Chapter 730: I’ve grown so addicted to fooling you that I can’t stop

The only way to control the power of the Lustbite Seal was to endure it! Bear its assault full on! Once the power was released, Long Feiye would go through a brief period of weakness where he lost all of his internal energy--and even his normal strength--leaving him a husk. That was why he’d concentrated all the force of the Lustbite Seal’s power to his whip. By confining it to a weapon, it had a chance to attack, and he had the chance to accept it. 

The golden whip in his hands had long been stained red with blood. It twitched in Long Feiye’s grasp, eager to have a go. It was like a bloodsucking demon, a life-snatching monster, the master of a trial. Abruptly, it flew into the air. Long Feiye released it without any hesitation and turned his head away, eyes shut.


It was a whistle of wind that shook the earth.


It was a terrifying wave of sound like cranes crying to the skies.


It was a soul-shattering shriek as powerful as a thunderbolt.

Whip after whip, lash after lash, the whip thrashed up and down, sending blood against skin in its wake. Countless lashes later, it lost all strength and fell back to the ground. Long Feiye stood with his back covered in a mix of mangled flesh and blood, new wounds atop the old. His skin had been ripped clear open, and his figure tottered on his feet. But he still stood straight and didn’t fall down. His eyebrows hadn’t even furrowed in pain. This was a habit he’d cultivated since his childhood days, to never make a sound in the face of pain or suffering. 

The weak candlelight illuminated his sweat-soaked form. Compared to his usual icy image, his perspiring form had an unmistakable appeal. With hooded eyes, he gave off a distant, aloof air. Anyone who saw him now would only feel respect, not sympathy. This man had a strong body, but his heart was even stronger. He would never be beaten down, even if the beating came from himself. Without a word, he stood and waited as the Lustbite Seal’s power thrashed and seethed within his body. The second part of his battle relied not on brute force, but his heart! He had to stand firm and control himself before the energy seeped completely into his dantian. Collapsing and giving up now were inexcusable. He had to use his mind to control this force. 

One hour later, his internal energy returned. Once again, it had improved markedly from before. He quietly collected his whip, then the bandages and blood-clotting medicine his master had left him. Then he went to treat his wounds as if the sudden shower of blood had never happened. Since most of his wounds were on his back, he could only sprinkle the medicinal powder on the gauze and apply it to his body. It was simple and coarse, but it still stopped the bleeding. 

Today’s trial had passed once again. With his Lustbite Seal unlocked, its energy would come out in bursts once a day. Its strength and force would increase daily. This was only the first ten days or so. As time went on, more and more of the seal’s power would come out to run rampant. 

After treating his injuries, Long Feiye went to sit by the wall bordering the stone door. He had too many wounds on his back to lean against it, so he simply rested his head against the stone. It had only been a dozen or so days, but his face was markedly thinner, its edges and angles more distinct. It made him look frigid and cold. He remained still with his eyes shut, almost as if he was sleeping, or perhaps thinking of something. 

In the empty room and its blood stained floors, his silent figure made for a solitary sight.

What was loneliness?

Loneliness was Han Yunxi sitting with her back against the wall on the other side.

Loneliness was suffering through a life and death trial while the person he loved was ignorant of it all.

Loneliness was him unconsciously moving his back to press tightly against the wall even as the mass of blood and flesh made the pain unbearable, even as his lips quirked up in a soundless smile.

Because he knew, she must be leaning against it on the other side, too.

Loneliness was also seeing the set of clean black robes that hung on the opposite wall from his position on the floor, untouched even by a speck of blood. He had taken it off on purpose so that he could wear them when he went out with her none the wiser to his wounds.

Han Yunxi, your lordship has grown so addicted to fooling you that I can’t stop.

Han Yunxi slowly opened her eyes, coming out from her most recent bout of cultivation. She had been leaning against the wall before, but now she relaxed and rested against it completely, her body pressed tight against its surface. Looking up, her gaze seemed rather distant.

Long Feiye, are you well?

Long Feiye, what are you doing right now?

Long Feiye, I miss you...are you missing me right now too?

At this thought, Han Yunxi pressed against the wall again.

Long Feiye, how can I get closer? Just a little bit more?

Day in, day out, the pain and pining continued. Within the month, Han Yunxi had almost broken through the second level of the poison storage space. But despite her efforts, she was always still a little short. There was something preventing her from the critical breakthrough, something that needed a push. She thought back to how she’d stumbled her way into the first level of the poison storage space by absorbing the poison pond water. Did she need some sort of turning point to unlock the second level too? But no matter how she pondered, she couldn’t guess what it was. Over the past month, Duanmu Yao and Cang Qiuzi had tried all sorts of schemes to draw Han Yunxi out. But no matter what they did, she didn’t budge a single step.

Long Feiye was here, so how could any excuse be better than staying put? There was none! 

In one month, Long Feiye endured the hellish torture day by day without furrowing his eyebrows once. He never cried out or collapsed. Today was the final day and the most crucial point for Long Feiye to control the Lustbite Seal’s power. The force unleashed today would be greater than any before it. As soon as he lost control, he’d not only lose everything, but face unthinkable consequences as well. Neither he nor the sword sect master could guess what might happen. 

