Chapter 709

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Soon enough, Tang Li recovered his energy and grinned at Ning Jing. “Your husband wanted to kill that poison python and harvest its gallbladder to help nourish Jing Jing’s body. Looks like that’s impossible now.”

Tang Li’s actually smiling at me. Does this mean he doesn’t care that I kicked him in the face back there? Ning Jing stared at him in silence. Her thoughts were unknown, but she had started biting her lip.

Tang Li was gasping for breath and covered in a face full of sweat, but still managed a flattering grin. He lightly licked his lips as he observed her with amusement. Or rather, he was looking at her lip. It was rare for this woman to show such minute movements. Ning Jing quickly noticed his pointed gaze and followed his gaze downwards. She couldn’t figure out what he was staring at.

“Hey, where are you look--” Her words were cut off as Tang Li drew close, bent down, and kissed her on the lips.

Ning Jing had experienced her share of bullying under a drugged Tang Li and his wild, passionate ways. But the kiss still made her freeze. Her eyes widened in disbelief as her mind grew blank. It was impossible for her to think beyond the scorching temperature of his lips! She was supposed to push him aside by this point, but she didn’t even think of that as she stood there like a statue.

Actually, Tang Li was surprised as well. Although he was taking advantage of her right now, that wasn’t his true intention. He had already vowed to himself to never touch this “wife” of his again. But just then...did his brain switch places with his muscles?

What kind of impulse was that?!

Well fine, since we’re kissing we might as well keep at it. I’ll just pretend it was an act and stop it myself.

Despite this, his damnable self didn’t want to stop kissing at all. This woman’s lips were so soft! He couldn’t resist the urge to deepen their kiss, scaring Ning Jing into withdrawing. In a moment of urgency, Tang Li only drew closer and kissed her harder, as if afraid he’d never get the chance to eat her again once they parted.

“Mm...mmph…” Ning Jing began to struggle. It would have been better if she stayed still, because her movements stirred up Tang Li’s wicked side.

Since I can’t let go of this sweetness, I might as well go ahead and risk everything! Since we’re touching, I might as well touch ‘til the end! She’s my official wife anyways, and she played me first.

He’d been harboring the debt for ages!

Tang Li grabbed Ning Jing’s hand as she made to slap him, then circled her waist with his other arm to trap her in his embrace. Ning Jing wanted to turn away, but he held her by the head and viciously...kissed her long and deep. It was a demand more than a kiss, so hot that Ning Jing had no choice but to endure. As they kissed, the notion of paying back debts and dignity flew to the back to Tang Li’s head. What remained was simply impulse, and how wonderful Ning Jing was.

Their passionate night had been simply a meal he ate without knowing its flavor. He had no idea that Ning Jing could be filled with such sweetness as a freshly bloomed flower. How was he supposed to stop now? Meanwhile, Ning Jing’s mature ways belied her own gaping inexperience. She couldn’t resist Tang Li’s teasing ways and grew impassioned as well. Like lightning striking the earth, the two figures soon entwined themselves into one. Neither of them liked customs or propriety much, nor could either side be forced to do anything against their will. Somehow, they came to a compromise without even knowing the reasons why.

After the deed was done, Tang Li held Ning Jing tightly as he draped his outer robes over her form. Ning Jing was completely exhausted, but her mind was now clear. She knew what had just happened, as did Tang Li, who still remembered how she tasted. The two of them lay tiredly in the grass, her with her eyes shut, him staring at the clear skies. His face was still soaked in sweat, his breathing still labored.

A long stretch of silence later, Ning Jing finally spoke up. “Is that enough?”

“What?” Tang Li didn’t understand.

“If it is, then let me go. I’ve paid you back what I owed,” Ning Jing said coldly. She was already questioning why she’d accepted his advances and compromised for the copulation in the first place.

Stirred out of his daydreams, Tang Li simply turned over to pin Ning Jing beneath his body. “Jing Jing, your husband’s performance left you unsatisfied--”

“Tang Li!” Ning Jing snapped. “You shut up!”

“Aiya, so I said the wrong thing. Don’t get agitated, Jing Jing,” Tang Li grinned roguishly. “What I want to say is, did your husband’s performance displease you?”

But how was there any difference between “left you unsatisfied” and “displeased you” when he spoke in such a dubious, ambiguous tone?

“Get lost!” Ning Jing wanted to push him aside, but she was all out of strength. If possible, she’d fall asleep this instant.

“Jing Jing, let your husband hold you awhile. You’re really warm,” Tang Li said, even though he was already hugging her tight. Instead, Ning Jing just buried her head and bit him viciously on the shoulder.

Tang Li was left reeling in pain!

So much, that his lips pursed in reaction. But he endured it and let her bite him as he murmured by her ear. “Jing Jing, don’t worry. Your husband will definitely love you and dote on you. I won’t let you be bullied a bit.”

“Take back your flowery words. You’ve had your fun, so isn’t it time to let me go?” Ning Jing demanded.

“Jing Jing, don’t you believe me?” Tang Li asked, hurt.

“Tang Li, stop acting,” Ning Jing disdained.

Actually, Lady Tang had gave her difficulties multiple times before they left the Tang Clan, but Tang Li had saved her in every instance. Ning Jing might not have taken those actions to heart, but she did remember them. It was true that nobody had bullied her since her marriage into the Tang Clan.

