Chapter 695: The perfect match, Ye-Xi (1)

Long Feiye hadn’t even asked where Grand Concubine Yi was before the younger woman mentioned it first. Her threat seemed full of confidence, unfortunately, Long Feiye simply treated her like air: completely invisible. Even Lady Leng Yue felt ashamed for the young woman’s sake. She chuckled and said, “I certainly can. However, can your lordship offer a higher price than this woman?”

“How does the entire City of Daughters sound?” Long Feiye said as if offering a reward.

Lady Leng Yue grew incensed. “Long Feiye, what do you mean by this?”

“Kill her and hand over Grand Concubine Yi, and your lordship will consider sparing the City of Daughters. Otherwise...shoulder the consequences!” Long Feiye threatened.

Anyone who dared to invade his estate and steal away Grand Concubine Yi would make him a laughingstock once news of it spread. How many more would think of targeting the Duke of Qin’s estate then? After all, the jianghu was a land of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. There were too many unseen dangers prowling. He had to make the City of Daughters pay as a warning to any idiots in the martial arts circles. Although he hadn’t gone to Celestial Mountain yet, he didn’t mind destroying the City of Daughters first. Cloud Realm Continent’s jianghu could be sent into an uproar first for all he cared.

Lady Leng Yue sucked in a cold breath. “Long Feiye, don’t be so supercilious. Today, your ladyship will teach you a lesson in minding your words!”

As she drew her sword, the young woman suddenly stopped her with a murmur, “Did you forget what you promised me?”

Lady Leng Yue really had forgotten after Long Feiye enraged her. “Don’t worry. Your ladyship will merely teach him a lesson. He’ll have a better sense of propriety then!”

However, the young woman only clutched her hand tighter and muttered, “Lady Leng Yue, you want to try and break our contract? Do you believe that I’ll blurt out the truth? Would you want to ruin the City of Daughters’ reputation?”

What was the truth?

That it wasn’t the young woman who hired Lady Leng Yue at all, but that Lady Leng Yue had kidnapped Grand Concubine Yi first, then made a deal with her. The City of Daughters dealt in assassinations, but they only accepted offers before moving to act. They would always wait for the customer to approach them first, not the other way around. If news of this “deal” got out, then the City of Daughters would lose their reputation utterly. All of the jianghu would disdain them--especially Carefree City, who’d see them as a laughingstock.

Finally regaining her senses, Lady Leng Yue turned to Long Feiye and said coldly, “Doing business with your ladyship is acceptable, but finish up this deal first!”

So speaking, she moved to stand behind the younger woman. Finally in the spotlight again, the young woman asked coldly, “Long Feiye, we had a deal. You would come by yourself with the Profound Frost Sword in exchange for the hostage. What do you mean by this? Don’t you want to see Grand Concubine Yi anymore?”

Long Feiye finally deigned to look at the woman, his eyes brimming with...disgust! 

“How do you know that your lordship isn’t holding the Profound Frost Sword right now?” he retorted. Although it was true he hadn’t brought the weapon, this sword looked very similar to the real thing. Only someone familiar with the original would be able to tell the difference.

The Profound Frost Blade was a sacred treasure of Celestial Mountain. How many people in the world could identify it at a glance? Han Yunxi narrowed her eyes. She finally knew who the other woman was! How...nauseating!

Long Feiye raised his sword and struck at the woman’s face, aiming to unveil her. But she unsheathed her sword in turn with Lady Leng Yue rising to support her. Both of them faced off against Long Feiye, who was still shielding Han Yunxi with one hand. He was stuck at a disadvantage. Meanwhile, the younger woman seemed to be injured, but her sword skills were still formidable. Lady Leng Yue was an even harder opponent, capable of fighting on par with Long Feiye himself! 

Soon enough, the two women split up to attack him from both sides. Long Feiye remained on the defensive, dividing his attention equally between Han Yunxi and deflecting the blows. 

“So His Highness Duke of Qin was such a licentious player too,” Lady Leng Yue mocked as she made a surprise attack. Long Feiye blocked her with his sword, and she immediately moved to expand her energy to suppress him. Her goal was clear: trap Long Feiye in place so the younger woman could seize a chance to kill Han Yunxi. It had to be said that she succeeded, because Long Feiye was stuck fast. He carried Han Yunxi in one hand while wielding his sword with the other, making it impossible for him to repel her all at once. Aside from Cang Qiuzi, Lady Leng Yue was the strongest foe he’d met in the martial arts circles yet.

Seeing this, the younger woman rejoiced. She had been waiting for this chance for ages. Her sword stabbed straight at Han Yunxi. Of course, she held a trace of caution despite her excitement; she’d suffered once at Han Yunxi’s hands already. Now she kept her eyes on the woman’s mouth, hands, and feet in case poison needles came flying her way. 

Actually, she could have dodged them the last time they faced off, but she hadn’t been expecting a surprise attack and was caught off-guard. There would have been no serious injuries if she was paying attention. As expected, Han Yunxi spat out a poison needle while launching more from her hand. The young woman dodged them all with a mocking laugh. “Han Yunxi, paltry tricks like yours aren’t even worth a vaudeville show! Lame!”

