Chapter 751: Why aren’t you saying anything?

After the sword sect master left, a few guards helped Han Yunxi carry Long Feiye to the ninth floor. The whole way up was marked by a trail of blood. When Han Yunxi glanced back at the sight, her vision blurred until she felt that the hallways had been dyed in red. Even the world was emblazoned in a crimson sheen that would never wash clean. 

The guards placed Long Feiye on the bed and withdrew. By now, he was already unconscious, his pale face a sharp contrast to his bloodstained lips. Han Yunxi might not know anything, but she understood that his blood and qi circulation had reversed to cause this condition. Unless he was rescued in time, even gods would be helpless to save him. His life was ebbing away with the large swaths of blood flowing from his body. Han Yunxi used her sleeve to wipe at the liquid trickling from his lips. Soon enough, both of her sleeves were soaked in blood. She used her hands next, brushing away each new stream that flowed from his mouth. But no matter how quickly she cleaned his face, the blood was still faster. 

She couldn’t finish cleaning the blood right before her, just as she couldn’t hold onto the Long Feiye lying right in front of her. No matter how hard she tried, she felt helpless to grasp anything at all. He seemed like he could leave her forever at any moment.

She grew afraid. Her hands shook, then her body. Even her voice trembled as she spoke. “No… Long Feiye, Feiye… Don’t scare me like this, alright?”

Since she couldn’t wipe away the blood, she covered his mouth with her hands. But it was no use!

Not a single bit!

Fresh blood still seeped from between her fingers to land on the pure white sheets. The shocking sight reminded her that this wasn’t a dream. It was reality! This was reality!

What do I do?

“Long Feiye, tell me what I’m supposed to do!”

“Long Feiye, don’t be like this! I’m begging you, don’t be like this… Long Feiye, wake up!”

“Long Feiye, you promised me! We were going to leave the mountain together! You’re not allowed to lie! You can’t...Long Feiye, how dare you lie to me!”

“Long Feiye, how could you do this? How could you?!”

She had thought of endless possibilities where she left the mountain alone and planned endless plots to counter them. But she never thought of an ending like this. 

A world where Long Feiye couldn’t leave the mountain at all. A world where he couldn’t accompany her, because he died!

Han Yunxi cried herself hoarse as she sat by his side. “Long Feiye, aren’t you afraid that I’ll never trust you again after you lied to me?”

“Long Feiye, will I...will I even have a chance to trust you again in the future?” 

In the end, she threw herself across his body and broke into bitter sobs. Although she didn’t want to believe it, would a future at all? Will I ever get another chance?

Long Feiye’s body was beginning to turn cold…


The sword sect master kicked open the door with the three white-haired Honored Elders behind him. The stench of blood filling the room made them knit their brows. Before the sword sect master ever descended the peak, the three had come. They could long see that Long Feiye was severely injured and came to rescue him. Long Feiye might be strong, but his martial arts still paled to their levels. Still, his staunch and tenacious will had earned their respect. They were all over 100 years old, but had never seen such a proud disciple of Celestial Mountain until today.

Although she was reluctant and afraid, Han Yunxi was the first to move out of the way. She didn’t understand anything, so she didn’t dare to disturb the Honored Elders. One of them took Long Feiye’s pulse before immediately issuing orders.

“All of you, out. Stand guard outside the door and don’t let anyone inside!”

The guards immediately withdrew. Han Yunxi didn’t want to leave and wanted to tell them she wouldn’t be a disturbance. But the sword sect master shot her a look, indicating that she should wait with the rest of them. She shook her head, reluctant to depart. He silently gestured for her to move it. Meanwhile, one of the Honored Elders had already helped Long Feiye up to a sitting position. Another looked towards the sword sect master coldly. “What was the situation beforehand? Hurry and tell us!”

The sword sect master rushed forward even as he gave Han Yunxi one last glance. She didn’t dare to waste their time. One look at Long Feiye later and she was rushing out to shut the door herself. Then her legs collapsed beneath her, leaving her physically paralyzed at the entrance. Her heart had already sunk. How could she still have the strength to stand?

Xu Donglin rushed over then and quickly went to help her up. “Mistress, His Highness...where is His Highness?”

When Han Yunxi looked up, her expression made his heart ache. He’d never seen esteemed wangfei cry before. Why...has she cried herself into such a mess?

“His Highness is…” Xu Donglin was frightened by the implications and staggered to the side. “His Highness is...he’s…”

“He’ll be okay!” Han Yunxi said coldly.

“Right, right! His Highness is a lucky man and Heaven helps the kind. He’ll definitely be alright!” Xu Donglin said quickly. Actually, he had come to deliver a secret missive with urgent news from South Ning. He didn’t even dare to open the message himself. But with esteemed wangfei like this, how could he bring that up now? Even if he did, she probably wouldn’t read it!

No matter how pressing the message might be, His Highness’s life was more important!

