Chapter 774: Medical City, horrific tactics

Han Yunxi had never seen Gu Yuntian before, but she was certain that old man was the head of the medical academy and Cloud Realm Continent’s leader in medical arts. That was because the noisy audience had quieted down. Everyone still sitting stood back up, including the various department heads and elders in the front row. Besides Gu Yuntian, who else would have such power to awe the crowd? But Gu Yuntian lacked any of the severity or airs of an elite. He was about fifty years old and greying at the temples, dressed in simple white robes with no accessories. The feeling he gave off was clean and plain.

His expression was kindly and calm, like that of a man unconcerned with worldly affairs who quietly immersed himself in his research. He had strikingly beautiful features even in his old age. One could well imagine how handsome he must have been in his youth. Looking at him, Han Yunxi couldn’t help but wonder if he knew the truth of the Poison Sect’s destruction. Did the orders to strangle the south central regions come from his mouth?

The medical academy had nine total ranks for its doctors based on their medical skills. Gu Yuntian was the only physician in all of Cloud Realm Continent to reach the eighth rank, Empyreal. His natural gifts were stunning, having caught the attention of the previous academy head at a young age before he was appointed his position. Han Yunxi heard that Gu Yuntian was a low key figure who focused his efforts on medical research. He had never married, but contributed greatly to the treatment of various illnesses. His specialty was infant care. Han Yunxi also heard that Gu Yuntian was the first doctor in Cloud Realm’s medical history to study the human foetus. In terms of infant illness and prevention, he had a unique understanding and even introduced the concept of “eugenics” to broaden the medical community’s horizons.

Before him, nobody in Cloud Realm Continent knew anything on the topic. Perhaps his research of infants was so unique that it earned him the academy head position at a young age and rise to eighth rank Empyreal Doctor afterwards. Han Yunxi only felt unconvinced by it all. Why was Gu Yuntian so interested in studying babies? No matter how marvelous the medical academy’s medical skills were, treatment options in this time period were limited. How could Gu Yuntian study foetuses that were still in the womb and hidden from the naked eye? Did he just take the mother’s pulse? That was enough to show a woman was pregnant, but knowledge from such methods were limited. Even if he could diagnose diseases, how was he supposed to treat them? How many repeated experiments would he have to undertake?! 

Besides Gu Yuntian’s special research into infants, Han Yunxi also heard that he was quite skilled in preventing outbreaks of pestilence. Various cures and preventative measures against plagues in Cloud Realm Continent today had come from medicine and prescriptions provided from his research in Medical City. If one ignored the question of his research methods, Gu Yuntian had contributed much to the medical world and Cloud Realm Continent’s people to be worthy of admiration. But as an insider to the field, Han Yunxi had received professional training and knew the history of such research. Modern day medical science used white mice as experimental subjects because their gene orders were similar to humans. Thus, the pathology and pharmacology reactions in mice could be compared to those in human beings. 

But where was one supposed to learn about gene orders in ancient history? No one would believe that mice and men were similar at all, much less use them for research and experiments. In ancient times, huge sacrifices were required for advances in medical science. For preventing pestilence, Gu Yuntian could have taken sick patients or dead victims of the disease to research cures. But what about prevention of infant illnesses? Han Yunxi had long studied the history of Cloud Realm Continent’s medical science, but didn’t find any significant plagues that had targeted babies in the past few hundred years. Why did Gu Yuntian want to research infants, anyways? And which babies did he use to test his theories? She had thought of such questions while investigating Medical City and could sniff something fishy in the air. But she was too busy to dig any deeper.

According to Long Feiye’s plans, they were supposed to deal with Medical City after Northern Li. None of them expected things to develop to this point--facing the city while chaos reigned across the lands. Looking at the old man onstage now, the same suspicions rose in Han Yunxi’s mind. Since they came today, she was going to seize this chance to get some answers. Right now, she was most concerned about Gu Qishao.

“Old Fiend, you and him...have some deep-seated grudge?” Han Yunxi murmured. When Gu Qishao was expelled from Medical City, he should hate his foster father Head Elder Ling the most, right? 

Head Elder Ling had long been kicked out of the city, so he didn’t show his face today.

“No,” Gu Qishao turned around. Despite the rage burning in his chest, he could still smile in front of Han Yunxi. “There’s a debt. He owes me, Qi gege, a huge debt. Both principal and interest’s been collecting on it for years. Today I’ll snatch it all back and give it to you.”

For some reason, Han Yunxi’s heart felt flustered and uneasy. “Just what are you going to do? You know what went on with the Poison Sect, don’t you?”

“Shhh…” Gu Qishao’s finger rested on Han Yunxi’s lips, so icy cold that she shrank back involuntarily. Her warm lips had no way to give him any heat. Gu Qishao pressed Han Yunxi back down into her seat and leaned in close, almost until he was plastered by her ear. “Poison lass, be good. There’s no rush.”

