Chapter 725: Invite, would you like to drink this?

Granny You suspected that Han Yunxi might be hopeless at martial arts, so she was simply curious to confirm her guess. She had no intentions to humiliate the woman. As Han Yunxi had already refused, she wouldn’t press the issue.

“Auntie You, please,” Long Feiye finished steeping the tea and pushed over a cup.

“Your master didn’t punish you further for matters between you and Yao Yao, I hope?” Granny You probed. From what she understood of Cang Qiuzi, this matter had to be more complicated than it appeared. Even if Cang Qiuzi and Duanmu Yao weren’t colluding together, the man wouldn’t have rescued Duanmu Yao out of the goodness of his own heart.

“She was originally the one at fault. There’s no reason to punish me for that,” Long Feiye said and changed the topic. “Auntie You, there’s a favor I need to ask.”

“Don’t be so polite. What is it, just tell me,” Granny You hid a flash of astonishment. This boy can actually ask others for favors too?

“Is it possible for Yunxi to keep you company in the Abstinence Courtyard during my month-long punishment?” Long Feiye asked tactfully.

Granny You didn’t reply immediately. She knew that this was a massive responsibility. If Han Yunxi was staying in the Abstinence Courtyard for an entire month, then they had the task of protecting her during that time. Leaving aside everyone else, Cang Qiuzi and Duanmu Yao would definitely seize the chance to make trouble. In other words, Long Feiye was saying he’d help the Abstinence Courtyard face off against those two. As long as someone entered the Abstinence Courtyard, Granny You had ways to defend them. But she didn’t know Long Feiye’s motives for coming back to Celestial Mountain this time. For someone who could kill Cloud Realm Continent’s 5th ranked fighter, Lady Leng Yue, within three moves, how did his strength compare with her and the other two elders? What was the difference between him and Cang Qiuzi?

“Feiye, tell me the truth. How long are you planning to stay this time?” Granny You probed.

The Abstinence Courtyard never involved itself in conflicts between factions. No one had ever drawn them to their side, but Long Feiye trusted that Granny You was willing to help if it meant eliminating Cang Qiuzi. The man had overtly agreed but covertly opposed everything in the past few years, hiding his actions as he violated sect rules again and again. If Granny You wasn’t lacking proof, she’d never let him run rampant for this long.

“Until the ranking matches and Celestial Mountain Assembly are over,” Long Feiye replied. Both gatherings would affect the balance of power between factions on the mountains. It was a way to reshuffle the ranks.

With that in mind, Granny You had a better estimate of the situation. Firmly she replied, “Fine! As long as she doesn’t slip off on her own, this old woman will definitely protect her from harm.”

Long Feiye bowed with hands clasped. “Many thanks.”

Han Yunxi sat on one side looking at him and Granny You. She couldn’t help but feel that she was being a burden again and grew depressed. Why did I have to be a good-for-nothing when it came to martial arts?

After a few more words, the sword sect master arrived. As soon as he entered, Granny You and Long Feiye rose to pay their respects. Han Yunxi hastened to follow. The sword sect master simply ignored her and said to Granny You, “Let’s go to Abstinence Hall. This grandmaster shall enter with him and leave him with a few words.”

Once they went in, Long Feiye wouldn’t be able to emerge until his sentence was completed. No one was allowed to disturb him, either. The sword sect master had come simply to help him undo the Lustbite Seal. If not for the importance of the ranking matches, he would have rushed to find ways of saving Duanmu Yao instead. Granny You didn’t know the full story, but she knew the sword sect master must have more to do than say a few words. Perhaps the sect head would even make a personal move to take care of Cang Qiuzi this time. She didn’t ask any questions, but silently vowed to make sure nothing would disturb Long Feiye this month. Nor could anyone entertain the thought of hurting Han Yunxi.

“Naturally, we’ll need to go to Abstinence Hall. But senior brother, those two have been waiting for you for half the day to invite you to tea,” Granny You smiled.

The sword sect master didn’t understand and shot Long Feiye a questioning look. We have to undo the Lustbite Seal tonight. That’s a monumental task, but where does this boy have the mind to waste time and drink tea? He thought that Long Feiye had long made arrangements for Han Yunxi elsewhere before he arrived.

“Master, disciple brought Yunxi to the mountain this time just so she could serve you a cup of tea. Master was in closed door cultivation during the big wedding day, so now we’re here to make up for that missing cup.” As Long Feiye spoke, he personally poured a cup of tea and handed it to Han Yunxi. “Invite master to drink.”

In other words, he wanted Han Yunxi to be like him and call the sword sect master “master.” Han Yunxi accepted the cup and walked towards the old man, who still stood without looking at her or saying a word. Instead, he was peering coldly at Long Feiye. It was obvious that the offering of tea displeased him! But this couldn’t be considered out of the blue. Han Yunxi was Long Feiye’s official consort, so it made perfect sense for her to offer him tea. Could it be that the sword sect master had second thoughts towards the position of “official consort?” 

Amongst Cloud Realm Continent’s marriage customs, offering tea played an important role. It represented the elders’ acceptance of the juniors. Only the first wife or official consort was eligible to offer tea to her elders. Concubines and secondary wives didn’t even need the formalities of an official wedding ceremony, much less tea. All they had to do was be carried into the estate via its side gates in a bridal sedan. 

Long Feiye bringing Han Yunxi to see his master was akin to having her “meet the parents.” He also wanted his master to acknowledge Han Yunxi’s status. To put it plainly, he was telling the sword sect master to stop pushing Duanmu Yao at him. 

