Chapter 778: Insisting on stealing your thunder

Since Gu Yuntian had nothing going on with Tang Li’s mother, then Gu Yuntian wasn’t related to Tang Li at all. Why would their blood combine? Everyone was confused by the words. Ning Jing couldn’t bother worrying about how Tang Li had dragged Cloud Realm Trade Consortium into this mess because she was lost as well.

“Was his father the guilty one instead?” she muttered to herself. As soon as the words left her mouths, she cursed herself for being crazy. Even if Gu Yuntian and Tang Zijin were cheaters, the two of them together couldn’t have made Tang Li!

“Then could Gu Yuntian have blood relations with the Tang Clan?” Ning Jing guessed, but Gu Yuntian had already revealed the answer.

“--because the very method of ‘verifying relations with drops of blood’ is wrong! If nothing’s been done to the water, then anyone’s blood, even those of dogs and cats, will combine in the liquid!”

An uproar rose at his words. No one was more stunned than members of the medical community. So these were the important research results that the Academy Head wanted to announce at the Apricot Woods Conference? Recognizing relations by dripping blood has been accepted for hundreds of years. But it’s actually all false? How can this be?

Unlike outsiders, the professionals in the medical community with equal parts stunned and moved. Soon enough, some of them couldn’t help but ask questions.

“Academy Head Gu, how can you prove that the method is fake?”

“Academy Head Gu, where’s your evidence? How did you get these results?”

“Academy Head Gu, do you have specific research cases documented? Can you publicize them for everyone to study?”

Han Yunxi had guessed this was the case, but she still couldn’t accept the words coming from Gu Yuntian’s own lips. Even in the modern world, plenty of people were still convinced by the blood dripping method. It was admirable of Gu Yuntian to reject such ways, which would have a long-lasting impact across all of Cloud Realm Continent. All things aside, it would save a lot of people from unfair accusations in court.

But this spelled nothing but disaster for Gu Qishao! She looked at him now, expecting him to be disappointed and challenge Gu Yuntian. But all he did was stare at Gu Yuntian with traces of a smile. Despite this, Han Yunxi only felt pained by the sight. Her heart grew heavy as she lost all grasp of Gu Qishao’s feelings at this instant.

“Someone come, bring those two things onstage!” Gu Yuntian was already old, but vigorous and high-spirited as ever. To him, defeating Gu Qishao now didn’t make him as happy as announcing the results of his five years’ worth of research. Once news of his findings spread, his name would grow more and more brilliant. He might even be pushed by the medical academy to rise to ninth rank Sovereign Doctor, the first ever in Cloud Realm Continent history! Not only would he go into the annals of medical history, but have his name in the continent’s historical records as well. People would remember him throughout the ages! Even his pores opened up at the thought as if greedily taking in their owner’s joyful mood.

Under the gazes of every present, a young medical asisstant came onstage with a cat and dog, then changed the bowl of water for a fresh one.

“Will this lady like to taste this bowl of water as well?” Gu Yuntian smiled at Han Yunxi, whose gaze was cold as she remained silent. She knew better than Gu Yuntian the truth about the dripping blood test! There was no need for him to show off!

Gu Yuntian didn’t fuss with Han Yunxi, but asked the rest of the crowd, “Does anyone else want to test this bowl of water?”

“Me!” Ning Jing raised her hand up high.

“Dare I ask this lady for your name?”  Gu Yuntian asked.

“Cloud Realm Trade Consortium’s Ouyang Ning Jing!” Ning Jing reported, though everyone already knew she was Tang Li’s wife since he was onstage. 

She tasted the water and proclaimed objectively, “It’s nothing but a bowl of clear water.”

Satisfied, Gu Yuntian nodded his head. The medical assistant quickly took out a drop of cat blood and dog blood and dripped them into the water for everyone to see. It wasn’t long before the two droplets dissolved in the water and combined to turn it faint red again. Both Tang Li and Ning Jing found the sight inconceivable, while Gu Qishao was still fixated on Gu Yuntian’s face. No one could tell what he was thinking. Once that bowl of water spread offstage, everyone expressed their disbelief and curiosity.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve all seen it. No matter whose blood it is, as long as it’s in water, it’ll combine! If there’s any doubters, everyone can try for themselves. Human blood with cat or dog blood can combine too!” Gu Yuntian announced.

There really were a few skeptics in the crowd who bit open their fingers and tested the theory right there and then. The results were exactly as Gu Yuntian predicted! The crowd was both impressed and amazed by the facts and expressed their admiration.

“How can this be? Academy Head Gu, can you explain it for us?”

“That’s right, Academy Head Gu. When did you discover this error? How long have you been researching it?”

All sorts of questions floated onstage. Gu Yuntian stroked his beard, quite proud of himself. Gu Qishao’s matters had already been placed on the back burner in his head. Now the stage was wholly his and his alone! 