Gu Beiyue glanced over and started to speak, but stopped himself. In the end, he pretended that he didn’t see a thing. Currently, Gu Yuntian was gesturing for everyone to sit.

“This old man is here to represent the medical academy and thank everyone for coming to Medical City despite your busy schedules. Seeing you all show solicitude for Cloud Realm Continent’s grand gathering for medical science makes me deeply gratified. This old man also hopes that today’s conference won’t disappoint you all.” Gu Yuntian’s voice was quite powerful and loud, each word crisp and clear. 

The audience broke into applause at his speech, but neither Han Yunxi nor Gu Beiyue budged. By their side, Tang Li was still trying to coax Ning Jing, while Gu Qishao actually clapped with the rest. But he clapped much slower than the crowd as if amused, his eyes fixated on Gu Yuntian as if facing his worst enemy and particularly coveted prey at the same time. When everyone stopped clapping, he was still going on, absolutely soundless.

Gu Yuntian paused, then continued to speak. “The Apricot Woods Conference, as well as all grand ceremonies in the medical community, is a chance for improvement. It concerns each and every one of us in the crowd as well as the tens of thousands of human lives on Cloud Realm Continent. This is Medical City’s honor, as well as our duty! Medical City has no wealth or riches to ensure you ladies and gentlemen live a life of luxury, it has no military to ensure the safety of a nation. But our doctors can ensure that you ladies and gentlemen avoid diseases and live a life without worries…”

Gu Yuntian’s words were quite impassioned and inspired, eliciting nonstop applause from the crowd. Han Yunxi’s scornful smile etched itself into her very bones. Today, she’d finally seen with her own eyes what was called the scum of the literati,

If not for the fact that she was worried about ruining Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao’s plans, she really wanted to stand out and question that academy head how he had the face to bring up Cloud Realm Continent’s “tens of thousands of humans lives?” How many patients in the south central regions couldn’t get timely treatment because of Medical City’s prohibitions? If Gu Beiyue hadn’t found a bunch of doctors for support, pestilence might have long broken out in the region by now. Medical City might not have any wealth or military forces, but its actions against the south central region’s commander-in-chief’s estate was just as forceful and violent!

“Medical City is no country nor does it take sides. It refrains from joining in any struggles or fights, as everyone well knows. But now that the Poison Sect’s descendant has appeared in Cloud Realm again along with Poison corpses that hurt the world, my Medical City will never sit indifferent to the likes of south central region’s Han Yunxi and Gu Qishao! The Poison Sect originated from Medical City, so we too have the responsibility of destroying it to protect Cloud Realm!”

Gu Yuntian grew more emotional the longer he spoke. He raised a hand up high and declared, “Every person should feel responsible for the fate of the country! Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin the Apricot Woods Conference, this old man represents the medical academy to earnestly request you all to set down your conflicts and join hands against the south central region’s commander-in-chief’s estate. We must kill the remnants of the Poison Sect and destroy the Poison corpse army. Together, we’ll protect our Cloud Realm citizens from harm! I, Gu Yuntian, request for all your help!”

Han Yunxi sucked in a cold breath at his words. She thought Gu Yuntian was simply making some nasty comments before the conference began, but never expected the old thing to have such an ambitious heart. He wanted to ally all of Cloud Realm Continent’s power factions to attack the sound central regions! Isn’t this going too far?!

She suddenly realized that the most terrifying tactic in Medical City’s hands wasn’t cutting off medical supplies and treatment, but giving various powers in Cloud Realm a justified reason to join hands and kill a common enemy. Northern Li and Tianning would never ally with each other, nor would Northern Li, Western Zhou, and Tianan cooperate after fighting for so long. But with this excuse from Medical City and its people acting as the middlemen to give advantages to all sides without suffering any betrayals or losses, the different power factions would be all too willing to unite.

They weren’t uniting to help Medical City destroy the Poison Sect and protect Cloud Realm, but simply seizing the chance to capture their prey and split it up! The south central regions and Long Feiye had long been a thorn in their sides. They could temporarily put aside their differences to destroy their enemy, then take his region’s fertile lands. Why wouldn’t they agree?

Han Yunxi suddenly realized why Long Feiye had placed Medical City after Northern Li in his original plans. Cold sweat soaked her back. She couldn’t imagine what they’d face down south if Gu Beiyue and Gu Qishao both suffered losses today! 

By their side, Tang Li stopped coaxing Ning Jing and looked at the stage in shock. Han Yunxi glanced at Gu Beiyue, who was looking at Gu Qishao, who had fixed a sinister gaze upon Gu Yuntian…

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