Chapter 746: Hard to tell victory or defeat

Long Feiye had clearly conquered the Lustbite Seal’s energy, so why was it reversing its flow inside his body so soon?

What was going on? 

Even low levels of internal energy would put its user at danger if its flow reversed, to say nothing of the Lustbite Seal’s massive strength. Both Long Feiye and the sword sect master had a limited understanding of this seal, so they didn’t know what was the matter. Long Feiye stood there unmoving without a single expression on his face. Despite this, Han Yunxi could sense the tension between him and his master. Her relaxed heartbeat immediately started racing in her chest again. The ranking matches were just about to start, so there was no way Long Feiye could be in trouble now. Everything would be over if he missed the competition.

Abruptly, the sword sect master rushed forward and pressed his hands on Long Feiye. Long Feiye seemed to know what the old man was planning and tried to get out of the way, but the sword sect master had already made his move. He channeled the last three levels of his internal cultivation into Long Feiye’s body. 

The energy mixed with the other five levels that the old man had given up before and took the form of a complete eighth level Nirvana Heart Arts in Long Feiye’s body, successfully suppressing the power of the Lustbite Seal. 

When the sword sect master let go, he staggered backwards before collapsing to the ground and spitting up mouthfuls of blood. He had given up his entire lifetime’s worth of learning by sacrificing his internal energy here. Only his eighth level Nirvana Heart Arts was capable of challenging the Lustbite Seal. Long Feiye looked at his master before immediately sitting down with crossed legs. He used the momentum of the strengthened Nirvana Heart Arts to beat down the Lustbite Seal. 

A long time later, the reversed flow finally stopped. Now he could control the power on his own. Once he recovered, Long Feiye approached his master. “Master, you…”

‘Feiye, the two powers in your body right now are only temporarily matched. Both of them are keeping the other in check. However, there must be a reason that the Lustbite Seal energy started to reverse its flow,’ the sword sect master spoke through ventriloquism.

Long Feiye knew this as well. He only had temporary control, but he had no idea when he’d lose it again. 

“Master, your internal energy…”

“Hehe, that lass Yunxi was right. This old man is the truly notorious one. What’s the use of me having all those martial arts? It’s better if I lose it all and become an ordinary man,” the sword sect master chuckled, having moved beyond his loss. 

If he had been an ordinary man from the start, Luo Qingling might not have died at all.

Han Yunxi heard this from the side and finally realized that the sword sect master had sacrificed his internal energy to Long Feiye. Without a word, she handed him a bottle of pills. Seeing this, the sword sect master smiled.

“Lass, you’ve stopped blaming this old man?”

Han Yunxi lowered her head and stuffed the pills silently into his hand. Actually, she’d long forgiven him in her heart. She circled around Long Feiye’s back and quietly began to treat his wounds.

“Grandmaster, Elder Cang is already on the battle stage. I heard that the second and third elders aren’t participating in the matches,” the guard outside reported.

There were no requirements for participation in Celestial Mountain’s ranking matches. You didn’t even need to sign up. All you had to do was jump onstage. News of Long Feiye and Cang Qiuzi’s match had long caused a hubbub. The fact that those two elders weren’t joining in meant that they were still observing the situation rather than supporting Cang Qiuzi outright. Otherwise, they could have jumped in and wasted Long Feiye’s energy with matches of their own to save Cang Qiuzi some strength.

Granny You’s vitality had been seriously weakened, so she wouldn’t participate either. In other words, this year’s matches would end up being a duel between Cang Qiuzi and Long Feiye.

With such high standards for the competition, it was a no holds barred contest open to everyone. But in the past, only the various elders had joined in. In some ways, the ranking matches were more like a match between the four main elders.

“Feiye, hurry and go!” the sword sect master urged.

“Will you be alright?” Long Feiye was still worried.

“This old man is going to watch the match, so why wouldn’t I be fine? Hurry, as soon as you can!” The message hidden behind his words was something only Long Feiye could understand. The Lustbite Seal was unstable energy, so Long Feiye had to seize his chance while he still controlled its power to kill off Cang Qiuzi. Otherwise, all of their efforts from last night would be for naught.

Long Feiye glanced at Han Yunxi and prepared to speak, but the sword sect master beat him to it. “Don’t worry. No one will dare to hurt her while she’s by this old man’s side.”

Aside from Long Feiye and Han Yunxi, no one else knew what had happened here today. Thus, the sword sect master had full qualifications to shield her. Even if his internal energy was exhausted, his status was still there. Seeing Han Yunxi nod, Long Feiye stopped dawdling and prepared to leave. However, Han Yunxi called him back and draped him in a clean set of outer robes first. 

“Don’t worry,” Long Feiye said as he stroked her bangs and gave her a gentle kiss.

“Mm,” Han Yunxi didn’t waste words. “I’ll wait for you.”


Once Long Feiye left, the sword sect master chuckled and said, “Lass, this old man thought that Feiye wouldn’t care about a single woman in his lifetime. Who would have known, who would’ve known!”

