Chapter 713: Don’t talk, kiss me

Han Yunxi couldn’t bear to have Long Feiye work so hard, so she found Long Feiye’s charming junior brothers here to help him out. If this was a type of selfish love, then she’d never admit it! This was just her showcasing her intellect and wisdom, alright?

Long Feiye had the junior brothers gather close before explaining to them the plan. Everyone went to do as they were told. The strongest amongst them was assigned to take Long Feiye’s original role in standing on the bridge with one hand in front and the other behind him to maintain balance. Another one came to take his hand and step on the bridge, which swayed heavily before coming to a stop. 

Han Yunxi silently congratulated herself on the sight. Thank goodness she thought of building a human bridge. With her strength and sense of balance, she’d fall off as soon as she stepped on the thing. Worse come to worst, she might’ve dragged Long Feiye down with her and really turn into a joke.

After the two men regained their balance, a third man joined them. But rather than stepping on the bridge, he stood on the edge of the cliff to grab the second man’s hand. Borrowing strength from the third man allowed the two on the bridge to carefully back up until they yielded enough room for the third to step on. Following this line of logic, the bamboo bridge was soon full of handsome male disciples that stretched nearly from its foot to its end. Everyone maintained their own balance while holding hands with two others, thus creating stability for the entire chain. 

Granny You took to the skies to move out of the way, shaking her head in disbelief at the sight. “Who thought of this idea? Too smart.”

“Master, it was Han Yunxi,” a disciple by her side reported dutifully.

Incredulous, Granny You could only nod thoughtfully. “She has guts and strategy while being able to keep her cool. Hehe, no wonder Long Feiye looks fondly upon her.”

“Master, why doesn’t Senior Brother Ye have Han Yunxi go on the mountain and take a master? If it’s his personal recommendation, someone would definitely accept her as their disciple. Wouldn’t she be able to cross the bridge that way?” the disciple asked.

“If she still doesn’t know any martial arts at her age, then her body might not be suited for training,” Granny You reasoned. After all, it only made sense that Long Feiye’s woman would have picked up some martial arts by now. She soon left the scene, but the female disciples still behind were all dumbfounded by the sight. By now, they’d figured out what was going on. If they hadn’t seen Han Yunxi whispering to Long Feiye back then, they never would’ve believed that she came up with this idea on her own. Although they didn’t want to admit it, reality proved that Han Yunxi was very intelligent.

Cang Xiaoying shook her head, incredulous. She strove to find a way to nitpick, but Han Yunxi’s arrangements didn’t break any rules. According to the sect laws, only people seeking to be disciples could be carried up the mountain. Otherwise, anyone who didn’t know martial arts had to cross the bamboo bridge on foot. The people helping them couldn’t use martial arts, either. These rules had been put in place because Celestial Mountain had a period of time when people scaled the peak daily to ask for help. To stop these people, the last sword sect master set down this law. If any non-practitioner could cross the bridge on foot, then they’d agree to help. Nobody ever came to bother them again. 

And the law had stood in place until it became one of the sect rules. Actually, the Celestial Mountain Sword Sect rarely bothered itself with secular affairs. Even those with martial arts would be hard pressed to cross the bridge. If not for Long Feiye bringing her here, Han Yunxi wouldn’t even have a chance to see the bridge with her own eyes.

Cang Xiaoying still couldn’t find any loopholes after thinking it over. Han Yunxi’s solution was absolute! 

Finally, Long Feiye backed onto the bridge and became the first in a long line of people. The young junior disciple behind him was too afraid to take his hand, so he simply placed pressure on his shoulders. After getting his balance, Long Feiye extended his hand towards Han Yunxi with a doting smile. It was as if he was inviting her to step on.

Looking at his large hand, many of the females present wanted to take it for themselves. How many years had they dreamed and fantasized about tightly gripping those fingers? Unfortunately, none of them dared to approach. Even the bold and powerful Cang Xiaoying could only watch unblinkingly. 

Han Yunxi smiled lightly before elegantly placing her hand into his palm. He took her other hand as well and brought her onto the bridge as the row of people behind him backed up to make room. Her refined steps on the steady bridge didn’t cause so much as a ripple. 

Here was the first step.

Very soon, the entire chain backed up again, leaving more room for Han Yunxi to walk forward. After walking four to five steps, she began to sense a little swaying. But the remaining disciples still on land quickly climbed onto the bridge as well. Like before, they formed a chain while holding hands to fill in the blanks, maintaining the stability of the entire structure from both ends. Thus, the long chain replaced itself from one end to the next with a line of men. Han Yunxi was the only female amongst them, protected on both sides. She and Long Feiye held hands while standing face to face. Every time he backed up a step, she’d walk forward. 

Below her was a gaping abyss, while opposite her stretched empty space. Despite this, she was surrounded by Celestial Mountain experts on both ends and Long Feiye by her side! What was she afraid of?

As she walked, she felt her steps grow light. Being led along by Long Feiye like this gave her the urge to waltz with him instead. They made a lovely vision as a pair, beautiful and refined. The chain of people supporting them from both ends was both spectacular and magnificent. 

