Chapter 734

Chapter 734: The descendent of the Poison Sect must be put to death Original and most updated translations are from volare. If read elsewhere, this chapter has been stolen. Please stop supporting theft.

If not for its crimson fangs, nobody would have expected this majestic white wolf to be the Poison Sect’s poison beast. As far as everyone knew, the beast was supposed to be a Gu Shu (蛊鼠), so everyone expected a mouse or a rat.

Han Yunxi didn’t expect to be exposed as a Poison Sect descendent now of all times either, but she didn’t have time to think. The only thing in her mind now was whether Lil Thing had recovered completely enough to face off against Cang Qiuzi. The blood flame sigil on its forehead seemed to kindle and burn as the white wolf gave a low growl and approached Cang Qiuzi and Duanmu Yao. While the latter was trying to figure out what to do, Cang Qiuzi grabbed her by the hand and turned to flee by breaking out the door!

Han Yunxi was thrilled. She thought that Cang Qiuzi had ran away before he couldn’t fight the white wolf. If that’s the case, then Long Feiye and I should be safe! Her tense nerves relaxed as the white wolf chased after the duo. Enduring her pain and exhaustion, she tottered out after it. But everything turned contrary as soon as she showed up!

All of the fighting outside had stopped. In the silence, everyone gaped at the white wolf that was taller than everyone else, Xu Donglin included.

“This is the Poison Sect’s poison beast, ah! Look at its crimson fangs! One bite from those teeth will cost your lives forever!” Cang Qiuzi suddenly shouted at the crowd. “Han Yunxi is a descendent of the Poison Sect. Long Feiye bringing her to Celestial Mountain was simply inviting a wolf into our home! Such conspiracy! This old man lured the poison beast out today just so everyone could see for themselves. This woman cannot be allowed to live!”

His words shifted the situation completely. Who cared about trespassing violations or false charges now? Even murder didn’t matter anymore. As long as Han Yunxi was a descendent of the Poison Sect, then everything they did today would be justified! Greatly alarmed, Han Yunxi realized the grave implications of exposing her identity.

The Poison Sect had been seen as a vicious entity by Cloud Realm Continent’s major powers ever since the medical academy destroyed them and made their knowledge taboo. Its reputation was a hundred times worse than the Hundred Poisons Sect, making it the enemy of all righteous factions. Even members of the various imperial clans wouldn’t dare to associate with them. With her identity exposed, she had become the enemy of all the power factions in the world!

Back then, Mu Yingdong had expended endless efforts to cover up the truth and lure out Mu Xin so her secret could be hidden forever. Han Yunxi suddenly felt a chill down her back. She knew that things had gotten much more troublesome for her and Long Feiye.

“Yunxi, you…” Granny You couldn’t believe it. Although she didn’t want to, the white wolf’s crimson fangs were horrifying proof. “You’re actually a remnant of the Poison Sect! This old woman...this old woman was blind to risk my life to protect you!”

Granny You’s complete reversal of attitudes was proof of the ruthless reality! A single birth origin could ruin everything!

“I am a descendent of the Poison Sect!” Han Yunxi admitted openly. “But this has nothing to do with Long Feiye. He doesn’t know about it! Whatever you want to do, just target me!”

“Hahaha!” Cang Qiuzi laughed out loud. “How could Long Feiye not know? Someone come, capture this woman first, and then we’ll talk!”

Although the people feared the poison beast, disciples from Lockheart Courtyard and the Sword and Scripture Depositories all charged forward to surround Han Yunxi and the white wolf. The wolf gave a low growl as it glared at the crowd with icy eyes, ready to pounce on them at any moment. Seeing no movement from the Abstinence Courtyard, Cang Qiuzi glared at Granny You.

“What now, Youmin? Are you going to harbor remnants of the Poison Sect? Long Feiye not only colluded with them but led a wolf into our lair, losing all face for my Celestial Mountain Sword Sect. You’re a right and proper leader of the Abstinence Courtyard. So maybe you were shielding her, but do you want to join the Poison Sect in making Celestial Mountain your enemies?”

