Chapter 747

Chapter 747: A quick battle to force a quick decision Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

Cang Qiuzi’s words made everyone suck in a cold breath. Long Feiye was capable of fighting the sword sect master for three days and three nights, which proved that he had the strength to match his master. Where did Cang Qiuzi get the guts to be so arrogant?

Immediately, the crowd grew uncertain as to whom the real victor would be.

Cang Xiaoying was hidden amongst the crowd, her hands muffling her mouth. She wanted to cry but couldn’t, torn between whom to support. She detested the illicit relations between her father and Duanmu Yao, but she loathed Long Feiye for being so heartless as well. Many years ago, father had hinted to Long Feiye that he’d support him to be sect leader as long as he agreed to marry his daughter. But Long Feiye had ignored the offer completely. Because of love and hate, she still loved even as she loathed.

Cang Xiaoying didn’t want her father or Long Feiye to lose. Anyone who did...would die!

Her hands muffling her mouth turned into fists as tension wracked her frame. Closeby, the second and third elders were exchanging glances. Finally, second elder spoke up first.

“Old Third, if Long Feiye dies, Cang Qiuzi will revolt for sure! We have to make preparations for that!”

“And suppose it’s Cang Qiuzi who loses instead? Then we…” While third elder hesitated, second elder gave a cold laugh.

“Cang Qiuzi is cunning and crafty with hidden depths. His inner energy might have reached the late stage seventh level by now. Long Feiye found the sect leader for three days and three nights, but I suspect his master yielded to him. Just wait and see, there’s no way he’s Cang Qiuzi’s match.”

“But…” third elder was still hesitant. “Cang Qiuzi still can’t beat the sect leader and he’s lost all standing and reputation now. If we join hands with him, aren’t we…”

“How will the martial arts circles of the world accept Long Feiye now that he’s colluded with a Poison Sect descendant? Furthermore, the sect leader’s lost all face after both of his disciples got embroiled in scandals!” the second elder was filled with disadin. “Old Third, it’s always strength that has right to speak in the jianghu. What the world knows now are only rumors. The sect leader only locked up Duanmu Yao and didn’t deal with Cang Qiuzi or Han Yunxi. From what I’ve heard, the South Ning’s commander-in-chief’s estate won’t even acknowledge Han Yunxi’s status as Poison Sect heir! Can’t you tell? The loser today will have to shoulder the fall as scapegoat, while the winner take all without consequences!”

The third elder looked at the drawn swords on the plaza before muttering, “Wait a bit longer, let’s observe the situation for a bit…”

Granny You was sitting near the duo, but her eyes never left Long Feiye. She had debated with herself whether to climb the mountain peak last night, but ultimately stayed put. Still, she didn’t sleep all night, worried about Long Feiye after he left closed cultivation early.

Besides these three, the disciples of the two Depositories and Courtyards were all trying to guess and talk amongst themselves about the potential victor.

“Long Feiye, are you going to get lost?” Cang Qiuzi laughed loudly, purposely provoking him.

Long Feiye only narrowed his eyes into icy slits. “Cang Qiuzi, even if you scram off this stage today, your lordship won’t leave you an intact corpse!”

“Such wild boasts, this old man will make you regret!” A furious Cang Qiuzi immediately raised his sword and shot towards Long Feiye at a speed too fast for many people to see. Long Feiye’s figure flickered from sight before he landed behind Cang Qiuzi, causing him to stab at empty air. He turned for a surprise attack, but Long Feiye met his blade in multiple rounds that seemed to cost him no effort.

Cang Qiuzi refused to believe it!

He increased the speed of his offensive, his figure flickering in and out of sight with his blade. His person followed his weapon, which moved along with his person until soon enough, no one could see clearly what was going on. Only bursts of movement surrounded Long Feiye, perhaps of Cang Qiuzi, perhaps from his sword.

Long Feiye remained unmoving. It was uncertain whether the other man’s movements had trapped him there or if he was carefully countering his attacks. Han Yunxi didn’t understand martial arts, so she had no idea what was going on. Fortunately, the sword sect master was there to explain things to her. Long Feiye had been resisting Cang Qiuzi’s attacks the entire time, making it impossible for him to seize an advantage. Cang Qiuzi’s new method of assault cost him a lot of energy as well compared to his standstill opponent. Han Yunxi listened to the explanation as she watched, her heart growing tenser by the minute. According to the sword sect master’s words, Cang Qiuzi would change his tactics very soon.

As expected, Cang Qiuzi suddenly flew away to land on one side, stopping his attacks. His eyes were sinister as they wavered between gloominess and light. He could neither accept or believe that Long Feiye was still holding out against him! Long Feiye’s martial arts had soared since going into closed door cultivation. He must have been training his inner energy. Most of the crowd were ignorant to the truth and assumed he was undergoing punishment, but Cang Qiuzi was certain that Long Feiye had been training. Moreover, coming out early must have caused him internal injuries.

Long Feiye was simply holding out from sheer will right now. No matter what, he’d be beyond help by the end of the day even if Li Jianxin came to save him personally. Certain of this fact, Cang Qiuzi was going to aim for number one today and take Long Feiye’s life at the same time. He had been planning ways to deal with the man all yesterday afternoon and last night to latch onto his weak point.

If Long Feiye has internal injuries, then I’ll have to find a chance to compete in that with him. Once Long Feiye uses too much strength, he’ll be unable to suppress his internal injuries. Then I’ll crush him beneath my heel!