The female disciples who’d rushed to the scene to watch a show couldn’t help but fixate on the sight, feeling as if they were in a beautiful, luxurious dream. Unfortunately, none of them were the main female lead. Cang Xiaoying grew distracted as she looked. Even if this wasn’t her dream, she still lost herself in its reveries, wishing she’d never wake. 

So you can feel satisfied looking at love even if you can’t have it for yourself!

Very soon, everyone awoke from the fantasy because Han Yunxi and Long Feiye had safely crossed the entire length of the bamboo bridge to reach the second mountain. They were forced to confront the reality: that the love Han Yunxi received exceeded all bounds. After failing to achieve anything, an irate Cang Xiaoying flew through the air to catch up with the pair.

“Han Yunxi, what kind of skills are those? Relying on a bunch of men to cross a bridge? If you have the guts, why not compete against me? Just rely on yourself and see who gets past first?” Cang Xiaoying said seriously.

Han Yunxi looked over before she suddenly laughed. “Why do I have to compete with you?”

“What kind of abilities are those, relying on men? If you have the capability, then rely on yourself instead!” Cang Xiaoying called her out.

“Since when have I ever said I had the skills?” Han Yunxi feigned innocence. She wouldn’t risk herself against just for a fit of temper. She really was afraid of that bridge, especially when falling off it would lead to a nasty death.

Stifled and incensed, Cang Xiaoying still tried to goad her on, “You! Are you afraid?”

Han Yunxi grasped Long Feiye’s hand and said earnestly, “If he’s not by my side, then I will be.”

Cang Xiaoying had always been pampered and spoiled by others. Besides the slight with Tang Li, she’d never been so sullen in her life. In a second, she lost her temper and cursed, “Han Yunxi, you’re shameless!”

Long Feiye was about to speak when Han Yunxi stopped him. She didn’t like him getting involved in affairs between women. She wasn’t mad about being yelled at, but only regarded Cang Xiaoying with amusement. After a while, she took on a meaningful tone. 

“Oh…” There was a pause. “I know who you are now! You were the young Tang Clan head’s fiancée! I’ve heard of your name before!”


She only recognized me just now? Everyone on Celestial Mountain knows the name of Cang Xiaoying!

Han Yunxi was simply humiliating her. Angry beyond belief, Cang Xiaoying was still fuming when Han Yunxi spoke again, this time to herself. “Lucky, lucky, it’s fortunate that the young Tang Clan head didn’t wed you…”

Han Yunxi trailed off there, but because of that, the statement grew even more mocking. Cang Xiaoying was good in all aspects except her face--everyone knew that. Tang Li hadn’t fled his marriage because of her ugly looks, but Han Yunxi seemed to insinuate that with her words. 

Cang Xiaoying was so infuriated that she nearly burst into tears. “You guys are bullies! I’m going to tell my father, just you wait!”

She stomped her feet and turned to leave. Long Feiye’s eyes flashed sinisterly. It had been some days since Duanmu Yao and Cang Qiuzi returned to Celestial Mountain, so he’d been waiting for this chance. He’d like to see what kind of play those two put on in front of his master!

Han Yunxi thanked Long Feiye’s junior brothers before the lot dispersed. But the female disciples were still unwilling to leave them be. There weren’t many obstacles before them now that Han Yunxi had crossed the bridge, but they wanted to stay behind for Long Feiye’s sake now. They’d finally had a chance to see him, so they wanted to stare some more. After all, it’d be much harder to reach him once they climbed to the peak. The top of Celestial Mountain was reserved for the sect master’s cultivations. Ordinary disciples weren’t allowed to come and go as they pleased.

“What kind of reward do you want for crossing the bridge?” Long Feiye wouldn’t forget that.

This time, neither did Han Yunxi. She looked at the crowds around them before quickly turning to face him.

“Whatever you want, just say--”

“Long Feiye, don’t talk, kiss me!” Han Yunxi interrupted. Her prize was a kiss.

She was almost past her acceptance levels for all the peach blossoms yearning after this guy. She wanted to proclaim her property rights in front of them all! Long Feiye gave a start, then looked at Han Yunxi for a long, long time. Suddenly, he broke into laughter. Compared to her timidity and reserved manners, he much preferred this side of her instead. Such courage and candidity.

Very obedient, Long Feiye simply lifted Han Yunxi’s chin without a word and gave her a furious kiss. The longer he kissed, the deeper and more passionate he went. By the edge of the cliff at the bamboo suspension bridge, these two made for one of the most beautiful sights in Celestial Mountain history, causing the peak full of peach blossoms to pale in comparison.

Long Feiye, do you know?

Han Yunxi is actually a scaredy cat. Because of your love, she grew courage.

The deep kiss almost left Han Yunxi prostrate in Long Feiye’s arms before he let her go. It didn’t matter what the surrounding eyes thought of them now. What was truly important lay before them, on top of the mountain itself…

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