Chapter 696: The perfect match, Ye-Xi (2)

As soon as Han Yunxi took out the magnetite, the sword hovering in the air behind them shot toward them at a terrifying speed. Alarmed, Long Feiye dodged out of the way and asked, “Han Yunxi, what’s going on?”

“It’s probably the opposite magnetic pole,” Han Yunxi half-muttered in reply. 

Simultaneously, Lady Leng Yue intensified her assault to rush in front of them. The two swords looked on the verge of stabbing Long Feiye through when Han Yunxi suddenly flipped the magnetite in her hands. The sword behind them instantly stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground. Meanwhile, the blade in Lady Leng Yue’s hands lost all sense of balance and began to shudder in her hands. If she hadn’t been holding it tightly, it might have dropped to the ground too!

How could this be?

Lady Leng Yue’s face was still wearing a smile of victory because everything had happened so quickly. Her expression remained frozen and looked atrocious. She wouldn’t use Double Swords Harmony against iron swords, but no other opponents had broken through the mystery of her blades otherwise! How did Long Feiye defeat her blades without doing a single thing?

On the other hand, Han Yunxi was celebrating. She knew her gamble had paid off! Things like magnets didn’t exist in the past, but natural magnetite did. The one in her hands was a type of Chinese medicine used to soothe frayed nerves and regulate the yang in the liver. It was good for clearing up hearing and sight as well as regulating breathing but also doubled as an ingredient for potential poisons and their antidotes. It was also useful for attracting needles out of patients to save their lives. When shadow guards had gotten injured by poison needles in the past, she’d simply drawn the needles slowly out of them using this magnetite. No surgery was necessary in those cases. 

She had been studying Lady Leng Yue’s Double Harmony Swords. Some treasured blades had a spirit of their own that responded to their masters’ auras, resonating with the same killing intent, for example. But even the most sensitive blades were still soulless objects in the end. It would be impossible for them to fight in tandem with their owner naturally. The one exception would be if the wielder possessed vast quantities of internal energy, enough to affect the flow of air around them and control their swords. 

Han Yunxi didn’t understand martial arts, but she had been right in the thick of the battle. Aside from the wind currents caused by the swords, she hadn’t felt any other irregularities in the air. She was certain that Lady Leng Yue didn’t have enough internal energy to control her weapons remotely. To put it simply, even if she did, such control was temporary at best. Yet Lady Leng Yue had already let her blade run free for multiple rounds. 

The secret of the two combined swords lay in their makeup. Thus, she thought of magnetism. Perhaps it was yin and yang that drew them to each other, or some sort of opposing attracting energy. That would explain why the blade at their backs kept trying to find the one in Lady Leng Yue’s hands. Han Yunxi wasn’t interested in the exact composition of the sword, but she did want to know if the magnetite in her hands could break their connection. Even if it wasn’t as strong as a true magnet, it still had its attractive force.

Reality proved that her guesses were right. The rock in her hands right now was kryptonite to the Double Harmony Swords.

“Long Feiye, Lady Leng Yue’s treasured sword has been rendered useless,” Han Yunxi claimed confidently.

“When we return, your lordship will reward you handsomely!”

Long Feiye didn’t give Lady Leng Yue any time to collect herself. He lashed out violently with his whip, catching her on the wrist and peeling back layers of skin. Wracked with pain, she almost lost grip of her sword. Fortunately for her, she did not and managed to back away. With one sword gone, she couldn’t afford to lose face by dropping the other.


Another lash soon followed, forcing her to dodge again. After that, Long Feiye didn’t stop. His continuous whip strikes were like a knife splitting bamboo, leaving colorful arcs in its wake. Lady Leng Yue was reduced to constant evasion while trying to find a way to recover her other sword. Unfortunately, all her attempts failed. With the attraction between her two blades extinguished, Lady Leng Yue had no choice but to face the truth. She could match Long Feiye in strength, but only because he was protecting Han Yunxi at the same time! Now that she’d lost her advantage and was being suppressed in turn, her chances for a comeback were slim to none. Left with no other choice, she whistled shrilly to summon the killers hiding in ambush. 

Dozens of female assassins flew in from all sides to join the fray. They were all top-level experts from the City of Daughters--including Leng Shuangshuang, whom Han Yunxi recognized by eye. Or rather, she recognized the characteristically revealing clothing that the woman favored. Her fashion sense was truly rare in the Cloud Realm Continent.

Leng Shuangshuang looked at Long Feiye and Han Yunxi with a complicated gaze. She wanted to speak but dreaded doing anything in front of her mother. Meanwhile, Long Feiye’s whip never stopped. His pressure was so great that Lady Leng Yue risked getting lashed if she was even complacent for a second. As the rest of the assassins closed in, Long Feiye’s whip changed mid-direction from Lady Leng Yue as he turned, sweeping across the crowd of incoming killers like a wave to drive them back into the distance. Immediately, their numbers were replaced by new assassins, while Lady Leng Yue seized this chance to counterattack!