He had discovered the flawed method purely by chance when he accidentally cut his finger one day and dripped his blood with a cat’s into the same bowl of clear water. When he saw that the two mixed instead of repelling each other, he was so thrilled that he didn’t sleep for three days and three nights. From then on, he began secretly researching this away from everyone, including Academy Head Ling. Now he raised his hands for everyone to settle down. 

“This old man harbored suspicions towards the test from the start, but I didn’t proclaim it publicly without clear proof.” He cleared his throat and added, “Presently I can be certain that any blood samples, when dissolved in water, would combine with each other. There’s still research in this field regarding the specific reasons! It’ll also be the focus of my studies in the future. I hope that I can give everyone a satisfactory explanation during my living years.”

Although he hadn’t found the reason for the mixing, his discovery was already incredible. Everyone erupted into enthusiastic applause and even cheered. The department heads and elders of the medical academy all exhaled at the revelation. This was satisfactory news to them already. It not only washed all relations between Gu Qishao and the medical academy, but revealed a monumental achievement. This was a cause for double celebration!

The imperial physician from Northern Li rose to his feet and clasped his hands before his chest. “Congratulations to Academy Head Gu. You certainly aren’t the Mt. Tai of Cloud Realm’s medical community for nothing. With your leadership, I trust that the medical academy will bring benefit to all of the continent’s people. You are my greatest example!”

The officer from Tianning quickly stood up as well. “It’s no wonder that you’re a fine hand of the apricot woods. Simply Hua Tuo reincarnated! Thank goodness you’re here, or else how many more cases of the falsely accused and wrong diagnosis would exist in Cloud Realm Continent today? This soldier expresses my admiration!”

“Academy Head Gu, you’ve benefited tens of thousands of people. This crown prince will definitely return to tell imperial father to issue proclamations of the results. Dripping blood tests to verify relations shall be abolished immediately!” Duanmu Baiye was standing as well.

Such trend of events caused Gu Yuntian’s face to turn buoyant with good cheer. His complexion simply turned ruddy as he smiled modestly. “This is simply part of this old man’s duty and obligation…”

Gu Qishao had simply turned invisible despite standing right next to him. It was as if everyone had forgotten about his existence, leaving him alone and desolate. Third Elder Shen’s gaze turned complicated, unhappy by these results. Luo Zuishan looked at Gu Qishao’s lonely form and suddenly felt his eyes turned red with the threat of tears. 

Finally, Gu Yuntian pulled himself away from his glory to gaze upon Gu Qishao. Of course he was going to teach this boy a good lesson next. Since he’d delivered himself to his doorstep, why would he miss this chance? 

Now that Gu Qishao’s here, he shouldn’t think of leaving again!

“Gu Qishao, what other--”

“Academy Head Gu.” Han Yunxi suddenly spoke up to interrupt him. “You just said you haven’t researched why all types of blood can combine in the water, is that right?”

Gu Yuntian never expected this unknown girl would dare to speak up again. “Yes,” he replied rather impatiently.

“What if I say I’ve already researched it thoroughly? I don’t know whether Academy Head Gu would be too ashamed to learn from a junior?” Han Yunxi smiled.

Leaving aside Gu Qishao’s matters, just seeing this hypocritical old thing basking in the flattery of the crowd was unbearable. She wouldn’t feel right unless she hauled him off the treasure peak of the medical world! Today, she was stealing his thunder for sure!

Everyone quieted down and looked at Han Yunxi in confusion. What did she just say? She wants Academy Head Gu to “learn from a junior?”

You. What right do you have to ask this academy head to learn from a junior?” It was obvious that Gu Yuntian had been provoked by her words.

“Because I’ve long discovered the shortcomings of the blood dripping test. Moreover, I know why it doesn’t work. I’ve researched more than you!” Han Yunxi smiled so innocently that it was enough to anger a man to death.

“Miss, this is no place for empty boasts. Just who are you? Who invited you  here?” Gu Yuntian challenged.

“Could it be that Academy Head Gu is afraid that I’ll steal your thunder if I publicize my research results and beat you? That’s why you’re in such a hurry to chase me away, right?” Han Yunxi mocked.

“Absurd!” Gu Yuntian denied it immediately. “You’re a girl, what could you have researched? This old man can give you a chance, but if you can’t provide an explanation, then get out of Medical City!”

“And if I can?” Han Yunxi shot back. It had been a long, long time since she bet with anyone.

“Impossible!” Gu Yuntian was filled with scorn. She’s at most twenty, so how could she have cracked something that’s taken me years of research to uncover? 

“Aiya, so it turns out Academy Head Gu is this petty? Which of Cloud Realm medical community’s illustrious talents would dare to show their faces at the sight of your temper?” Han Yunxi sighed helplessly. 

“You!” Gu Yuntian was stifled by her words. “Fine, this old man will give you a chance! If anyone tries any tricks then, everyone here can stand witness for me!”

Gu Yuntian had never been so thoroughly mocked, much less in a public setting like this. He forced himself to suppress his wrath and coldly urged, “Just what have you found out? Speak quickly!”

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