water. Congealed blood has no way of dissolving openly in liquid. Thus, cat blood added afterwards would only spread throughout the water, not mix with my blood. Everyone can take another look.”

Once again, the second bowl was passed through the crowd. Everyone saw the situation exactly as Han Yunxi described. Cat blood had dyed the bowl red, but human blood remained mostly inert at the bottom in a ball. It didn’t combine with the other blood type. Han Yunxi’s counterexample proved that Gu Yuntian’s theory was wrong! She showed that blood was simply dissolvable in water, not combining with all other blood types.

The facts were right before their eyes and being spread throughout the crowd. People broke into whispered discussions. Despite their incredulity that an unknown girl could have such Heaven defying skills to deny Academy Head Gu’s findings within a few sentences, they had no way to refute her claims. Gu Beiyue watched Han Yunxi from a distance with a mix of happiness and admiration in his eyes. Even he considered himself inferior before this woman. Perhaps even Long Feiye wouldn’t expect such a good show at the Apricot Woods Conference!

By now, Long Feiye should have left Celestial Mountain. I don’t know if he’s gotten the latest news from here yet.

“Academy Head Gu, do you have anything to say?” Han Yunxi smiled.

Academy Head Gu was rendered speechless. He refused to admit that this young woman could be better than him and simply asked coldly, “Just who are you? Who sent you here? What’s your relationship with Gu Qishao?”

Han Yunxi simply changed the topic with a chuckle. “Academy Head Gu, I’ve won. Don’t you owe me something now? Everyone all heard you say that I can state my terms!”

Before Gu Yuntian could ask any more questions, she seized the chance to challenge him first. “Could it be that Academy Head Gu can’t bear to lose?”

Gu Yuntian fell silent. Offstage, the crowd was already in a hubbub as his image fell in their hearts. He was someone that could be provoked and challenged after all!

“Academy Head Gu, the country holds generation after generation of talented youths. The rear waves of the Yangtze River drives on those before them!”

“Hehe, Academy Head Gu, I’m gratified to see such a junior!”

“Miss, who is your master? Can you reveal them to us?”

“Miss, your master must be an expert hidden from the world, not someone from the medical academy, right?”

Now all of the crowd had their attention on Han Yunxi. Gu Yuntian had not only lost face for himself, but all of Medical City despite their control over Cloud Realm’s medical community. But it was true that there was a hermit whose medical expertise far surpassed anyone’s imaginations, to say nothing of the academy head’s level of skill. Han Yunxi’s victory today reminded everyone of something they’d all forgotten: the world was full of medical experts that hadn’t yielded to Medical City’s authority. Neither did they acknowledge Medical City’s rules and regulations upon the medical community. 

Aside from Gu Yuntian, even Medical City’s upper echelons were caught between indignation, animosity, and shame. Plenty more were admiring and assured of Han Yunxi’s skills--Third Elder Shen and old Luo Zuishan amongst them. In the face of such prestige, Han Yunxi should be happy, but she couldn’t. Her eyes drifted to Gu Qishao as traces of grief flickered past her eyes. 

Little Qi, Yunxi still couldn’t help you in the end!

But Gu Qishao only smiled at her. Unlike his cool and malicious grin, this one was full of beautiful sincerity. It was as bright as a sky full of stars, as gorgeous as a sea filled with flowers.

Poison lass, it’s enough that you walked shoulder-to-shoulder with me on this path.

You don’t need to be by my side for the rest. Qi gege can still keep walking on my own!

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