Han Yunxi simply narrowed her eyes in silence and kept launching toxic needles. Meanwhile, the woman kept evading them one by one. Suddenly, she deflected all the needles with her blade and aimed its tip at Han Yunxi’s heart. At the same time, Long Feiye let go of his sword and turned with Han Yunxi in his arms to avoid the woman’s blade. 

Nobody expected him to throw his weapon away. 

Because they dodged so suddenly, the young woman had no time to withdraw her momentum. Lady Leng Yue was in the same predicament. In the end, both of them ended up stabbing each other. Because Lady Leng Yue had put her entire strength behind her stab, withdrawing it so suddenly would only harm herself. She could only try to change the direction of her attack while still moving forwards. Meanwhile, the younger woman managed to stop her attack...but it was at the same time Lady Leng Yue’s sword came aiming for her stomach.

Everything happened in an instant.

“Move it!” Lady Leng Yue didn’t even have time to shout a warning. Fresh blood spread from the younger woman’s stomach like scarlet vines, staining her spotless white dress with flecks of bewitching crimson like flower petals. She touched her stomach with a face full of fear before staring dazedly at Lady Leng Yue.

“I didn’t hit any vital points, so you won’t die!” Although it had been an accident, Lady Leng Yue was very clear on how her sword had moved. She shifted to shield the younger woman behind her before flashing sideways to avoid the lash of Long Feiye’s whip. Glancing at the discarded sword on the ground, she could only hiss at him. “Despicable!”

As it turned out, Long Feiye’s true motive was to use his whip, not his sword. No wonder he’d abandon the blade so easily. The younger woman had recovered now as well. A deep wound had pierced her stomach, which was now bleeding uncontrollably. While Lady Leng Yue shielded her, she tore her sleeves into shreds to make a makeshift bandage to stop the blood.

“Call out the others. They can definitely contain Long Feiye,” the young woman muttered. She wouldn’t swallow this without killing off Han Yunxi.

“Move to the side. Today, your ladyship wants to see just how capable Long Feiye is!” Lady Leng Yue was now thoroughly infuriated. She refused to believe that he could match her while protecting Han Yunxi at the same time. She wasn’t the city lord of the City of Daughters for nothing! Just then, he’d simply seized an advantage in battle.

The young woman knew she’d be nothing more than a burden to Lady Leng Yue in her current state. A complicated look flickered past her eyes before she conceded. “Don’t injure him fatally. Just make it impossible for him to look after Han Yunxi.”

She knew Lady Leng Yue might mortally wound Long Feiye if she were serious. If Long Feiye gave up Han Yunxi, he could fight freely against the woman, but otherwise, he only risked injury. Hatred had long filled her heart at the sight of him protecting the girl. He might as well get hurt, too. Thus, she withdrew to the side so Lady Leng Yue could fight at full strength!

Immediately, Lady Leng Yue unsheathed a second sword from within her blade, doubly arming herself as she charged towards the couple. 

“Double Swords Harmony. I’ve finally witnessed it with my own eyes,” Long Feiye said coldly. It was a skill that could only be accomplished with two separate people, yet Lady Leng Yue had managed it just on her own. This was her original creation, a technique that Long Feiye had only heard of from the sword sect master. Even that elder greatly admired its prowess.

Han Yunxi grew doubtful as she stared at the twin blades. Just how are they made, to combine as one without falling apart?

Long Feiye and Lady Leng Yue were already fighting while she lost herself in thought in his arms to study the play of both swords. 

“You haven’t even tasted their power yet. How could you say you’ve witnessed anything?” Lady Leng Yue laughed out loud. As she charged with both blades, Long Feiye retreated with a vicious lash of his whip. She simply threw her sword into the air, where it avoided his whip to flip in mid air, bounce off a nearby branch, and come flying with renewed momentum at Long Feiye and Han Yunxi’s backs. At the same time, she was pressing forward with her other sword in her hands.

Hemmed in from both ends, Long Feiye was forced to twist his body to dodge. The motion made him swing the whip aside, giving Lady Leng Yue ample time to close in. At the same time, something miraculous happened: the sword she’d launched in mid-air changed directions to aim for Long Feiye’s back again! After a few rounds of this, Lady Leng Yue was gradually gaining the upper hand.

“Han Yunxi,” Long Feiye muttered in a low voice, “Use poison.”

They’d agreed beforehand to work together here. He would protect her while she fought their enemies. Now was the perfect time to start her offensive. He was more than enough to hold off Lady Leng Yue by himself, but it was a challenge when he had to protect her too. Moreover, other killers were lying in ambush just around them, so he couldn’t concern himself with Lady Leng Yue alone.

Long Feiye’s judgment was sound, but Han Yunxi rejected the idea. “It’s still early. I have a way to break through her Double Swords Harmony.”

As she said that, she took out a fist-sized magnetite from the depths of her medical pouch!

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