The Abstinence Courtyard couldn’t afford to be pinned with the crime of colluding with the Poison Sect. At the same time, Celestial Mountain Sword Sect could never acknowledge such a crime. Once the people of the world knew that they had connections with the Poison Sect’s descendant, their reputation would be ruined. Moreover, they’d be hard pressed to explain themselves to Medical City!

Granny You panicked. “Stop slandering my Abstinence Courtyard! And stop vilifying Feiye! Neither he nor I knew about this!”

“Then why isn’t your Abstinence Courtyard joining us to fight against the enemy?” Cang Qiuzi demanded.

Granny You looked at the white wolf before casting Han Yunxi a cold glare. “Han Yunxi, if you really want what’s best for Feiye, give up without a fight!”

Han Yunxi laughed coldly. “If I gave up without a fight, will he spare Long Feiye? Granny You, can you guarantee that no one will break down that stone door in the inner room?”

Granny You couldn’t answer that. Han Yunxi walked to the white wolf’s side and rested her hand against its fur as she faced Cang Qiuzi’s treacherous eyes. Word by word, she enunciated, “Cang Qiuzi, there’s no need to say such pretentious words! No one should think of getting past this door today!”

Abruptly, a firm voice rose from the crowd. “Protect His Highness Duke of Qin, protect esteemed wangfei!”

Xu Donglin had drawn his sword to stand up from a pool of blood. His face and body were stained scarlet red, but his gaze was steady as he approached Han Yunxi. The crowd watched on, but Cang Qiuzi suddenly attacked him with a vicious kick. Blood flew out of Xu Donglin’s mouth as he went flying through the air.

“Cang Qiuzi!” Han Yunxi raged. The white wolf abruptly flashed forward to catch Xu Donglin before he crashed to the ground. At this, Cang Qiuzi and the rest seized their chance to charge Han Yunxi. The best way to defeat the beast was to hold her hostage, after all. But they were blocked by over a dozen or so of Celestial Mountain’s disciples. When they were just about to give out, the white wolf came killing their way with Xu Donglin dangling from its jaws.

Immediately, Cang Qiuzi’s group scattered, each and every one brandishing their swords in caution. The white wolf set the severely injured Xu Donglin on the ground before lying down at Han Yunxi’s feet.


Han Yunxi hesitated as she stroked its head. Then she bravely climbed onto its back. Here was the safest spot. The white wolf slowly rose to its feet once she had settled in to stand in front of the building with narrowed crimson irises. The dozen or so top disciples of Celestial Mountain spread out behind the white wolf and Han Yunxi, guarding the door with her.

Cang Qiuzi could clearly sense the hidden power within the room growing weaker. Although he had no idea what kind of strength it could be, he was certain that Long Feiye was absorbing its energy right now. Time was running out. No matter what, he couldn’t let Long Feiye succeed!

“Youmin, the four of us can definitely trap this poison beast if we join hands!” Cang Qiuzi declared loudly.

Granny You didn’t answer, but moved to stand by Cang Qiuzi’s side. She didn’t want to hurt Long Feiye, but she had to take responsibility for Celestial Mountain and capture the poison beast and Han Yunxi. This was her duty!

If the sect leader was here, he probably wouldn’t let her off, either.

Before the righteous principles of the sword sect, Long Feiye’s life or death didn’t matter. Since Han Yunxi wouldn’t give up peacefully, she had no choice but to join the fight. The four elders drew their swords as killing intent filled the air. Sensing this, the white wolf’s temper flared. Before any of the quarter attacked, it was already pouncing at them. Despite its massive size, it moved as quickly as an arrow drawn from a bow.