“Jing Jing, I know what happened between us in the past...I won’t fuss over who’s right or wrong and just treat it as fate. Just what will it take for you to trust me?” Tang Li grew anxious.

A complicated look flitted past Ning Jing’s eyes before she said with hesitation, “You’re the Tang Clan’s clan head. If that’s the case, give me all of the clan’s hidden weapons and I’ll believe you!”

“This…” Tang Li was put in a difficult spot. In truth, he was laughing coldly to himself. Finally, Ning Jing had shown herself.

“Liar!” Ning Jing seized the chance to push Tang Li aside while he was distracted. She hogged his robes for herself, leaving his torso naked.

“I’m not a liar!” Tang Li grew earnest. “Although I’m the Tang Clan head, the weapons on the Tang Clan ranking lists are still controlled by my father. And the design drawings are in the hands of the Council of Elders. In truth, I...aye, Jing Jing, can’t you tell? I’m only the leader in name.”

“What did you say about our families forming a marriage alliance? And that you wouldn’t treat me shabbily?” Ning Jing laughed at herself. “As the ‘clan head’s wife,’ I’m the one who’s only a leader a name, isn’t it?”

Hearing this, Tang Li exhaled and fell silent. Ning Jing kicked at his foot. “Speak, will you? You said you’d make sure I wasn’t bullied? Our feelings as clan head and wife are probably the most depressing things in its history!”

Tang Li didn’t speak, so Ning Jing just snorted and turned to leave.

“Jing’er!” Tang Li grew serious. “If you still want to believe me, then come back with me right now. We’ll go to the Tang Clan and vie for what’s rightfully ours!”

Ning Jing didn’t even look back as she continued walking. Tang Li chased after her with long strides. “Jing’er, you’re my wife, ah!”

Ning Jing was planning to waste a few more days with him before relenting, but hearing these words made her curiously turn around, just in time to meet Tang Li’s sincere gaze.

“Jing’er, you’re my wife. If you don’t trust me, who else can you believe? And if I don’t trust you, who else can I believe? My father gave up his position this time not just to give me face. The internal struggles within the Tang Clan aren’t as simple as you think. It’ll be better if you go back with me. Give me one chance to fight for your sake!” Tang Li’s face showed nothing but honestly even as he was secretly guffawing inside.

How did he not realize he was such a good liar? Once he convinced Ning Jing, he probably had the skills to cheat the world---his sister-in-law excepted, of course. He had been waiting for a chance to bring this subject up with Ning Jing. Meanwhile, his father and mother had made ample preparations on their side to play along with his act. Ning Jing might want the Tang Clan’s weapons, but he had his eye on her arms trade routes!

With difficulty, Ning Jing relented. “Fine. I’ll only give you one chance. Let’s make it clear, if you can’t grasp control of the Tang Clan weapons, then you’re coming to live with me at Cloud Realm Trade Consortium after a year!”

One year later, her elder brother’s ban would lift, and she’d have plenty of ways to go home. Actually, there wasn’t even a need to bring Tang Li with her now that the wedding was set. The consortium could dream on if they wanted to marry her off to another man. But she wanted to take along the noisy bastard, if only to torment him!

As she stared at Tang Li, Ning Jing silently vowed that she’d not only gain control over all the weapons in the Tang Clan within one year, but develop Cloud Realm Trade Consortium’s arms trade routes and bring Tang Li back with her. With the agreement set, Tang Li happily approached Ning Jing, who finally returned his robes. But Tang Li didn’t take them.

“You wear them. The winds are chilly in the mountains. Climb on behind me and I’ll carry you back.”

With both their horses gone and still some distance to the docks, Ning Jing was too tired to bother walking. She immediately hopped onto Tang Li’s back. Only then did she notice the bite marks on his shoulder. It was bleeding--a sign of her mark on him.

“Be good and nap a bit. I’ll call you when we get on the boat and give you something delicious to eat,” Tang Li said dotingly. His voice was enough to make one melt.

Ning Jing didn’t reply beyond her cold smile. She didn’t nap either, not because she didn’t trust Tang Li, but because the sight of his shoulder wound made her unable to fall asleep. In the end, she took out a handkerchief and carefully went to wipe away the blood. Very soon, Tang Li and Ning Jing’s fight for his rights to the Tang Clan weapons would began. On the other side, Long Feiye and Han Yunxi were still on their way to Celestial Mountain.

They traveled day and night. The entire trip, Long Feiye was occupied by two things: answering emergency messages, and explaining in full to Han Yunxi about Celestial Mountain’s internal power struggles. Han Yunxi was also doing two things: listening to Long Feiye talk, and sleeping to cultivate her poison storage space.

Their rush trip still took ten days, but they managed to arrive at the foot of Celestial Mountain right on schedule. “Celestial Mountain” not only referred to this long, unbroken range of peaks, but also the highest mountain amongst them. Celestial Mountain Range’s Celestial Mountain was the location of Celestial Mountain Sword Sect. There were five total peaks in this range that stretched from south to north like a flight of stairs. Each one was taller than the next and sat right next to its brothers. The tallest, northernmost one was Celestial Mountain!

Long Feiye’s carriage stopped at the summit of the first peak. As Han Yunxi got out, she was stunned by the sight before her. She saw…

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