In the silent room, Han Yunxi walked step by step towards the sword sect master with tea in her hands. Meanwhile, he stared at Long Feiye, who stared back. Master and disciple seemed to be facing each other with metaphorical swords drawn for the first time. Still, Granny You only looked at Han Yunxi thoughtfully. 

Han Yunxi had noticed the sword sect master’s reaction. She always knew that he had wanted to act as Long Feiye’s matchmaker, but only now did she realize the extent of his feelings. It seems like the sword sect master still hasn’t accepted my status as the official consort. Instead, he hopes that Duanmu Yao can take the spot instead. 

A cold smile rose upon her features. Forget about that. Even a concubine or servant girl position is impossible for Duanmu Yao! Her steps were strong and firm. Perhaps the sword sect master would reject her in front of everyone; perhaps he’d simply turn and leave without a word, perhaps she’d be embarrassed or put in a difficult spot. But whatever the case, she was offering him this tea!

This wasn’t to force the old man to accept her position, but to show him who she was. She stopped in front of him and raised the cup with both hands before dropping to her knees. In a loud voice, she declared, “The Duke of Qin’s official consort, Han Yunxi, respectfully asks master to drink this tea.”

The sword sect master didn’t budge as he continued staring at Long Feiye. Pure struggle shone in the gazes of both men, a silent conflict between themselves. 

“Master, please drink tea!” Han Yunxi invited again.

Again, the sword sect master ignored her as the room fell frightfully silent.

“Master, please drink tea!” Han Yunxi said for the third time. But the old man was still ignoring her. Long Feiye’s gaze turned cold while his master narrowed his eyes and emanated a dangerous aura. Even Granny You began to feel a little nervous. It was rare for the sword sect master to lose his temper, but the consequences were unthinkable. Perhaps Han Yunxi would be driven clear off the mountain. 

As if expecting this, Han Yunxi suddenly stood up and placed the teacup on the table by the sword sect master’s side. Then she bowed and returned to Long Feiye. 


Caught off guard, the sword sect master finally turned to face Han Yunxi, while Granny You all but laughed out loud. She could see that Han Yunxi was a stubborn type. She wouldn’t weep or cry, but neither would she demand or beg. She had expected Han Yunxi to keep kneeling indefinitely, but the lass had simply stopped after entreating the old man thrice. 

What does this mean? Is she telling the sword sect master, “I’ve already offered my tea, it’s up to you whether you drink it or pour it, old man?”

When she saw the calm-faced Han Yunxi standing openly by Long Feiye’s side, Granny You suddenly began to like the girl. It’s a shame, she thought to herself. If only this girl wasn’t cursed to be nothing at martial arts. How great that would be.

The sword sect master quickly recovered his composure and picked up the tea. The difference between drinking or returning the cup laid in a single thought. The sword sect master simply held the cup without moving. It was unclear what he’d do, but he obviously wasn’t going to drink.

“Master, this disciple can’t set my cares at rest unless you drink that tea,” Long Feiye spoke up.

Granny You didn’t understand the meaning behind his words, while Han Yunxi only had a vague idea. But the master and disciple duo were quite clear. If the sword sect master didn’t drink the tea, Long Feiye wouldn’t be able to stop worrying. If that was the case, he wouldn’t be able to enter closed door cultivation and completely control the Lustbite Seal’s power. 

That’s right, Long Feiye was threatening the sword sect elder. The common saying went that a mother rose on the merits of a son, but a wife could do the same thing if her husband was powerful enough and cared about her. You didn’t need to birth children to use as your weapons! Han Yunxi dared to offer the tea, then set it aside, because Long Feiye was standing behind her as her support. 

Meanwhile, the sword sect master narrowly avoided crushing the cup in his hands. But in the end, he relented. Many years ago, he had once forced Long Feiye to make a promise to protect Yao Yao for the rest of her life. But the boy wouldn’t accept, causing the first ever row between master and disciple. In the end, both of them had given way. Long Feiye only had to protect Yao Yao until she turned 18. Now, Long Feiye was different from the past--he would never yield again. 

The sword sect master sighed internally. Only now did he realize that his beloved disciple had grown up. Actually, he wasn’t planning on tearing the couple apart. He simply pampered Yao Yao too much to see her wronged in any way. The best ending was to have Yao Yao be the first wife and Han Yunxi the second, but he had to admit that Han Yunxi’s personality and intelligence far outshone Yao Yao’s. It’s a shame that she’s hopeless at martial arts.

Now wasn’t the time for conflicts. Long Feiye would one day proclaim himself emperor, and Yao Yao could have another chance then. He drained the teacup with one gulp and said coldly, “You don’t even know the basics of fighting, so you might as well call me ‘grandmaster’ like the other disciples.”

In other words, a useless good-for-nothing at martial arts like her didn’t have the right to call him “master” like Long Feiye. 

Han Yunxi openly bowed and said, “Yes, grandmaster.” It was a far less intimate title than “master,” but at least the old man had drank the tea and acknowledged her position. Since she was certain the sword sect master would never like her, Han Yunxi wasn’t planning on growing any closer. Nor did she have the idea in the first place, much less be one of his disciples.

So I’m a good-for-nothing, so what? I can live well all the same. I can still win rewards for passing obstacles and slay monsters in my way. I have Long Feiye and Lil Thing, so what do I need to fear?

At last, the tea ceremony was finished.

Granny You led the way forward to Long Feiye’s formal closed door cultivation…

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