Perhaps nobody in this world knew. 

Long Feiye only understood that he had to win tonight’s fight, no matter what. Even though he could open the door and see Han Yunxi, he remained as steady as a mountain. Instead of drawing forth the Lustbite Seal’s power as soon as he was rested, he made preparations first in case he failed. Meanwhile, Han Yunxi had long given up on cultivation from the other side of the wall. Two days ago, she’d carried in a chair so she could sit in front of the stone wall and stare. Despite her intelligence and elegance, Han Yunxi was a foolish girl at heart. Wasn’t she doing nothing more than facing the wall like a time out? She was smiling--or rather, she had been smiling for the past two days. 

She had no idea what Long Feiye had gone through in the chamber, or how vicious his struggles had been. She simply assumed that he was quietly cultivating after getting a few pointers from the sword sect master in preparation for the ranking matches ahead. In her mind, the real danger lay in that competition and his fight with Cang Qiuzi. Thus, she assumed he’d emerge with much stronger martial arts and no losses as soon as the time was up. 

Rarely did she dress up, but she’d put on light makeup and pinned her hair up princess-styled today. A purple jade buyao pin accented her hair, while a dreamy purple dress with white gauze sleeves at the wrists draped over her body. He liked purple, after all.

She was pretty to begin with, so a bit of dressing up made her devastatingly beautiful. Her looks were no less inferior to Duanmu Yao’s, while the natural stately air that emanated from her form, the elegant set of her brows, and the magnanimous set of her posture far exceeded the other girl. The only detail that didn’t match her fairy-like aura was the broad grin on her face--wide enough to make her look like a dolt. If Long Feiye could see her now, he’d probably stroke her hair and say she was acting the fool again.

Han Yunxi was waiting, but so were Cang Qiuzi and Duanmu Yao. Long Feiye would complete his prison sentence and emerge from Abstinence Hall today. Three days after that, the sword sect’s ranking matches would commence. Once Cang Qiuzi’s stomach poison was gone, he’d been making preparations nonstop for the matches. He was already Celestial Mountain’s second-ranked fighter, while the sword sect master wouldn’t participate at all. In other words, he was a shoo-in for the championship, but he didn’t relax. He was very clear that only strength would determine the loyalty of the people below him. He had to show his strongest martial arts to subdue and convince the Celestial Mountain disciples, and to prove his worth to the Heretical Sword Sect.

“Long Feiye couldn’t have simple reasons for coming to Celestial Mountain this time!” Cang Qiuzi said worriedly.

Duanmu Yao didn’t reply. Over the past month, she had been cooperating with master to treat her wounds or keeping an eye on Han Yunxi’s movements. She used plenty of effort to set numerous traps, but Han Yunxi didn’t budge from Abstinence Hall at all. The Abstinence Courtyard was under Granny You’s jurisdiction. She had spent a lot of effort just to bribe one of its servant girls to say a few words in front of Han Yunxi, but all in vain. After today, Long Feiye would be released. Once he was out, it’d be much harder to kill Han Yunxi.

No matter what, Duanmu Yao told herself, I can’t miss today’s final chance!

“If he can kill Lady Leng Yue, then he has the strength to participate in the ranking matches. This bloke, I see that’s his plan!” Cang Qiuzi muttered to himself before laughing coldly. “So what if that’s the case? Even if he has grown skills to kill the fourth ranked Qi Zonglin or third ranked Tang Zijin, he still doesn’t have the ability to fight me!”

When he saw Duanmu Yao looking restless, Cang Qiuzi simply looped her over by the waist. “Yao Yao, what are you thinking about?”

Goosebumps broke out on Duanmu Yao’s skin, but she had no choice but to endure. In a low voice, she murmured, “After today, it’ll be more difficult to kill Han Yunxi.”

“What, you still haven’t gotten your master under control yet?” Cang Qiuzi mocked with a smile. “Or...did you lose him to Han Yunxi as well?”

At this, Duanmu Yao’s gaze grew cold. Killing intent flashed from her eyes beneath her face mask. She struggled free from Cang Qiuzi’s arms and turned to leave, throwing a retort behind her, “Just you wait, Han Yunxi won’t live past today!”

It wasn’t that she couldn’t conquer her master, or that her master didn’t dote on her, but that her master’s condition had been highly unstable for the past few days. She didn’t dare to provoke him too hard. But today she’d give her all! No matter the sacrifice, she had to get rid of Han Yunxi before Long Feiye came out. Every time her master treated her wounds, he would keep silent, but recently he’d been asking her the same question repeatedly. 

“Yao Yao, why couldn’t I save your martial mother back then?”

After finding out about her injuries, her master had only been shaky with his self control once in front of Cang Qiuzi. He’d been exceptionally calm otherwise. But she knew that was only a front, and that he was feeling so miserable that it was hard to speak. If she wanted to enter the Abstinence Courtyard and eliminate Han Yunxi, she could only rely on her master!

Duanmu Yao long had a plan in mind. When she imagined Long Feiye never being able to see Han Yunxi again, a thrill stole upon her heart! Once she left the Lockheart Courtyard, she flew straight for the peak and her master’s Nine Xuan Hall….

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