After eliminating a strong opponent like Long Fiye, he and the sect leader of the Heretical Sword Sect could attack Li Jianxin together! Thus, the end of today’s match would signal the start of the struggle for Celestial Mountain! He wasn’t planning to seize the sect leader’s seat so soon, so he could only blame Han Yunxi and Long Feiye for pressuring him too much. It was also that slut Duanmu Yao’s fault for being so stupid.

Cang Qiuzi abruptly gripped his sword with both hands and took to the skies. The Profound Dark Sword immediately released its sword awn that dazzled like the stars, attracting the gazes of all who gazed upon it. Just then was only a warm-up, but now the true battle had begun!

Long Feiye had been purely on the defense. Would he start fighting now, too?

Everyone could tell that Cang Qiuzi was staking everything on this strike. His internal energy was wholly concentrated on his blade. He moved first, seeking to seize the initiative. Faced with such an overwhelming sword qi, Long Feiye had no path of retreat. His only choice was to face it head on until the end!

This strike would determine the victory between them, and the fate of Celestial Mountain!

A hush fell upon the crowd. Within it, Long Feiye stood looking up, his long, pretty fingers resting over his brows and hiding his expression. The crowd’s attention soon focused on him, afraid to shift an inch. They didn’t want to miss the second this man took to the skies himself. But Long Feiye never chased after his opponent. He simply peered up. Above his head, Cang Qiuzi’s sword awn grew brighter and brighter as his sword qi intensified. Soon enough, the people in the crowds could feel his sheer killing intent. It was fierce enough to graze across their skins. Han Yunxi felt it even more acutely and even felt an urge to back away. Meanwhile, the sword sect master still had some true qi circulating within him to protect his body despite losing all internal energy, so he could remain put.

“Grandmaster, what does Cang Qiuzi want to do? Why is Long Feiye just…” Han Yunxi trailed off.

“Don’t worry, Feiye can handle it.” And yet the worry in his eyes had long betrayed the old man. Yes, he was concerned--nervous as well, and disturbed. Long Feiye, why aren’t you going to meet his attack? Why haven’t you moved yet?

The sword sect master could tell that Cang Qiuzi’s move was quite brilliant. Having guessed that Long Feiye had internal injuries, he was forcing the man to use his inner energy against him. If Long Feiye used the Lustbite Seal’s power with his eighth level Nirvana Heart Arts now, he could completely subjugate Cang Qiuzi. Did something happen with his Lustbite Seal power again? Is that why Long Feiye’s not moving?

The sword sect master’s heart was hanging in his throat. Han Yunxi stopped believing his words as well, because she could tell that this wasn’t Long Feiye’s usual style. Would his temper allow Cang Qiuzi to run rampant for so long? He should’ve ended this long ago.

Just what is going on?

Beneath the endless silent gazes of the crowd, Cang Qiuzi’s sword awn reached its height, the white light obscuring his sword from view. It was like a bolt of lightning moving its way down towards Long Feiye!

Clash! Bang! Crash!

Han Yunxi’s heart raced until it was just about bursting out of her chest. The sword sect master’s pale face turned even more wan. Even his lips were clearly trembling!

Below, Cang Xiaoying shut her eyes.

“See that? Cang Qiuzi’s won for sure!” the second elder cried in glee.

The third elder stopped hesitating to nod his head in agreement.

Granny You sat beneath the stage, her hands formed into fists. Finally, she couldn’t bear it and lowered her head to instruct her disciples. “Pass on orders to prepare for battle. No matter what, guard all of the bridges.”


Soon enough, a deathly stillness fell upon the scene. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath as they watched and waited for Cang Qiuzi’s sword to strike!

“Long Feiye, go die!” With a shout, Cang Qiuzi slashed down like a lightning bolt.


A strange whistling filled the air!

Everyone thought it was from Cang Qiuzi’s sword awn, but they didn’t expect Long Feiye’s blade to be the source. Just how much energy was concentrated in that sword for a simple movement to raise such a din?

So Long Feiye’s going to counterattack?

Everyone recovered their wits at the same time Long Feiye released a white sword awn off of Profound Frost Sword that was even more blinding than the one in the air. It completely overwhelmed Cang Qiuzi and his sword awn with its brilliance. The dazzling spectacle and frigid chill of this sword qi rose up in the air like an arcing rainbow that scattered mountains and seas in its wake.


The two sword awns met--or rather, Long Feiye’s sword qi struck viciously against Cang Qiuzi’s to create an earth-shattering roar. Both forces refused to budge until Long Feiye’s sword qi completely suppressed Cang Qiuzi’s own and sent it rebounding back to its owner. Cang Qiuzi took on his strongest blow head-on and spat out a mouthful of blood. His body buckled beneath the strike, but Long Feiye’s sword qi was quick to follow and send him plummeting from the skies unconscious, his status unclear.

Nobody expected this. Long Feiye’s sword just then was multiple times stronger than Cang Qiuzi’s sword qi! can this be? This man is too horrific!

Calm was restored to the plaza. All was still but for the sound of Long Feiye’s footsteps as he approached Cang Qiuzi’s side. His eyes were ice, his gaze ruthless. In the end, he kicked the man offstage.

“Father!” Cang Xiaoying sobbed as she threw herself at the body.

Long Feiye won?

“Long Feiye won! He won! Grandmaster, he won he won!” Han Yunxi was so happy that she was jumping up and down.

The crowd was still reeling from the results as another figure suddenly flew out of the masses to land on stage. He was tall and slim, with an elegant and smart carriage. There was a mild expression on his face as he stood with his hands behind his back.

Was he going to join the ranking matches too?

Who...was he?

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