“Han Yunxi, are you ready now?” Long Feiye asked with a smile.

Chenqie is always ready to assist Your Highness Duke of Qin!” Han Yunxi declared in a serious and respectful tone.

With that, Long Feiye put away his whip to wrap both arms around Han Yunxi and kicked off the ground.

“Long Feiye, are you running away?” Lady Leng Yue was surprised. With his sword abandoned and his whip stored away, what else could he be planning?

“His Highness Duke of Qin has no need to move against women like you. This wangfei will take care of you rabble!” Han Yunxi answered loudly.

Long Feiye hugged her tighter and abruptly dove into the crowd of assassins. Stunned by their actions, the group reeled but held firm. They were trained killers, so they would not back away. All of them faced Long Feiye and Han Yunxi head-on with swords drawn. Unfortunately for them, the man easily evaded their blows and flashed too quickly next to their sides. Han Yunxi didn’t even have to use her Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain needles with Long Feiye’s skills. He quickly and steadily weaved around the assassins and evaded their swords, giving her the best opportunities to spread her poison with time to spare.

Han Yunxi ended up using the various poison needles hidden in her mouth, fingertips, feet, arms, and even her hair bun. Long Feiye led her close to every victim as she attacked. Because he moved at lightning speeds, she had trouble keeping up, but soon she was able to match his moves. As her poisoning speed increased, her movements became smooth and experienced. Soon enough, the dozens of killers were reduced to only ten. The rest were incapacitated on the ground from poison and couldn’t even move. Lady Leng Yue had finally seen her share of the world and her heart was pounding like a drum!

She never thought Long Feiye and Han Yunxi would team up! Multiple times, Long Feiye had reached her too, but she’d escaped poisoning by dodging faster than Han Yunxi could attack. Even now, he was merely acting as a protector to the woman, forgoing attacking to guide her to their foes. His skills made it impossible for anyone to touch him, much less hurt him. Even Lady Leng Yue would have difficulty without aid from her Double Harmony Swords.

Thus, Han Yunxi could poison as she pleased as long as Long Feiye remained unharmed. In other words, the victor was already decided! Lady Leng Yue knew that the logical choice was to order a retreat. She had already completed the task given to her by Bai Yanqing. Yet she couldn’t bear to end things like this!

“Long Feiye, you’re too contemptible! What does it count for to have a woman help you?” Lady Leng Yue fumed.

Long Feiye ignored her. Usually, it was Han Yunxi’s role to deal with the viper-tongued antagonists. She retorted loudly, “His Highness Duke of Qin disdains to face off against women like you, so naturally, this wangfei will assist in his stead. Is any other woman here willing to help him?”

Besides Han Yunxi, every female there was allied with Lady Leng Yue! How was she supposed to refute that?

“Sharp-tongued and acerbic! This old lady’s going to kill you!” Lady Leng Yue summoned her discarded blade from the earth and combined it with the other to emit a large field of sword qi.

“Leave her for your lordship, but take care of the others first,” Long Feiye murmured. He easily evaded Lady Leng Yue and Leng Shuangshuang’s blades to take Han Yunxi past the latter. Although Leng Shuangshuang had been on guard, she was no match for Long Feiye’s speed. Her legs quickly gave out from under her as she fell victim to poison.

“Shuang’er!” Lady Leng Yue cried in alarm.

“Mother!” Leng Shuangshuang exclaimed before spitting up a mouthful of black blood. It was obvious that Han Yunxi had poisoned her with a different toxin than the rest--something fatal.

“Shuang’er!” Lady Leng Yue ran over to support Leng Shuangshuang. At the same time, all of the other assassins stopped to form a human shield between them and the attacking couple. 

“Only I can cure her poison. If you don’t want her to die, you better behave,” Han Yunxi warned.

However, Lady Leng Yue simply ignored the warnings. She helped Leng Shuangshuang to her feet before turning back to dive into the maze pathway. Only four assassins remained behind to stand guard at its entrance and buy their master time. They were quite loyal, but Long Feiye and Han Yunxi didn’t antagonize them any further. Their goal wasn’t to chase Lady Leng Yue when the real employer of the kidnappers was still there. 

The young woman had witnessed everything. It had taken less than two hours for the equally dazzling woman by Long Feiye’s side to take care of everything beneath the cacophony of flashing blades.

No! She couldn’t believe her eyes. As she turned to flee, Long Feiye quickly moved to block her way with Han Yunxi in tow. The latter let her Pear Blossom Teardrop Rain needles fly, brushing past her face and knocking off her veil…

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