Han Yunxi was cooing internally. “Actually, I used to be curious about what kind of woman he’d be gentle to as well.” When she recalled her timidity and compared it to his warmth now, Han Yunxi still found it inconceivable that Long Feiye had become her man.

“Lass, if you treat him sincerely, he won’t cause you any losses in the future!” Or rather, the sword sect master really wanted to say: As long as Han Yunxi accompanies Long Feiye to the end, she’ll become the East Qin empress. But if Long Feiye was even hiding the Lustbite Seal from Han Yunxi, he probably hadn’t told her about his origins, either. Then again, this wasn’t the right time.

“The future is too far away. I only want the present--every single moment. Each moment is a piece of the future to the past, and together they make a lifetime.” Han Yunxi’s voice was very low, as if she was speaking to herself. 

The sword sect master didn’t hear her, but smiled and said, “Let’s go. This old man will take you to a good spot.”

“You’re so happy even though you’ve lost all of your internal energy?” Han Yunxi asked doubtfully. The sword sect master had been smiling nonstop.

“Of course I’m happy,” the old man sighed with emotion. “All these years, my martial arts have been doing nothing but suffocating me. Now I’m finally free.”

Han Yunxi knew that he wasn’t referring to his internal energy, but the prestige, status, position and position that were connected to his responsibilities! Such things were propped up by power, and would naturally disappear once power was gone. She pulled him to his feet.

“Let’s go, then.”


The sword sect master took Han Yunxi to a viewing platform high atop the mountains. It was a section of rock that jutted out over the plaza, allowing anyone sitting at its end to have a clear view of below. Currently, Long Feiye had just flown onto the stage to face Cang Qiuzi. The crowd was wild!

Anyone who could reach the fifth peak of the Celestial Mountain Range knew the particulars of the ranking matches very well, and that Long Feiye and Cang Qiuzi’s match would decide the future of Celestial Mountain. Those who couldn’t make it this far were probing for information below as they waited for the results. They were waiting to see whether they should support Cang Qiuzi or Long Feiye. The entire match had shaken Celestial Mountain thoroughly and caught everyone’s attention. 

Cang Qiuzi was dressed in blue robes that fluttered in the wind. Strands of black hair floated elegantly in the air as he held the Profound Dark Sword in one hand and stood on the right side of the stage. His silence gave off an aura of composed calm and severity like that of a sect master. Unfortunately, everyone there knew of his filthy deeds and only felt that his high and noble front was a disgusting sham! 

“Boorish!” Han Yunxi judged.

“He witnessed Long Feiye’s strength but still dares to fight. I’m afraid he must have come prepared,” the sword sect master remarked.

“Long Feiye’s already recovered. Is it still possible for him to lose?” Han Yunxi asked.

“In theory, he has a chance to win--a very likely one too,” the sword sect master stroked his beard as a flash of worry went past his eyes.

“What do you mean by ‘in theory?’” Han Yunxi was bewildered. 

“This…” the sword sect master thought it over before he explained. “When competing in martial arts, it’s common for accidents to happen. The differences in martial arts levels, stamina, physical strength and mental calm will all affect the outcome of a match. Thus, all predictions are based on theory.”

Han Yunxi didn’t understand the specifics, but she felt that the sword sect master’s words made sense. 

“If there’s any accidents, they’ll be from Cang Qiuzi.” Han Yunxi had lots of faith in Long Feiye. The sword sect master only smiled and said nothing. Just then, he had been just glossing over the details with Han Yunxi. Despite being so smart, this lass really is a fool when it comes to martial arts. 

In a match between experts, the only thing that mattered was the level of their martial arts. Things like stamina, physical strength, and mental calm could all be ignored because both fighters would already have them as their strengths. The sword sect master was worried about how long Long Feiye could balance the Lustbite Seal’s power within his body. That was wholly unpredictable and would determine the victor of the match. That was why winning was so uncertain! The sword sect master knew that Long Feiye understood a quicker match was the safest one. But just how fast could he fight?


Long Feiye stood on the left side of the arena, tall, dignified, and refined. His black robes were still stained with blood as it flapped noisily in the wind with his long, dark hair. His jade-like visage handsome and cold as frost, his glittering pupils as deep as the sea. He leveled a frost look at Cang Qiuzi as his lips quirked up into a smirk. 

No matter where he went, he could always look scornfully down at others. 

Cang Qiuzi was quite affronted by the sight and pointed his sword first. “Long Feiye, there are no concepts of superiors and inferiors, seniors and juniors or differences in martial arts skills in the ranking matches! Anyone who steps on this stage has to take responsibility for their own lives! Martial uncle is saying all this first.”

Words were a scarcity for Long Feiye, who promptly raised his sword in turn without replying.

“Long Feiye, this old man will give you a chance on account of the fact that you’re the sect leader’s disciple,” Cang Qiuzi said as he lowered his sword to the ground. With a cold laugh, he said, “Admit defeat and scram, and this old man will spare your life.”

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