Cang Qiuzi exchanged glances with his eldest disciple He Yilian[1. He Yilian (赫亦漣) - He is a surname that means “conspicuous, grand,” Yi is “also, too,” Lian is “ripples, continual flow.”] before they both charged at the poison beast. With a yell, he cried, “Celestial Sword Tactical Array, deploy!”

The other three elders all took to the air in different directions, their swords drawn. All of them launched an attack on the white wolf from a different direction, bearing down menacingly. The white wolf allowed the trio to do as they wished while keeping its eye on Cang Qiuzi. It struck out a paw that sent shockwaves through the air, forcing Cang Qiuzi to evade as he lost his footing.

Three swords stabbed at the white wolf in turn, but none of the blades pierced its body. The white wolf’s other paw avoided Cang Qiuzi’s follow up strike as it swished its tail and sent Second Elder toppling to the ground. Third Elder and Granny You quickly retreated, the former exclaiming in amazement. “Head, neither blades nor spears can pierce the poison beast and its undying body! What do we do?”

Cang Qiuzi bent down to avoid another swipe by the poison beast before he too, backed away. “Use the Heaven and Earth Snare! Keep it trapped!”

As soon as he spoke, the white wolf abruptly sprang in front of him and snapped its jaws. Frightened, Cang Qiuzi realized the beast was more terrifying than he imagined. He quickly used his sword to block the white wolf’s mouth before jumping out of the way. Han Yunxi seized the chance to attack with her needles. To avoid her projectiles, Cang Qiuzi had to abandon his sword and flee into the air empty-handed.

The white wolf crunched Cang Qiuzi’s sword into pieces. Seeing this, the man cried out in alarm, “Hurry and activate the Heaven and Earth Snare!”

That was Celestial Mountain’s most powerful matrix array. Once activated, it was fully capable of trapping the white wolf. Once again, the three other elders went to their positions in preparation. Cang Qiuzi stood in front of the wolf and shouted at his eldest disciple, “Yilian, sword!”

He Yilian was busy fighting with the disciples guarding the door, but turned to toss his sword. At the same time, Han Yunxi released a barrage of poison needles that forced him to dodge and drop the weapon. The white wolf pounced at Cang Qiuzi, who could only run as he was unarmed. Unwilling to give up, the wolf snapped up Cang Qiuzi’s sleeve and tore it into tatters. The other three elders hurried over to help, but none of them were the white wolf’s match. They not only had to avoid the wolf’s attacks, but Han Yunxi’s poison needles as well. Very soon, each of them were sporting scratches from its claws.

It seemed that the white wolf’s only target was Cang Qiuzi. It forced the man into a corner and growled in a low voice, its bloody fangs ready to crush him into pieces. At this moment, second and third elder suddenly aimed their weapons at Han Yunxi. The white wolf backed away to turn and attack the elders. A thrilled Cang Qiuzi cried out, “Target Han Yunxi to keep it in check!”

But they were mistaken. The white wolf easily evaded their attacks with Han Yunxi on its back and forced its way in front of them. It looked like Cang Qiuzi, who stood at the head of the crowd, was due to suffer disaster. Suddenly, Cang Xiaoying’s warning rang out from behind.

“Han Yunxi, if you’re really thinking for Long Feiye’s sake, then give up immediately!”

Han Yunxi turned back in time to see He Yilian kill another one of the disciples guarding the door. They attackers had broken through the doors of Abstinence Hall. Sensing the danger behind them, the white wolf suddenly gave up on Cang Qiuzi and turned back to attack. At this, He Yilian and his group all scattered to the four winds. But as soon as the white wolf sat down in front of the door, a massive force came sweeping at them with enough force to knock them off their feet. They flew backwards, crashed through the doors of the Abstinence Hall, and kept going, shattering various obstacles in their way. In the end, both of them slammed into the stone wall before finally coming to a stop.

The white wolf was physically paralyzed on the ground. Sprawled on its back, Han Yunxi abruptly spat up a large mouthful of blood. Within the room was nothing but a mess, while silence reigned outside. A tall figure slowly walked inside…

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