After a while, when still no movement came from the other side of the door, Xu Donglin saw esteemed wangfei’s fingers dig into her palms until her nails turned white. He didn’t know how to coax her, so he ended up handing her a clean handkerchief. “Mistress, wipe away your tears. His Highness definitely wouldn’t want to see you crying.”

Han Yunxi looked over blankly without moving. Xu Donglin was afraid that she might have lost her wits or gone insane. He quickly urged, “Mistress, His Highness will wake up. If he sees that you’ve been crying, he’ll be distressed and unwell for your sake.”

Han Yunxi came to her senses and quickly wiped away her tears with her hands. She stood up and told herself not to cry, but to wait! 

In the end, she ended up waiting for five days and five nights.

On the evening of the fifth day, Han Yunxi had just about broken. It was true that she hadn’t cried, but she had woodenly stared at the door like a statue. Xu Donglin offered some water to her lips, but she didn’t move. He knew that if anything happened to His Highness Duke of Qin, this woman wouldn’t just lose her wits or go insane, but she’d die…

Finally, the door creaked open on the morning of the sixth day. The sword sect master and the three Honored Elders emerged from the room, each of them with ugly expressions. Han Yunxi wanted to ask them questions, but found herself unable to speak. She had gone completely hoarse. 

“Mistress, you…” Xu Donglin couldn’t help it--he cried too. She hadn’t talked or drank in the past five days. Although he had spent them by her side, he had no idea how she made it through. 

To cry until one lost hope…until one grew hoarse, until one cried blood.

Once again, Han Yunxi tried to speak and found herself unable. The tears she’d held back for five days began to trickle down her face. She was afraid to rush inside, much less look at the person on the bed. The expressions of the men who came out made her fearful. She would rather wait by the door until she grew old instead, holding onto that last sliver of hope and expectation.

“How is His Highness Duke of Qin doing?” Xu Donglin asked. He was frightened too, but esteemed wangfei’s silent questions had crushed his heart. It was impossible to imagine what His Highness Duke of Qin would feel upon seeing his illustrious wangfei reduced to such a state.

“He shouldn’t think of getting off that bed without at least recovering for a year first,” the sword sect master exhaled. Hearing this, Han Yunxi rushed inside the room, only to see…

...Long Feiye still unconscious, sleeping peacefully on the bed. He had stopped spitting up blood, but his body and face were covered in it. Even the bed had been dyed crimson. Han Yunxi stopped five steps short of the bed and stared at him blankly. She felt that this man was leaving her far behind. 

I see. So the farthest distance between us wasn’t 100 steps, but life and death.

Even if they always stayed 100 steps apart, they’d still be able to see each other, hear each other, know each other’s everything. At least then, they’d share the same sky and heavenly bodies. But nothing could bridge the gap between the living and the dead. 

Once the Honored Elders left, the sword sect master returned to the room with Xu Donglin in tow. The guards remained outside, though a couple peeked in curiously. Han Yunxi was carefully wiping Long Feiye’s face clean of blood.

“His inner energy, qi, and blood reversed flow inside his body. The Honored Elders all made a huge sacrifice to snatch back his life,” the sword sect elder said. “Don’t worry. Their true qi was used to preserve his life. He won’t die!”

Hearing this, Han Yunxi stopped wiping. She wanted to ask him a question, but couldn’t make a sound. The sword sect master finally saw her wan and pallid state. Her lively eyes had lost all spark, leaving them dim and dark.

“Don’t get agitated, you can’t help him here. Only inner energy can help him repair his wounds.” The sword sect master sighed. “Later, I’ll choose a few people from Youmin’s camp. She’s still trustworthy.”

Han Yunxi went back to cleaning Long Feiye’s face as the sword sect master continued, “This old man wants to know when he’ll wake, too. Cang Qiuzi’s crimes must be set and your identity as a poisons woman...needs to be handled as well.”

Han Yunxi was silent. Everything she wanted to ask, the sword sect master had already answered. 


In the morning, three days later, an exhausted Han Yunxi was sleeping by the head of the bed when she dreamed that someone was stroking her hair. Her eyes flew open to see Long Feiye staring at her, his soft gaze filled with doting. She gave a start that grew into alarm as she quickly rose to her feet, intending to find the sword sect master. Since Long Feiye’s awake, we should find the Honored Elders to take a look at him, right?

“Han Yunxi, come here…” Even Long Feiye’s voice sounded weak. 

She immediately rushed to his side and prepared to speak, only for the pain in her throat to stab her. All she could do was write down her words and let him read them.

‘Where does it hurt? Are you uncomfortable anywhere? Tell me!’

Her words were so familiar. Countless days ago, he had asked her the same thing after coming out of closed door cultivation and seeing her covered in wounds. 

But Long Feiye didn’t read her words. Instead, he stared at her for a long time before reaching to touch her throat.

“Han Yunxi, you...why aren’t you saying anything?”

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